CONTINENT OF MEDIA 05-02, produced by Glenn Hauser, Feb 15, 2005
      [with DXLD issues where you may read more about each story]

*COM 05-02, recorded February 15, 2005, released later as World of 
 Radio Extra 56
*About media around the American continent, not especially shortwave
*Possiblized by Universal Radio, for quality amateur and shortwave 
 equipment, 1-800-431-3939 for a catalog or check
*Universal also sponsors for much more info 
 including for the beginning SW listener and DXer, audio of this 
 program, and archive of DX Listening Digest
*One group owner is holding off on installing IBOC [5-007]
*IBOC unpopular among listeners because it causes a station to take up 
 three channels instead of one, causing noisy interference to its 
*IBOC is rather like war; an engineer explains how to protest it; use to check coverage areas [5-007]
*NPR to buy 50,000 IBOC radios to resell to listeners, mostly FM [5-
*Which satellite radio service is better for those wanting 
 international radio like shortwave? Sirius! [5-023]
*CBC strengths and shortcomings, compared to NPR [5-015, 5-016]
*ABC News Now canceled from ancillary DTV channels, still on internet, 
 cable [5-019]
*Recnet proposes turning TV channel 6, 82-88 MHz, over to community 
 FM, extending the band down to 82 MHz, as TV stations vacate 6 for 
 other DTV channels [5-023]
*COM 05-02, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at 
 where your comments and contributions are always welcome
*Leo Sarkisian Library of American Music opens this spring at VOA 
 building in Washington [5-011]
*Major new white paper recommends spending gigadollars more on public 
 diplomacy including international broadcasting [5-016]
*WOR 710 New York is building a new transmitter site, also in NJ [5-008]
*Reminiscences of visit to KDKA transmitter and studio when it had SW 
 station W8XK, wooden towers, northern service [5-014]
*WHO 1040 Des Moines about to move to new studios [5-014]
*KRLD 1080 moving studios from ballpark at Arlington back to Dallas 
*Low-power FM in Oregon emulates the old KHJ in Los Angeles but no webcast [5-013]
*Railroad tracks funxion as antennas and/or grounds, enhancing 
 reception, but they carry current for controlling switching; effects 
 of stochastic resonance [5-012, 5-013]
*Glenn Hauser concluding com 05-02, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 56 ###