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HOME presents... SELECTED ENGLISH LANGUAGE DX\SWL\MEDIA PROGRAMS ON SHORTWAVE Plus a few selected Mailbags and other goodies! as of October 4, 2021 Compiled by Glenn Hauser From Oct 3, WORLD OF RADIO is carried by WMRI Europe on Channel 292, Germany, 9670, Sundays at 1230, direxional toward N America. Also some new times on WRMI, no relation. Spain has started a mailbag show, irregular; see Mon & Wed 2200. Romania: one or even two transmitters at a time have been breaking down so not all frequencies may be on. Updates and correxions from users and userettes are always welcome. OLD explicatory notes have been moved to below the schedule. Note: our listings are compiled independently of other DX-program schedules, altho they may be compared subsequently UT FRIDAY 0130-0200 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 5850 7780 [first airing] 0330-0400 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 5985 [new] 1000-1030 WRMI: WAVESCAN 5850 1300-1330 WRMI: SHORTWAVE RADIOGRAM 15770 1500-1530 WINB: SHORTWAVE RADIOGRAM 15750-15755-DRM 1815-1845 IRRS: WORLD OF RADIO 7290 & 14580-Bulgaria 918-Italy 2030-2100 IRRS: WORLD OF RADIO 918-Italy 2115-2130 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 7780 2200-2230 WRMI: WAVESCAN 5950 2230-2300 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 5950 [new] UT SATURDAY 0130-0200 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 9395 0130-0200 WRMI: WAVESCAN 5010 0145-0200 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 5850 7780 0230-0300 WINB: SHORTWAVE RADIOGRAM 9265V 0900-1000 Radio Delta: GOES DX 6020-Holland 1140-1146 Romania: DX MAILBAG 13750 15130 15320 17670 1245-1300 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 9955 1300-1330 WRMI: WAVESCAN 15770 1330-1400 WRMI: SHORTWAVE RADIOGRAM 15770 1500-0830v WA0RCR: GATEWAY AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLETTER 1860-AM 1600-1630 WRN to all areas: WORLD OF RADIO on satellite, webcast 1740-1746 Romania: DX MAILBAG 11850 9760-DRM 1930-2000v WA0RCR: WORLD OF RADIO 1860-AM 2006-2040 New Zealand: MEDIAWATCH 13840 2115-2130 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 7780 2230-2300v CSPAN1: THE COMMUNICATORS [cable/satellite TV] 2240-2246 Romania: DX MAILBAG 5945-DRM 7310 7325 9790 2300-2400 WBCQ: RADIO TIMTRON WORLDWIDE 6160v 2330-2400 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 5950 [new] 2334-2400 NEXUS-IBA/IRRS/IPAR: WORLD OF RADIO webcast UT SUNDAY 0000-0830v WA0RCR: GATEWAY AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLETTER 1860-AM [starts 1500 UT Saturday] 0000-0015 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 9955 0030-0100 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 7730 0040-0046 Romania: DX MAILBAG 7375 9550 0100-0330 WBCQ: SHORTWAVE SATURDAY NIGHT 7490v 0200-0230 KVOH: WAVESCAN 9975 0230-0300 WRMI: WAVESCAN 7780 5800 0300/0345v WA0RCR: WORLD OF RADIO 1860-AM [could be as early as 0300 or after 0400; nominal 0315-] 0330-0400 AWR: WAVESCAN 4840-WWCR 0340-0346 Romania: DX MAILBAG 7375 9850 11825 15330-DRM 0510-0529 Japan: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD 7245-Vatican 7355-France 0600-0630 VOHA: AWR WAVESCAN 9680 & 11680-Zambia 0800-0830 WRMI: SHORTWAVE RADIOGRAM 5850 7730 0910-0940 New Zealand: MEDIAWATCH 7245 0930-1000 WRMI: WAVESCAN 9455 1026-1032 KTWR: DXERS DIARY [India] 15200-DRM 1030-1100 WRMI: WAVESCAN 5850 1045-1100 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 9955 1100-1130 IRRS: WAVESCAN 9510-Romania? 1130-1200 WRMI: WAVESCAN 15770 1140-1155 Romania: LISTENERS LETTERBOX 13750 15130 15320 17670 1230-1300 Germany: WORLD OF RADIO via WMRI on Ch 292, 9670 [NEW] 1410-1429 Japan: FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD 9450-Uzbekistan 11830v-UAE 1430-1457 Slovakia: LISTENERS TRIBUNE 6005-Germany 1430-1500 CKUT: INTERNATIONAL RADIO REPORT 90.3 Montreal, webcast 1430-1500 WRMI: WAVESCAN 9955 1530-1557 Slovakia: LISTENERS TRIBUNE 6005-Germany 1530-1600 AWR: WAVESCAN 15670-Germany 15530?