CONTINENT OF MEDIA 05-03, produced by Glenn Hauser, Mar 15, 2005
      [with DXLD issues where you may read more about each story]

*COM 05-03, recorded on the Ides of March, 2005
*About media around the American continent, not especially shortwave
*Made possible by Universal Radio, for quality amateur and shortwave 
 equipment, 1-800-431-3939 for a catalog or check
*Universal also sponsors for much more info, 
 archive of DX Listening Digests, audio of this program 
*Follow-up to last program, on radio and audio signals in railroad
 tracks, what they are used for [5-026]
*Wireless security cameras can easily be intercepted [4-184]
*Multiple-hop sporadic E TV DX should become more common with the  
 absence of analog signals, replaced by DTV [5-030]
*Harry Helms` new blog [5-043]
*Former directors of US Information Agency call for it to be revived
*As does a former associate director of USIA: [4-186]
*Radio Free OKC, 93.9, pirate on Thursday and Sunday nights [5-027]
*Christian prisoners at Angola, LA, have their own radio station KLSP,
 but what about non-Christians? [5-029]
*WRFN, Radio Free Nashville, new LPFM on 98.9 on the air soon [5-032]
*KOWI, 97.9, new WOI public radio station in south-central Iowa, ex-
 commercial outlet; promoted as `KOWI-WOWIE!`, a bit undignified
*More and more public radio stations are broadcasting less and less
 classical music [5-036]
*Continent of Media 05-03, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702; or
 woradio at
*KING-FM plays programs at random times to expose them to more
 listeners, but backfires for those who want scheduling [5-039]
*NPR pressuring affiliates not to block underwriting credits, but
 stations have that option and responsibility [5-033]
*FCC rejects attempt by religious broadcaster masquerading as public
 radio to force small Indiana high-school FM stations to share airtime [5-044]
*Sen. McCain proposes cutting license terms from 8 years to 3 to hold
 broadcasters more accountable [5-032]
*Malara consolidates TV news in Duluth-Superior and Fort Wayne, from
 formerly competing stations, jobs lost [5-042]
*Navy closes controversial 1.3-megawatt ELF transmitters in WI and MI;
 replaced by HAARP? [5-032]
*Mexico`s SCT, equivalent of FCC, revamps website including DTV plan:
 See summary at [5-041]
*Recollections of the late Earle Fisher, on CBC International Service,
 with mailbag shows, news, bird calls, especially the loon [5-032]
*Concluding COM 05-03, to be known later as World of Radio Extra 57 ##