CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-07, produced Sept. 14, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
     [with DXLD issues where you may read more about each item]
     [to be released later as WORLD OF RADIO Extra 52]

*COM 04-07, produced Sept 14, 2004; in fuzzy future also as World of 
 Radio Extra 52; sesqui-monthly supplement to World of Radio
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*Article about VOA transmitter on the CGC Courier at Rhodes [4-120]
 see gh`s QSL at: [1270 K, a bit much]
*The Smith-Mundt Act, restricting VOA and other US SW stations from
 domestic broadcasting [4-127, 4-128]
*Univision Radio betrayed staff of Hispanic Broadcasting in takeover
*FM band in Honduras saturated, so government is surveying occupancy
 for possible openings, pirates and unauthorized powers [4-140]
*Colombian Army radio network Colombia Mia AM combats guerrilla
 stations, persuades FARC rebels to desert [4-123]
*Radio Amateurs of Canada inflates actual number of hams; no one
 really knows since licences may apply to group stations, individuals
 may hold more than one, even after death [4-137]
*Website for a phantom TV station in Hamilton, Ontario, ``WJRN``:  [4-126] [O o, suspended in the meantime]
*In the midst of COM 04-07, about media around the American
 continent, not necessarily shortwave; P O Box 1684, Enid, OK, 73702
 or woradio at
*Lubavitcher pirate in New York on 1710 kHz gets out as far as
 Michigan and gets a pass from the FCC due to political connexions
 [4-132, 4-133, 4-136, 4-137, 4-139, 4-140]
*Purdue University, Indiana, to get student radio station on 1610 at
 last Oct 23, in addition to public radio WBAA; long ago had WCCR on
 600 [4-134, 4-135]
*Plans for WBCR 97.7, low power Berkshire Community Radio, MA [4-130]
*Petition to deny license renewal to two Washington, DC TV stations
 WDCA-20, and WPXW-66 over non-compliance with 1996 FCC requirements
 for children`s educational programming [4-133]
*FCC starts webpage for kids, met with derision [4-140, 4-142] [beware: auto sound launch]
*The late Frank Zappa on the ``liberal media myth`` [4-127]
*With that food for thought, standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser here,
 concluding Continent of Media 04-07, also to be known later as World
 of Radio Extra 52   ###