-Sri Lanka 1600-1630 AWR: WAVESCAN 9450-Armenia 15605-Madagascar 1740-1755 Romania: LISTENERS LETTERBOX 9760-DRM 11850 1740-1759 Belarus`: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 3985-Germany 1945-1958v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 15140 or 15370 1950-2010 Iran: LISTENERS SPECIAL 9835 9855 2001-2030 NEXUS-IBA/IRRS/IPAR: WORLD OF RADIO 918-Italy 2200-2230 AWR: WAVESCAN 12040-Guam 2230-2300 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 9955 5950 2230-2300 WRMI: WAVESCAN 7780 2240-2255 Romania: LISTENERS LETTERBOX 5945-DRM 7310 7325 9790 2300-2400 WBCQ: RADIO TIMTRON WORLDWIDE 6160v 2300-2330 WRMI: WAVESCAN 9955 2330-2400 WRMI: SHORTWAVE RADIOGRAM 7780 2345-2358v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 5040 11880 UT MONDAY 0030-0057 Slovakia: LISTENERS TRIBUNE 5850 & 7780-WRMI 0030-0100 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 7730 9395 9455 0040-0055 Romania: LISTENERS LETTERBOX 7375 9550 0045-0058v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 6000 6165 12000 or 11880 or 13740 0130-0200 WRN to North America, Africa, Asia, Pacific: WORLD OF RADIO on satellite, webcast 0145-0200 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 5010 0245-0258v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 6000 6165 12000 or 11880 or 13740 0300-0330v WBCQ: Area 51: WORLD OF RADIO 6160v 0330-0400 WRMI: WAVESCAN 5985 0330-0357 Slovakia: LISTENERS TRIBUNE 7780-WRMI 0345-0355 Romania: LISTENERS LETTERBOX 7375 9850 11825 15330-DRM 0430-0500 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 5985 [0430? 0445?] 0445-0458v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 6000 6165 12000 0645-0658v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 6060 6100 6140 6165 6230 [all irregular] 0800-0830 WRMI: WAVESCAN 5850 7730 0900-0927 Slovakia: LISTENERS TRIBUNE 6005-Germany 1140-1155 Romania: LISTENERS LETTERBOX 13750 15130 15320 17670 1315-1345 WRMI: WAVESCAN 9955 1740-1755 Romania: LISTENERS LETTERBOX 9760-DRM 11850 1800-1830 VOHA: AWR Wavescan 4965 & 6065-Zambia 2100-2130 WRMI: WAVESCAN 7780 2200-2230 WRMI: WAVESCAN 9955 2210/2230 Spain: LETTERS/MAILBAG 17855 15520 11940 11670 [irregular, 2x monthly? and/or Wednesday] 2240-2255 Romania: LISTENERS LETTERBOX 5945-DRM 9740 11850 13650 UT TUESDAY 0000-0030v CSPAN2: THE COMMUNICATORS [cable/satellite TV] 0030-0100 WRMI: WAVESCAN 7730 0040-0055 Romania: LISTENERS LETTERBOX 7375 9550 0130-0200 WRMI: WAVESCAN 5850 7780 9395 0200-0230 KVOH: WAVESCAN 9975 0340-0355 Romania: LISTENERS LETTERBOX 7375 9850 11825 15330-DRM 1140-1146 Romania: DX MAILBAG 13750 15130 15320 17670 1330-1345 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 9955 1640-1659 Taiwan: STATUS UPDATE 9405 1740-1746 Romania: DX MAILBAG 9760-DRM 11850 1830-1900 IRRS: WAVESCAN 7290 & 14580-Bulgaria 918-Italy 2045-2100 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 7780 2115-2130 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 7780 2145-2200 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 9955 2240-2246 Romania: DX MAILBAG 5945-DRM 7310 7325 9790 UT WEDNESDAY 0040-0046 Romania: DX MAILBAG 7375 9550 0340-0346 Romania: DX MAILBAG 7375 9850 11825 15330-DRM 0340-0359 Taiwan: STATUS UPDATE 15320 0830-0900 WRMI: WAVESCAN 5850 7730 1000-1030 WRMI: WAVESCAN 5850 1030-1100 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 5850 1720-1739 Belarus`: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 3985-Germany 1930-1943v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 15140 or 15370 2100-2130 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 7780 2100-2130 WBCQ: WORLD OF RADIO 7490v 2130-2200 WRMI: WAVESCAN 7780 2210/2230 Spain: LETTERS/MAILBAG 17855 15520 11940 11670 [irregular, 2x monthly? and/or Monday] 2230-2300 WRMI: WAVESCAN 9955 2330-2400 WRMI: WAVESCAN 9395 2330-2343v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 5040 11880 UT THURSDAY 0030-0100 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 9395 9455 0030-0100 WRMI: WAVESCAN 7730 0030-0043v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 6000 6165 12000 or 11880 or 13740 0130-0200 WRMI: WORLD OF RADIO 5010 0230-0243v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 