CONTINENT OF MEDIA 03-02, produced Feb. 22, 2003 by Glenn Hauser

*Continent of Media 03-02; just as I start recording, a train whistle
 goes by
*COM is shortwave broadcast exclusively on Radio for Peace
*Available on the web thanks to sponsored by
 Universal Radio, 1-800-431-3939
*Recorded Feb. 22, little more than a month after the previous one
*Check our website for summaries of this
 program and previous editions in audio
*COM is about media around the continent, not especially shortwave
*KAIM, 870, Hawaii closed down a few months ago from Molokai, but is
 now back with low power from Oahu; future unclear [DXLD 3-017, 3-029]
*New station planned in Alaska, KAGV-1110, relaying KAGV:  [DXLD 3-026]
*Inuktitut needs official language status like English and French
 [DXLD 3-023]
*About the Inuktitut language;
*Mount Royal transmitter site in Montreal subject of RF radiation
 concerns [3-022]
*CJWI, 1610, Montreal has new address: 3733, Jarry Est, 2e etage,
 Montreal QC H1Z 2G1 and website
*Job opening for Chief of Radio closing March 23; details at
*Radio stations in Haiti have big problems with government; Radio
 Metropole silences news for a day in protest; Radio Haiti-Inter
 goes off the air temporarily [DXLD 3-028, 3-029]
*El Dorado for Latin American DXers has been revised:
*R. Mil, 6010, Mexico City, reschedules Encuentro DX to avoid DRM QRM
 from Sackville and has new website:
*In the midst of COM 03-02, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or
 woradio at
*South Florida FM band full of pirates; why doesn`t FCC do anything?
*Rants against FCC`s priorities, hypocrisy
*Palm Beach Post story in great detail about pirates, even with
 frequencies! in DXLD 3-019, or
*FCC sued over towers it permits killing huge quantities of migratory
 birds along the Gulf coast   PCIA: 
*FCC cancels experimental license WC2XZV operating in Antelope Valley,
 California as FM pirate on 104.7,
*FCC still renewing licenses of remote pickup and homing beacon
 transmitters in the expanded broadcast band
*Dissident FCC Commissioner Michael Copps holding hearings on media
 concentration: Feb 27 in Richmond; UOW Seattle, Duke Durham in
 March [DXLD 3-021]
*Bush budget gives no more money to CPB, despite heavy costs for DTV
*TV DXers looking forward to trying to DX lowband DTV stations this
 summer by sporadic E; seven known on air so far, list [DXLD 3-020]
*Mike Cooper commentary on shortwave far more reliable than internet
*Yet I do listen a lot on the internet; see my Monitoring Reminders
*KPBX Spokane has its own poet, Mondays at 1550 UT
*Clear Channel gets a lot of bad press, so here`s something positive:
 providing public toilets for Pittsburgh
*That`s COM 03-02; I`m Glenn Hauser             ###