CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-01, produced Jan. 27, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
      [with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*COM 04-01, produced in late January; but you may be hearing it
 later at a WORLD OF RADIO time when that program takes a one-week
 break [as Extra 46 after COM 03-06 as Extra 45]
*COM also on the web via and and
*And we hope soon again on Radio for Peace International
*COM is about media around the American continent, not necessarily
*New member of Broadcasting Board of Governors, Veronique Rodman,
 appointed by acting president Bush, a recess appointment so she does
 not have to be confirmed by Congress; need to share Bush`s far right
 ideology; is director of public affairs at American Enterprise
 Institute; helped launch Fox News Sunday; cosmetic foundation VP
*VOA`s 2004 calendar is really nice, with great art from museums
 around the country, but accused of racism for January pick showing
 a black man listening outside to white musicians inside; VOA`s new
 newsroom will deliberately position minority staffers in view of
 tourists [4-004]
*Sesquiyear-old proposals for fixing Radio Marti [4-001] See also:
*Cuba cracks down further on internet access [4-010]
*Cuba reported to have stepped up jamming against Radio Marti, et al.
*And confiscates satellite receiving equipment [4-012]
*Radio Habana sometimes carries Making Contact, US left-wing show
 which used to be on RFPI [4-011, 4-012]; for webcasting links see
*Former RFPI volunteer writes critical letter to Council of the
 University for Peace for expelling station [4-004]
*RFPI plans to resume webcasting soon, and working on month-long
 courses from March on peace journalism and Spanish; and [4-015]
*Continent of Media is sponsored by RFPI, and by Universal Radio,
 offering quality amateur and SW radio equipment; catalog at
 1-800-431-3939 or
*In the midst of COM 04-01, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or
 wghauser at
*WWCR, the most successful of US commercial SW stations, inside look
 and 7-minute video tour at [4-001]
*The Secular Bible Study you might miss on WBCQ since the shows
 preceding and following it are rather despicable, UT Tue 0200-0300 on
 7415; low-key, thorough analysis by Dr. Elliot Lesser in Phoenix AZ,
 author of ``The Gospels and Acts, Questions and Problems``, entirely
 from secular, objective point of view, you`re not likely to hear on
 other US SW programs [4-016]
*Also try `Equal Time for Freethought`` on WBAI, NY, Sundays 2330 UT
 or 6:30 pm ET, also webcast [4-012 International]
*Scott Fybush says American Family Radio and USA Radio Network are
 far more biased than NPR; every American taxpayer subsidizes AFR.
 But too many NPR stations rely on national content instead of local
*Minnesota Public Radio`s WMNN, 1330, has non-conservative talk show,
 The High Ground; but MPR is selling WMNN to Catholic [not commercial]
 interests [4-008, 4-017]
*KCSC in Oklahoma has started a weekday poetry segment at 5:06 pm CT,
 Poem for Today, and webcast, joint production with KGOU Norman at
 unknown time [4-003]
*New X-band station here in Enid, KMMZ 1640, not reported much from
 abroad, probably due to directional pattern with nulls toward NE and
 SW, bad for Europe and South Pacific. Here`s an ID I just recorded
 with All Comedy Radio, start of Carlin routine; all about it at which also covers the peculiar
 case of our low-power TV station, KXOK 
*Another contender for world`s oldest radio station, KUOA in Arkansas
*New low-power station in Boston on 540, Radio Log, by and for teenage
 girls to combat mysogyny in hip-hop and rap, from The Log School
 [4-012, 4-017]
*New NOAA weather station from Largo, FL, with greater range into
 Gulf, 162.450 MHz; not only weather, but fishing info [4-011]
*Bandscan from Freeport, Grand Bahama includes oddities such as wide-
 band FM telephones and housekeeping communications on TV channel 8
*New Tecate BCN station on 560 changed call to XEPE, reduced power,
 perhaps due to interference complaints from 550 and 560 California
 and Arizona stations; rumors of more new BCN stations planned on 780
 and 920, unlikely due to exisiting Mexican and US stations [4-010 USA
 Broadcast Band Update]
*R. Greenland`s interval signal ``The Whaleboat Sonja Drags Whale``
 available at -- recording ending
 with national anthem [4-013]
*Descriptive Video Service staring up in Canada by a Vancouver
 company; already done on certain PBS programs in US, but any use by
 commercial TV or cable networks? Turner Classic Movies and TNT do
 some [4-002 Canada and 4-003 USA]
*To read much more about these stories check the summary for this COM
 at [i.e., this]
*Glenn Hauser, thanking you for listening, and hoping you`ll also hear
 my weekly program, WORLD OF RADIO  ###