CONTINENT OF MEDIA 05-09, September 30, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
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*COM 05-09, a more-or-less monthly supplement to the weekly WORLD OF
 RADIO: about media around the American continent, not especially
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 program and more useful info
*BBC Monitoring analyses the Venezuelan media revolution [5-154]
*Wired radio, ``rediffusion`` in British colonies, also precursor to
 cable TV in Montreal [5-096]
*Reactionary Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania trying to cripple National
 Weather Service, make taxpayers pay for private weather companies
*Outlook for analog TV switchoff dates in US and elsewhere [5-123]
*Harry Helms bets the 2009y date in US won`t be met [5-117]
*The folly of daylight shifting time, and now it is being extended in
 the US [5-134]
*Three percent telephone tax imposed for the Spanish American War in
 1898 is still in effect [5-105; not 1889 as in original]
*Experimental WA2XMN in NJ on 42.8 MHz gets license extension until
 2010y, so expect more tests even during next sunspot peak; see [5-138, 5-131]
*Glenn Hauser concluding Continent of Media 05-09, a.k.a. World of
 Radio Extra 63 ###