CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-03, produced May 4, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
        [with DXLD issues where you may read much more]

*COM 04-03, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 48, recorded in early May, a
 sort of sesquimonthly supplement to the always weekly World of Radio,
 Glenn Hauser speaking
*COM is sponsored by Radio for Peace International, and by Universal
 Radio; for quality amateur radio equipment since 1942; visit or request catalog from 1-800-431-3939
*COM is about media around the American continent, not primarily SW
*US government accused of censoring programs for the deaf in deeming
 200 TV shows inappropriate for captioning  [4-069] List at: 
*Clear Channel cancelled Howard Stern on a few stations; we are not
 a fan of his, but Roger Ebert defends him: he belongs on radio just
 as much as Rush; Howard Stern`s position [4-070]
*Automated profanity elimination device, from Guardien [4-064 Radio
 Equipment Forum]
*Obit for pioneer female broadcast engineer, antenna climber, Marianna
 Woodson Cobb [4-058]
*AWACS planes over eastern US interrupt satellite downlinks to radio
 stations with radar on nearby frequencies [4-068]
*AM applications to the FCC include two for stations at Air Force
 bases: KBLU, 560, Yuma, AZ, to move to Nellis AFB, NV; and a new 50
 kW on 1030 at Maxwell AFB, AL [4-068]
*Clear Channel applied to move WWVA 1170 from Wheeling WV to suburban
 Cleveland OH; discussion of why Wheeling and other small cities
 ever had clear channel stations; now Wheeling is `dead` but the
 locals are vehemently opposed to the move [4-058, 4-059, 4-064]
*In the midst of COM 04-03, a.k.a. WOR Extra 48; check our website for a summary with links to read more
 about each story [i.e., this]
*Turks & Caicos Islands apply to become part of the city of Oshawa,
 Ontario, but not likely to be approved by federal government. Tried
 twice before to become Canadian province. T&C DX stations would then
 be in Ontario [4-055]
*Toronto airport has a TIS station on 1280, CFYZ, also webcasting,
 with live programming during drivetime, and lots of useful info for
 visitors or transitors; audible as far away as Byron NY with phasing
 [4-067, 4-069]
*WLCM, Charlotte, MI, refuses to carry Tigers games because of beer
 commercials [4-069]
*East Hill Radio, neighborhood radio station in Kent, WA, on 1700,
 very low power and legal under Part 15, 100 milliwatts, 9 m [4-053]
*Another 1700 in Manteca, CA, AM-1700, by Memphis music fan, part 15, [4-066]
*KFAR, First Amendment Radio, Knoxville TN, 90.9, closed down by FCC
*KBKH, 92.7, Shamrock TX, owner has had lots of problems with bad
 eggs in local community, even illegally confiscating some of his
 equipment. Wants to move most of the business across the border into
 Oklahoma  [4-067]
*Opposite direction more often: KJON, 850, now on air from Carrollton,
 TX, ex-Anadarko, OK [4-075]; KTAT, 1570, Frederick OK, applied to
 move to 'Smyer` TX, maybe meaning Seymour, or Snyder [4-068]
*Minnesota Public Radio has grant to find new ways of presenting
 classical music on radio; project ideas solicited in April for
 development, deadline unknown. Inquire of mlee @ [4-066]
*WQXR hopes to start commercial classical network with ABC next year
 to bring that music to middle and small markets [4-073]
*Many tributes to the late Alistair Cooke, including one from a writer
 in Tel Aviv [4-060]
*That`s COM 04-03; I`m Glenn Hauser ###