6000 6165 12000 or 11880 or 13740 0430-0443v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 6000 6165 12000 0630-0643v Cuba: THE MAILBAG SHOW 6060 6100 6140 6165 6230 [all irregular] 0815-0830 WRMI: VIVA MIAMI 5850 7730 1740-1759 Belarus`: LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 3985-Germany 2030-2100 WRMI: WAVESCAN 15770 2100-2300 WBCQ: AMATEUR RADIO ROUNDTABLE 7490v 2330-2400 WINB: SHORTWAVE RADIOGRAM 9265V ============================================================== NOTES: v: frequency, start time, duration, or both may vary. WRMI times for some programs are unreliable due to schedules not matching actual monitoring. WRMI info is a combination of monitoring and not fully updated online skeds. Viva Miami can be in English or sometimes Spanish. Viva Miami sometimes runs for weeks before a new episode. WRMI 9955 only programming can also be heard via phone: +1-641-741-1762. Many broadcasts on WRMI 9955 are jammed by Cuba. Please direct complaints to Arnie Coro. Nevertheless, we include his program and try to keep up with changes. At least one RHCuba frequency is often missing or in wrong language. Leapfrog mixing products confirmed by monitoring are included here, and nowhere else. Havana frequency usage is extremely variable and unreliable. Sometimes RHC is heard on spynumber frequencies or vice versa. GLENN HAUSER PROGRAM LINKS WORLD OF RADIO: Latest schedules, including non-shortwave airings: Internet on demand, see Our Current Audio page for availability: WORLD OF RADIO podcasts now available from five sources: RHEIN-MAIN RADIO CLUB FEEDBURNER iTunes Google Podcasts ================================================================== Older notes archive, including outdated info, not to be republished: Alan Roe confirms day changes for program from Belarus` via Germany; and updated Slovakia via Germany and WRMI. Also Cuba Mailbag times have been monitored and added. All India Radio has been off the air since March 23, 2020 due to CV. From January 2021 some languages were to resume, but not immediately and not including English. We have finally removed Faithfully Yours from listings. Sometime in January 2021, DXers Unlimited disappeared from RHC, as Arnie Coro was ``ill and recuperating at home``. It is not known whether he can come back. We had word that other Cuban hams were working on reviving the English DX program. But nothing has shown up yet. We have finally removed DXUL listings. Turkey`s Letterbox has not been heard since August? 2020. Transmissions continue sporadic. As of A-21, still no show; removed. Unique Radio, NSW Australia, resumed SW 3210-USB only as of May 28, 2021 weekends with IRR and three airings of WOR. As of late June dropped SW to webcast music only, so listings removed. Updated for the B-20 SW season from Oct 25, notably Romania and Turkey all one UT hour later and different frequencies. Standard time season in North America from November 1 caused further changes, mostly one UT hour later, notably WRMI 9955. In mid-October the 9395 transmitter broke down; back on by November 10. From November 11 past 13, 5950 off the air. From January 2019, Turkey`s Letterbox moved from Fridays to Saturdays + 0415 UT Sunday, and earlier in each hour. Announced as fortnightly, had been appearing weekly. All India Radio times on Mondays have been adjusted according to Alan Roe`s monitoring and cuesheet chex in July 2018. I am tempted to label AIR listings as: ``nominally fortnightly, but unpredictable, as are the exact timings``. Instead of trying to keep up with them. Update from Alan August 7, 2018: ``INDIA. Faithfully Yours was not scheduled in the Daily Cuesheet, and didn't air as expected on August 6th. Next likely airing will therefore probably be on 13 August (but will need confirming next week). Alan Roe, Teddington, UK`` Romania times have been adjusted according to a report from Rumen Pankov, Bulgaria. As of August 2018 one transmitter may be off the air. WRMI continues to juggle programming, Systems and frequencies. Some WOR times have been eliminated; others added without notice. WBCQ 9330 at 2330 had