CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-02, produced March 23, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
     [with the DX Listening Digest issues where you may read more]

*A seemingly less than monthly supplement to my weekly program World
 of Radio, which may also appear as a World of Radio Extra
*COM is about media around the continent, not necessarily shortwave
*Henrik Klemetz on the anomalies of MW propagation in South America;
 in the north, nothing much from the south, across the geomagnetic
 equator [4-017 Propagation]
*RFPI has not resumed SW, but did resume webcasting in mid-February
 via QuickTime, later mp4; and may include WOR and COM; details on
 audio and program schedule at [4-022, 4-030]
*Revealing article about what happened to RFPI in Earth Island
 Journal/The Edge:
*Greg Hardison on XEP, 1300, Ciudad Juarez, running 50 kW all night,
 interfering with many US stations as far away as Chicago [4-049]
*XEUT, 1630, Tijuana, university station recommended for its well-
 engineered stereo audio, classical to acid rock to latin music
 styles, daily 6:30 am to 9 or 10 pm PT [4-049]
*KAXX, 1020, Eagle River, Alaska, applied for increase to 50 kW
 non-directional day and night, to become quite a DX target [4-016]
*KVRI, 1600, Blaine WA aims 50 kW at Vancouver for Asian community,
 and on cheap radios, image at 690 interferes with CBC. KVRI gives
 away better radios tho it`s not responsible. Lack of international
 coordination allowed the 910 kHz separation to happen [4-020 Canada]
*Radio Canada International ``repositioning`` news at RCI Action
 Committee website
 Ukrainian staff dazed, betrayed, crying, accused of paranoia by
 management; however Ukrainian got 6-month reprieve [4-029 et al.]
*Similar situation at VOA: John Figliozzi on the crisis there, due to
 conflict between journalists and propagandists; professionals and
 expatriates; turf and ideological war VOA is losing. Those in
 power are trying to eliminate VOA and its chartered integrity [4-031]
*WorldNet and VOA feeds, 37 of them on Galaxy 3R, have all been
 encrypted; why? Keeps citizens from monitoring propaganda [4-018]
*In the midst of Continent of Media, 04-02; much more at
*COM sponsored by Radio for Peace International and by
*Universal Radio, for quality amateur radio equipment since 1942;
 1-800-431-3939 or
*Fred Waterer on strange program on WWCR, Exposing the Unexposed
 with George Gentry of Arkansas, Sunday 1130 on 5070, presumably one
 hour earlier in summer, half-hour rant about evils of white race
 versus black race [4-027]
*Jeff White lobbying to get the two 2005 HFCC Conferences held in
 USA, Feb in Miami, Aug in Boulder; visas for Arabs and Iranians could
 be a problem. See
 But site of Aug 2004 conference still undecided, as Russians had to
 withdraw invitation [4-048 Conventions & Conferences]
*ImaginAsia to launch in US in August, new 24 hour TV channel, Asian-
 American network, HQ in NY, subtitled in English, by satellite, and
 on-air affiliates in Las Vegas, Ventura, Denver [4-021 India]
*SW pirates using slow-scan TV, on 6925 and vicinity [4-030]
*FM pirates in Brooklyn NY area: Caribbean on 103.1 ``Bashman? Radio``
 and on 87.5 Spanish religion every morning, no ID
*New lowpower FM in Greeley CO calls itself a pirate but is not, 104.7
 in stereo, KELS-LP ``Pirate FM 104.7`` and also webcasts wide variety
 of music, [4-046]
*One less classical music station, WSPM, 89.1, Cloverdale IN, for
 Indianapolis; Hoosier broadcasting gave up for lack of funding, and
 turned it over to Catholic programming. Was 4th attempt at classical
 in the market [4-042]
*Miami`s former classical station, WTMI, 93.1, much more successful
 now with dance music as WPYM, and matter-of-factly promotes gay
 events [4-026]
*KCSC FM in OK resumes band music program from April, Sundays at
 noon, 1700 UT, also webcast [4-046]
*KCJJ 1630, Iowa City, protests FCC ``witchhunt`` over indecency with
 continuous anti-FCC announcements for one day [4-046]
*Marie Osmond starting a `safe` radio show, Marie and Friends [4-048];
 and John Tesh is also in this market [4-053]
*Electric mattress pad puts out heavy interference to FM, TV; see  [4-048 Radio Equipment Forum]
*That concludes this edition of Continent of Media 04-02; I`m Glenn
 Hauser  ###