CONTINENT OF MEDIA 05-05, produced May 30, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
	[with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*COM 05-05, Glenn Hauser, here with more or less monthly supplement to  
 World of Radio, to be known later as WOR Extra 59
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*One of the most pressing issues of the day, so-called IBOC, digital  
 system for the US: comments from Harry Helms at his blog --- IBOC will fail, overtaken by 
 newer, better technologies, as will BPL [5-075]
*NPR stations get a free lunch from IBOC, so they are in favor of it 
*Suspicions of collusion to force smaller stations off the air [5-081]
*Still a need for MW radio in emergencies [5-081]
*Fascination with HDTV soon wears off; back to ReplayTV to get rid of 
 commercials [5-082]
*XEPRS 1090 runs commercials against satellite radio, as harmful and
 offensive; regular radio is scared, forgot how to compete [5-085]
*IBOC train is stalled at the station [5-086]
*What`s all this ``night`` stuff on network TV newscasts? [5-084]
*Venezuela`s new satellite TV service Telesur [5-087, 5-089]
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*Early history of Broadcasting in Guyana [5-081]
*XETRA 690 Tijuana about to change ownership, format, language [5-081]
*KBIG/KBRT, KLIT, KISL, KAZA, radio and TV stations on Catalina; 
 There's a great web site at
 and [5-080, 5-081, 5-083]
*Detroit public TV to bring classical radio back, on WRCJ 90.9 [5-086]
*Kenneth Tomlinson`s conflict of interest, chairing Corporation for 
 Public Broadcasting and Broadcasting Board of Governors; should  
*US SW listener can`t bring himself to trust the VOA as non-propaganda  
*Former VOA transmitter engineer concludes that US government wastes 
 money compared to previous commercial contractors [5-080]
*WNAR-AM 1620 Golden Age Re-Creation Radio [5-
*World of Telephones: dialaround 10-10-229 seems to have lowest 
 overseas and domestic long distance rates, two or one cent per minute
*And that concludes COM 05-05, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 59; I`m 
 Glenn Hauser ###