CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-06, August 2004, produced by Glenn Hauser
      [with DX LISTENING DIGEST issues where you may read more]
      [released later as World of Radio Extra 51]

*COM 04-06, a more or less monthly supplement to World of Radio,
 beginning with some technical items
*Doug Smith filed formal complaint with FCC over WNRQ advertising The
 Phazer, illegal radar-jamming device [4-085 Radio Equipment Forum]
*Digital TV time delay devices a nightmare; also used to condense
 radio shows so more ads can be crammed in [4-098 REF]
*Leonard Kahn has a better idea than IBOC, or HD Radio: his own Cam-D
 system from Kahn Communications [4-098 REF]
*Walmart still pushing for RF ID tags by next year, delayed by
 problems; also at Jacksonville airport; and for credit cards [4-090
*``Virtual Fence`` to herd livestock, controller cow collar [4-090
 REF] See ARS National Program 205 at
 One of many articles at the site on this is:
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*NOAA signs agreement with Homeland Security to send alerts thru NOAA
 network; for audio links also, see [4-094 REF]
*Houston`s commercial classical FM station KRTS sold for $72.5 mega to
 Radio One, and to change format to urban/black-something. Evolved
 from KLEF, 1964-1986. Listen to KUHF, internet, instead [4-088]
*Trend to put public radio classical formats on weaker signals, such
 as Fort Wayne, Cedar Rapids. Culture war over audience size.
 Consultant pushes for the most listeners, meaning news and talk. In
 Washington DC, WETA reduced classical, but commercial classical
 WGMS did not gain as a result [4-078] See also:
*Media groups fight back against FCC over-reaction on breast-baring:
 rock stations dropping or re-editing songs to be safe [4-086]
*A song by former Python Eric Idle is critical of the FCC, with
 naughty words  [4-091]
*Language museum with samples to help identify them,  [4-085 Language Lessons]
*Thales loses contract to regulate Argentine spectrum management due
 to incompetence; government resumes [4-091]
*Cartoon Network`s success with fast-food characters, Fox castoffs,
 in Adult Swim [4-088, 4-100]
*Sinclar Broadcasting so far-right it censors Ted Koppel over listing
 names of US killed in Iraq on Nightline; dumbed down [4-079]
*I have a little page on Graphic Gaffes and Audible Autrocities, but there`s
 much more at [4-090 Publications]
*And that`s Continent of Media 04-06, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 51;
 I`m Glenn Hauser  ###