CONTINENT OF MEDIA 05-06, June 28, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [with DXLD issues where you may read more]

*I, Glenn Hauser, welcome you to COM 05-06, recorded June 28, 2005;
 more or less monthly supplement to weekly World of Radio, to be
 known later as World of Radio Extra 60
*Made possible by Universal Radio, for quality amateur and shortwave
 equipment, 1-800-431-3939 or see
*Also provides for lots of useful info, archive
 of DX Listening Digest, and audio of this program
*Half-backed idea of powerline communications, or BPL; Nebraska bans 
 BPL and other municipal options, ARRL rejoices [5-093]
*But this also prevents other broadband services, for one year,
 such as free WiFi in cities [5-095]
*FCC on DTV transition: accelerated. 50% of midsized TV receivers must
 include DTV tuners by 1 March 2006; large ones must have by 1 July
 2005; 13 inch or more by 1 July 2007, proposed to move up to 31
 December 2006 as finale for end of analog TV [5-096]
*Ibiquity`s deliberate deception: not all digital formats are alike;
 satellite radio is not necessarily better than FM audio as it is
 highly compressed; cd-like quality is not cd-quality [5-098]
*A chief engineer thanks Clear Channel for contracting their bandwidth
 making his full bandwidth stations sound better by comparison [5-105]
*DRM developments from May meeting in Washington: 
 Mexico and Brazil testing DRM on 26 MHz; and on MW. SW tests to cover
 Brazil from Ecuador, Chile, and/or French Guiana,  ``Shortwave will
 die without DRM, a saviour for SW, tremendous benefits``. All US
 could be covered in DRM with just 5 SW transmitters [5-092]
*Visit to Radio Farda in Prague; very high security, no photos,
 pseudonyms used only. Claims not to represent US government [5-102]
*COM 05-06, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at
*Bolivia`s community media ready for the revolution; Channel 4, ERBOL
 network in particular [5-097]; See also DSWCI article: [5-098]
*WDCX, Dade City, Florida, 1610, part 15 station with wide range of
 political views, community outlet,
 Much more on Florida lowpower stations:  [5-092]
*Infinity doesn`t care about listeners, only demographics, accounting
 for abrupt change from oldies to ``Jack`` on WCBS-FM NY, WJMK Chicago
*WCBS FM tribute site: [5-101]
*Breakfast with the Arts on A&E cable network, dumbed down with less
 and less fine arts; reply says changes will go on [5-105]
 [follow-up on World of Radio 1280]
*Wichita Falls and the media reach agreement for limited access to
 police scanners, now encrypted [5-096]
*I am not the only one who spells Enumclaw backwards to get walcmunE:
 there is a ``mirror`` pseudo-Google site with all words spelt
 backwards explains about  [5-093]
*Unusual QSLs include: on a sticky note; customs sticker; on a rest
 room paper towel, at end of roll with purple warning marks, see: [5-099]
*Propagation outlook from Matt Sittel: tropo DX should improve with
 increasing humidity in Midwest; mature corn plants add moisture for
 inversions [5-100]
*Glenn Hauser, concluding Continent of Media 05-06, a.k.a. World of
 Radio Extra 60  ###