CONTINENT OF MEDIA 05-08, August 31, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [with DXLD issues for further reading]

*COM 05-08 on the air, about media around the American continent, not
 especially SW, monthly supplement to my weekly World of Radio
*COM is possiblized by Universal Radio,
 for new catalog on request, or 1-800-431-3939; also reachable via --- Universal Radio, for quality amateur and
 shortwave equipment
*As of late August, CBC lockout going on for over 2 weeks with no
 resolution in sight
*Ontarian comments about CBC versus CTV. CTV is mostly imported
 American fare, news is lacking, and never produced anything of value
 while CBC has done an amazing job despite budget slicing; CBC Radio
 a bastion of cultural values in Canada. Even in US, CBC brings news
 about US, lacking on American networks. A Canadian lighthouse
*Kim Andrew Elliott refers us to the Inernational Media Division of
 the World Security Institute, a contrarian competitor to VOA; claims
 to reach 300 mega per week in China; see
*Galva, Illinois drive-in theatre has two low power FM transmitters,
 on 88.5 and 91.3 subject to change,
 [5-139] and Buzz magazine article on it:
*Texas station broadcasts two football games at once, on left and
 right stereo FM channels, KSHN, Liberty-Dayton, and with balance on
 webfeed, can also choose one or the other: ---
 seems a full service local station with daily `radiograms` by E-mail
 of local news [5-148]
*Don Kaskey`s favorite streamers: WSM Nashville; also KBON, Eunice LA,
 101.1 Cajun country and swamp pop, we hope still exists, [it does:]
 WTKM, Hartford WI; KPIG, Freedom, CA, Americana; WAMU Bluegrass 24/7
 stream; and especially WDVX, from a trailer near Knoxville TN, A-1
 programming [5-126]
*South Entrance of Grand Canyon has 1610 station called WGCNP, very
 low power; should not that be KGCNP? -- made-up call, anyway [5-138]
*Greg Hardison`s Update: No radio stations left in Hollywood as KNX
 1070 moved out; TV KCBS and KCAL still there awaiting new Valley
 studios next year. KNX started in 1938, including CBS Radio Network
 productions; NBC, ABC, Mutual were also nearby. KNX now with KFWB and
 three other Infinity stations on a Wilshire Blvd hi-rise [5-138]
*How and why, could and did Disney BOD get away with $140 mega
 severance for Michael Ovitz?  [5-138]
*Standard disclaimer
*Scott Fybush opines on why liberal talk radio should do better in
`red` areas, like far right talk does better in `blue` markets, with
 examples. Even Missoula MT is getting a progressive talk outlet 
*More Madison, WI radio stations fall to Fox news, only one left with
 CNN. Garrison Keillor lament for good old days of full service radio.
 Deregulation was tough on good neighbor radio, with Clear Channel
 gobbling up and homogenizing little stations. Republicans are in need
 of affirmation, don`t feel comfortable living in America. Liberals
 enjoy living in a free society, don`t want just to hear an echo
*``The Border Radio Show, the Big Jukebox in the Sky`` is on stage in
 Austin at the Paramount Theatre from Sept 17, recorded for later
 broadcast; and touring other Texas venues [5-135]
*Former DFW radio personalities to join hall of fame, induction in
 November, including George Carlin, Sam Donaldson; wallet-sized
 memberhip card! Banquet Nov 5. More at 
*30th Friends of Old Time Radio Convention, Holiday Inn North, Newark
 NJ, Oct 20-23, including well known names, such as Simon Jones, Larry
 Storch, Fred Foy, Bill Owen, Soupy Sales
 See [5-149]
*Nostalgia for Monday (or Sunday) morning weekly maintenance, big 
 stations off allowing DX to be heard, such as Hawaii on the east
 coast. Now most stations have two transmitters, so seldom off air,
 except when antenna work is necessary [5-132]
*When in Massachusetts, visit Marconi Beach in South Wellfleet, Cape
 Cod National Seashore on US6, with some memorials and remnants, aura
*New application for radio: Starchase, to track fleeing vehicle by
 attaching GPS chipset, [5-149]
*Where are scanners illegal? MI, IN, KY, FL, NY, MN, at least in
 cars; see [5-107]
*Yahoogroups for BPL/Powerline concerns:   [5-135]
*Icom R75 receiver not discontinued after all, for time being;
 Universal still has it;  [5-144]
*FM Atlas and Station Directory new edition XX now available, for $22
 postpaid in US, from FM Atlas, Box 336, Esko, MN 55733 [5-143]
*Bruce Elving half-seriously proposes resuming the 42-50 MHz FM band,
 in addition to the 88-108 band; not much used for 2-way any more, and
 more FM real estate needed; a windfall of 8 MHz for new stations, and
 experimental, digital modes [5-148]
*I, Glenn Hauser, say, COM 05-08 now concludes, a.k.a. later as World
 of Radio Extra 62  ###