been carrying WORLD OF RADIO unpredictably, sometimes confirmed on Tue or Wed or Thu or Fri. Sometimes mixed with Brother Scare audio not suspended! e.g. September 7, 2018. All these [maybe] times have now been deleted here, altho WOR at 2330 remained on the WBCQ sked for many months! By Sept 2019, 9330 completely deleted pending World`s Last Chance. Alan Roe tracks Voice of Turkey`s Letterbox. It has been appearing every Friday + UT Saturday but announced as 2-weekly. It seems they will not adhere to a rational schedule. Alfredo Cotroneo of IRRS/NEXUS/IBA/IPAR/IRN explains as of April 28, 2017 about the 1 kW Challenger Radio at Villa Estense, Italy: Glenn's program (WOR) is played regularly on a random basis on AM/MW 846 kHz (now replacing the old frequency: 1368 kHz) from 1900 to 0100 CET [17-23 UT] and from 0600 to 0800 CET [04-06 UT], [any day?] as well as on "IRN" (Internet Radio NEXUS), our 24/7 internet stream at also accessible via players at: Hamburger Lokalradio, Germany, 6190, 7265 & 9485 are circa 1000 watts in USB plus carrier. 7265 suffered huge interference B-17 from China in Hindi, and another Chinese station. But HLR wishes to preserve 7265 as a legacy German frequency, no matter what. However, the 1500- 1600 UT broadcasts in B-17 replaced 7265 with 6190, which had co-channel interference from two other Chinese stations. Summer timings at 1400- 1500 UT, still on 6190 may have less interference, but less daytime propagation. HLR was off the air Sept 22-23 and 29-30, Oct 6-7, 2018, after which returned with some frequency changes. Off the air from November 2019 following death of chief operator Michael Kittner. PROGRAM AND STATION SCHEDULES SOURCES WORLD OF RADIO, CONTINENT OF MEDIA program summaries (Pre-2002 and 2002 are indexes to individual program pages): Pre-2002 [copy and paste]: 2002: 2002 2003: 2003 2004: 2004 2005: 2005 2006: 2006 2007: 2007 From 2008: not aggregated onto such a page. CONTINENT OF MEDIA (latest edition is 07-03, July 29, 2007 available on the Current Audio page and from MUNDO RADIAL: MUNDO RADIAL has come to an end with the Nov-Dec 2007 edition, but text and audio archives remain. OTHER PROGRAMS INFO AND LINKS [Host(s) and/or producer(s) or major contributor(s) name(s), if known, are in brackets *: program is no longer on the air or on hiatus but still maintains a web site. %: on demand from station or program website, at least for a week following. %AMATEUR RADIO MIRROR INTERNATIONAL: *%...AND THE GATEPOST featuring DX MIX AND TIPS, DX CORNER [Sandor Laczko, Mike Mitchell]: Budapest Real Audio is at Select the date, then the transmission. DX CORNER begins at about :22 on late Friday\early UT Saturday; ...AND THE GATEPOST takes up all of the transmission on late Sunday\early UT Monday roughly once a month, but not on a regular schedule (there can be four to six weeks between editions. Times given on their web site are local (UT +1 during winter, UT +2 summer). SW schedules on shows are likely to be outdated; beware! [English broadcasts cancelled as of 7/1/07; archives apparently gone but this entry retained for historical purposes] *COMMUNICATIONS WORLD (VOA) [Kim Elliott]: Scripts archived at Dr. Elliott`s main page *DX CORNER (Turkey): Has been heard as early as :18 into transmission, ending as late as :35, but typically 7 minutes long. Has quoted DX tips from DXLD, Media Network without any credit, but mostly just mailbag, reading reception reports. Lately picks major media news stories with little if any DX items despite title. Can sometimes be found in 1-day Saturday audio archive. But canceled after December 2014. *DXING WITH CUMBRE [Marie Lamb]: Any given airing will not necessarily be the latest edition. DXing with Cumbre is available on demand in streaming audio format at: (the last five most recent programs only?) In 2009 and 2010 it had been difficult to confirm a single broadcast still on SW. In 2011, 2012 one or two have been. In 2013 it has been produced two-weekly but broadcast (maybe) weekly with repeats. UPDATE: Final edition aired March 9, 2014. DXERS UNLIMITED [Arnie Coro, CO2KK]: Main page (which