CONTINENT OF MEDIA 04-09, produced Nov. 30, 2004 by Glenn Hauser
      [later to be known as WORLD OF RADIO Extra 54]
      [With DXLD issues where you may read more]

*Here comes another COM, 04-09, Nov 30, 2004, about media around the  
 American continent, not especially shortwave, a monthly to  
 sesquimonthly supplement to my weekly program World of Radio.
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*This program to be released later as World of Radio Extra 54
*KHQN, 1480, Spanish Fork UT, resumes Krishna Radio devotional music  
 format after several years as Radio Latina; more at [4-178]
*KDYL, 1060, South Salt Lake, running Leonard Kahn`s CAM-D digital 
 system, better than IBOC; anybody monitoring it? [4-170]
*Ham radio operators will not assist in the 2005 Rose Parade, after 
 several years of snubbing; White Suits use Nextels instead [4-172]
*Air America brings liberal talk radio to Santa Fe, on KTRC 1260; has 
 been a big success even in San Diego [4-173]
*And Air America to Eugene OR, on KOPT 1450; La X moves to KZTU 660
*Amy Goodman getting TV exposure as leftwing spokesperson, on Tucker 
 Carlson Unfiltered, Hardball with Chris Matthews; what`s next? [4-176]
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*IgNobel awards for questionable scientific accomplishments, were on  
 NPR Talk of the Nation Science Friday Nov 26; audio archive via but a more complete video version via  Features little girl 
 interrupting with ``Please stop! I`m bored`` [4-168, 4-179]
*Michael Powell Exposed! The FCC Chairman Has No Clothes, By Tom 
 Shales [4-174]
*FCC`s FM spectrum auction nets 147 megadollars [4-177]
*Nashville 101.7 FM pirate at gay night club busted [4-169, 4-177]
*Radio Gay, Argentina, webcasts: 
*Another gay program from South Africa, Tue 1800-2000 UT via [4-172]
*All Hucksters All The Time: The End Of The Sanctity Of The Hearth, 
 thanks to radio and TV; lament by Mike Dorner [4-178]
*Glenn Hauser, on Continent of Media 04-09, a.k.a. World of Radio 
 Extra 54 ###