CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-05, produced July 6, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
       [with DX LISTENING DIGEST issues where you may read more]
       [later released as WORLD OF RADIO Extra-50]

*COM 04-05, produced July 6, 2004, more or less monthly supplement
 to World of Radio, about media around the American continent, not
 especially shortwave; latest edition can be heard at
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 their latest catalog; 1-800-431-3939
*George Zeller says SW broadcasters and manufacturers missed the boat
 by not promoting SW car radios, unlike satellite radio [4-092]
*Jeff White of Radio Miami International sees the future as DRM. WRMI
 celebrated 10th anniversary at beginning of June; AWR Wavescan
 references for history of WRMI, appear in DX Listening Digest 4-096,
 an extensive chronology occupying six pages
*More evidence that VOA management is bent on converting it from 
 radio to TV: launched daily 5-minute TV newscast in Spanish, 2100 UT 
 M-F, repeated at 2300, 0100, initially relayed in dozen countries 
*Ex-American Family Radio executive to do time for producing child
 pornography, mandatory 15 year sentence, [4-087] see
*Late night TV DX from Quebec featured nudity, soft-core porn on-air;
 also Ontario, leaking across borders. TQS in Quebec runs blue movies
 every Friday and Saturday night: we`re French, you see; naked news
 from CITY-TV in Toronto, Ed the Sock [4-097]
*QSL situation for 100-watt CFVP, 6030, Calgary, Alberta: CKMX parent
 station is reluctant to verify; declined Ed Kusalik`s offer to
 manage QSLs. They just don`t get it [4-083]
*KIPM, North American pirate by Alan Maxwell who said he was retiring
 from the waves, one of the most emblematic US pirates, extra large
 spectacular QSLs, but a return is possible [4-086 North America]
*Feds shut pirate FM in Philadelphia area, El Sol, 95.3; latino music
 by The Moors, who claim to be outside US jurisdiction, but authorized
 by Queen Ali. Legal station on 95.7 complained of interference. Some
 Moors face federal fraud charges for phony money orders; a.k.a.
 Al-Moroccan Empire [4-083]
*Tocobaga DX Florida pirate reports: Tampa on 1620, may be ex-1640,
 La Primerisima; Lauderhill pirate on 89.1, Flavor FM, after 5 p.m.,
 sped-up hip-hop; 89.3, Land o`Lakes; 92.7 Tampa, Kriyol; 101.1
 Pompano Beach, R. Nouvelle Vision; 102.1, WHGE, Hunter`s Green
 Elementary School, Tampa, part 15 compliant; as of late May [4-084]
*When you get sporadic E TV DX from South Florida, WPBT is not the
 only channel 2; Telefutura network in Spanish is on low-power
 channel 2, WTIG-CA, Fort Myers-Naples; in Telefutura station list.
 -CA means Class A; 3 kilowatts, offset plus, ex-Pax network [4-085]
*Continent of Media 04-05; read much more in the summary at giving the DX Listening Digest issues
 from which these stories come [i.e., this]
*Monitoring Cuban FM stations from Key West: 88.7 R. Taino (not
 Habana); 90.3 R. Progreso; 91.7 COCO; 93.3 R. Taino; 94.1 R.
 Enciclopedia; 94.9 CMCA; 96.7 R. Rebelde (with no high-power Florida
 stations to block it from DXers); 98.1 R. Taino; 98.3 R.
 Metopolitana; 99.1 CMBF R. Musical; 99.9 Cadena Habana; 101.5 R.
 Reloj; 104.7 R. Rebelde; 106.9 Habana Radio, the only Cuban FM
 without an AM parallel [4-097]
*New 96.5 in Cayman Islands, for Panorama Productions, by mid-August,
 and more planned [4-093]
*Jamaica has low-band, thus DXable TV stations now, but probably very
 low power. WRTH 2004 shows four on channel 4 by CVM TV Ltd.; Bill
 Hepburn`s list says there are also several Love TV network stations
 on ch 2, 3, 6, at least 100 watts [4-085]
*And see Danny Oglethorpe`s Mexico/Latin America TV ID tips and DX
 Photographs: [4-090, 4-097 Publications]
*I used to DX KBOI-TV, ch 2, Boise, Idaho; changed calls to KBCI
 when ownership separated from radio 670. So it was easy to knock
 out part of the O on their sign! [4-093]
*Nevada Hiway Patrol radio problems: now switched Las Vegas to shared
 statewide communication system in 800 MHz band, with old system as
 backup. Its 150- MHz system never got FCC license, so was ordered
 to get off or face massive fines [4-094]
*FCC granted first CPs for time-shared LPFM operation, on 94.1 in
 Visalia, California, R. Grito, and Pacific Friends Outreach [4-097]
*FCC window until August 13 for settlements and amendments to 550
 mutually exclusive non-commercial applications; waived regulation
 prohibiting applicants from accepting payment for dismissing
 application, so pay-offs OK now [4-097]
*See DXLD 4-099 for Congressional Record excerpt about McCain-Leahy
 bill on low-power FM allowing third-adjacents; S. 2505
*KSRU, Sul Ross State University, Alpine TX on 1670, very low power,
 one tenth of a watt, so it is legal, part 15 [4-090]
*One kW on 1230, WAMM, in Woodstock, VA, last vestige of local
 community programming in Shenandoah Valley/County. Another station
 moved out to Harrisonburg with format change, mostly owned by Clear
 Channel. Local group raised money to buy WAMM, also streaming via [4-095]
*Look up who owns your local radio stations:  or and also [4-093]
*New age for oldies programming: ABC Radio launched True Oldies
 Channel, 1958-1964, for AM stations where mono is sufficient,
 starting in Cincinnati [4-085]
*Tom Shales quotation on laugh-tracks and happy-talk news [4-093]
*Glenn Hauser, concluding Continent of Media 04-05, equals World of
 Radio Extra 50 ###