CONTINENT OF MEDIA 05-07, produced July 31, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
      [with DXLD issues where you may read more and full credits]

*COM 05-07, more or less monthly supplement to the weekly WORLD OF 
*Possiblized by Universal Radio, new 108 page catalog via 1-800-431-
 3939 or including new Eton receiver, 
 software- [not shortwave- as I misspoke], defined receivers [5-121]
*Ed Stone testimonial to doing business with Universal [5-114]
*COM is about media around the American continent, not especially SW
*Ex-announcer on VOA Brazilian service, Helio Costa is now a senator, - Brazilians hope he would help get R. Bras 
 back into international broadcasting [5-112]
*R. Habana Cuba`s habitual top story is 5 Cuban political prisoners 
 unjustly held in the US, but they never mention unjustly held 
 political prisoners in Cuba, such as Mario Enrique Mayo Hernandez who 
 began a hunger strike July 14 [5-122, 5-119]
*Bob Foxworth in Tampa observes regular fading on R. Marti airborne 
 530 transmissions Saturday evenings, probably caused by orbiting of 
 the EC-130 and non-symmetrical pattern from the trailing longwire [5-
*Critique of TV and Radio Marti from an exile writer [5-114]
*Keep an ear on 17838-17839 for signs of a very weak signal from El 
 Salvador`s only SW station, R. Imperial [5-112]
*Piano fill music on RCI for a minute or so, weekdays at 1304, 1330, 
 1404, 1430 is Marches, Waltzes and Rags of Scott Joplin, played by 
 William Albright, on Music Masters Classics, 1993: the 18 titles [5-
*IBEW Local 1547 is purchasing KUDO 1080 in Anchorage, AK, only the 
 second station in history under full union ownership, after WCFL.
 KUDO has talk format with national liberals and local conservative
*Bill Harms is researching broadcasting in Spokane, Washington for [5-122] Especially interesting is KSBN 
 1230, which transmits from atop a building, uncommon any more in US; 
 length of counterpoise radials becomes problematic [5-115]
*Good Beverage antenna sites in Utah: Border Inn, US 6 & 50 on NV 
 border near Great Basin NP; can lay Beverage for miles E or SE. 
 Teasdale UT has a farm with motel rooms and cabin, space for wires, 
 near Capitol Reef NP [5-102]
*Rimshotting gone wild into Salt Lake City market from FM stations 
 over 100 miles away, boosters authorized for `Humpy Peak conspiracy` 
 in Uinta Mountains. While small towns lose local radio, such as KNYN 
 99.1 Fort Bridger, WY [5-107]
*In the midst of COM 05-07; comments and contributions welcome to P O 
 Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or woradio at  For reference 
 to stories mentioned for more reading, check this summary via
*US military E2A and G7X intruding into 10m ham band at 28400 with ALE 
*Pentagon Channel being put on cable TV all over Arizona; not 
 ``broadcast on public airwaves`` if it is on cable only! [5-111]
*North American pirates` changing frequencies: 7415, to 6955, to 6925, 
 and now many other frequencies: 6800-7000, also 4000-4050, 5400,
 7500, 8000, 9290-9320, 11400, 13900, 15800, 21800. Euros` favourite
 6200-6350; FM pirates near bottom end of band [5-119]
*X-band news, 1610-1710 kHz: 1610.34 from Peru is Radio Haquira, in 
 Cotabambas, Apurimac [5-119]. Phoeniz AZ area KFHX on 1620, low power 
 in Fountain Hills is no longer heard, nor on webpage-mentioned 1250 
 [5-112]. WNAR 1620, 100-milliwatts in Lansdale PA has nightly DX
 tests in code at 0700-0704 UT. [5-113]. 1620
 also planned for Toms River, NJ, application reinstated for 10/1 kW,
 on existing land mobile tower, folded unipole with 6 radials [5-115].
 In Columbus, Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio has 1630 station, 
 WPYF783, [5-113]. Application reinstated for
 1690 in Charlotte Amalie, USVI, 10/1 kW, diplexed into WGOD-1090
 tower. The other VI X-band on 1620 gets out worldwide [5-115]
*Favorite programming on US SW? Unshackled from Pacific Garden Mission 
 in Chicago, live old-time drama, on WYFR; and currently scheduled on 
 WWCR, 2nd, 4th and 5th Tuesdays, 1235-1300 on 15825; filler likely to 
 move around where needed [5-115]
*Herald of Truth, weekdays 0415 on WBCQ 7415, right-wing crazies, 
 ranting about dangers of onslaught of communism and about Christian 
 Identity. American Dissident Voices on WWRB, and Herald of Truth, Sat 
 2200 and Sun 0300 on 5085, more right-wing crazies, but Kevin Alfred 
 Strom gone in putsch [5-116]
*Baptist parody: [5-109]
*Al Gore`s new cable TV venture underway from Aug 1, Current TV, [5-119]
*Africa Channel, new cable network from Los Angeles to launch by Sept 
 30, already good graphics and content at website [5-118]
*Recommended show, denied CPB grant, Benjamen Walker`s Theory of 
 Everything, 24 shows archived at [5-121]
*Much more at
*Glenn Hauser, concluding COM 05-07, released later as World of Radio 
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