CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-08, produced October 25, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
   [to be released later also as WORLD OF RADIO Extra 53]
   [with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*Greetings; COM 04-08, produced Ocober 25, 2004. COM is a more or less
 sesqui-monthly supplement to my weekly program World of Radio
*COM is made possible by Universal Radio, for quality shortwave and
 amateur radio equipment; 1-800-431-3939 for a catalog and check their
 website --- Universal also sponsors where you may hear the latest edition of this
 program, read DX Listening Digest, and much more
*Barbados used to have SW broadcasts via Cable & Wireless, on the 7
 MHz band, but those are long gone. Some stations webcast: Voice of
 Barbados 92.9 via and BBS 90.7 FM
 via --- and CBC Radio 900 AM, per Tom Sundsrom`s Net Notes in
 the NASWA Journal [4-152]
*Barbados the furthest out of the Windward Islands, and most difficult
 to FM DX by sporadic E on the North American mainland; but not so
 hard in southern Brazil via trans-equatorial propagation; three
 stations recently picked up at Cananeia, Ilha Comprida on the coast
 [between Santos and Curitiba]: V. of Barbados 92.9; Hot FM 95.3;
 Liberty FM 98.1 with strong signals [4-159]
*A Venezuelan, Adan Gonzalez, explains and defends the heavy emphasis
 on Bolivar in Radio Nacional de Venezuela broadcasts, and even in the
 name of the country, Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela [4-153]
*Fun & games at Radio Habana Cuba: French program tape run at many
 times normal speed for several minutes on 11760; piles of tangled
 tape on the floor or wound around the capstan [4-155]
*TV and Radio Marti ineffective due to jamming, including from Cuban
 helicopters; has a sitcom about Fidel [4-162]
*FCC fines San Diego company for transmitting programming across the
 border to XEMO, a station which violated international treaties by
 raising power and interfering with KRLA [4-162]
*Ten groups dominate the Mexican radio market: list with percentages
*FM Pirates flourish in the Paraguay/Brazil/Argentina border area but
 nothing in Arabic [4-145]
*Radio Islam is the first program in English about Islam on a US radio
 station, WCEV 1450 Chicago, weekdays 6-7 pm CT; includes humor. No
 webcast known [4-152]
*Come Receive the Light, Orthodox program now heard in Tulsa on KCFO
 970, Sundays 9:30 am CT; Orthodox Christian Network based in Fort
 Lauderdale, [4-151]
*Karl Zuk`s commentary on Clear Channel, radio no longer worth
 listening to [4-154]
*Harry Helms on poor quality of some XM Satellite Radio channels, and
 of some HDTV channels compared to others [4-153]
*Global Radio, San Diego, fined by FCC for operating four denied
 temporary FM transmitters during a Super Bowl [4-145]
*540 station in Pocomoke City, Maryland, changes legal call to WGOP
 but continues to call itself WDMV, ``Wonderful DelMarVa``; why?
*Our scenario: WGOP call could be lucrative for trafficking to the
 far right, but station could be owned by Democrats embarrassed to
 utter those letters [4-144]
*That`s COM 04-08, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 53; I`m Glenn Hauser