hasn`t been updated since May 2002) and pre-mid 2002 scripts: Another site with scripts, from various dates during 2002-7, with a lot of gaps: New scripts are sporadically posted on Arnie`s blog Since CUBA jams WRMI indiscriminately during many DX programs even in English, consider boycotting DXUL or complaining to Arnie. *%DX PARTYLINE [Allen Graham]: DX Partyline was canceled after its 50th anniversary at the end of May 2011. %DX PROGRAM (Bulgaria) [DX editor Dimiter Petrov, LZ1AF; Rumen Pankov, assistant-editor in charge of broadcast tips]: Some weeks scripts may be replaced by summaries only. In 2010-2011 the SW info also comes from DX Mix News. SW canceled Jan 31, 2012. R. Bulgaria still webcasts in 2013, but with any DX program?? %FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD: Replaced WORLD INTERACTIVE April 2011 %FUTURE TENSE: Future Tense explores the social, cultural, political and economic fault lines arising from rapid change. A critical look at new technologies, new approaches and new ways of thinking. Presented by Anthony Funnell. GATEWAY AMATEUR RADIO NEWSLETTER. 12+ hours of ham radio news, with repeats, Saturday afternoon into Sunday morning from near St. Louis MO. Details: *HAM RADIO AND MORE [Len Winkler]: %INTERNATIONAL RADIO REPORT [Sheldon Harvey & David Asselin] On CKUT 90.3 FM Montreal - debuted November 1987 Sundays 1530 UT (winter); 1430 UT (summer). CKUT live streaming on their webpage Programs archived at international radio report | CKUT 90.3 FM Program Facebook Group page *%MAILBOX [Adrian Sainsbury & Myra Oh; New Zealand DX League segment]: Now with an archive going back 12 months. Canceled after August 4, 2014. *%MAPLE LEAF MAILBAG [Ian Jones]: SW ended with RCI in June, 2012! *MEDIA NETWORK (Radio Netherlands) [Jonathan Marks, original program host; web Andy Sennitt]: Even the website ended in 2012 altho RN exists on the web. *%MEDIA REPORT [Richard Aedy]: Includes scripts. Canceled 12/08; replaced by FUTURE TENSE 1/09. MR resumed at some point but canceled again circa 1/16. *MEDIASCAN (Radio Sweden) [George Wood]: No longer attempts to publish news; adds occasional items. BUt not even that any more? *%MEDIA ZONE [Ian Jones]: [website gone as of 4/13/08 check] *MOSCOW MAILBAG [Prepared by Olga Troshina and presented by Tata Mnatsakanyan and Max Gorbachyov.]: [resumed listing here for A-12 its only four times left, gone in B-12] [formerly rotated among Ol`ga Troshina, Yuri Reshetnikov and Eugene Nikitenko] %MULTIMEDIA: archived for many weeks: As of January 2010, merged with IN TOUCH program to become MULTITOUCH, and occuping both airtimes on Wed/Thu/Fri/Sun. October 2011 reduced to one SW airing for Europe only. All English SW canceled March 2012. OFF THE HOOK: Originates at WBAI-FM. For some time carried on WBCQ 7415, then shifted to 5110 Area 51, not on SW as of Feb 2010. %QSO WITH TED RANDALL: interviews with hams or radio people. *RADIO WAVES [Spain]: Usually consists of a couple of ``radio songs`` with an occasional mention of some aspect of shortwave listening; never any DX news. Not confirmed lately; is it ever on? Not any more with all English canceled 2014. %THE SHORTWAVE REPORT [Dan Roberts]: Not on shortwave but on KZYX&Z, 88.3, 90.7, 91.5 MHz, Mendocino County, California, Saturdays 0030 winter, Fridays 2330 summer, on WHUS, 91.7 MHz, Storrs, Connecticut, Saturdays 2130 winter, 2030 summer, and on KRFP, 92.5 MHz, Moscow, Idaho, Sundays 1430 UT winter, 1330 summer (WORLD OF RADIO is scheduled preceding) Program originates in northern California. Program audio page ``The Shortwave Report is a 30 minute review of news stories recorded from a shortwave radio,`` tho they sound like webcasts. And always the same three or four stations, really in a rut. Lately has added a few others and blurred the distinxion between SW and webcast, tho the title remains. *%THIS WEEK IN AMATEUR RADIO INTERNATIONAL [MP3 40 MB files]: Podcast page: Has two versions, one fully produced with music suitable for broadcast and another stripped down to talk only for ham, repeaters, including Gateway on 160 metres, see above. `On hiatus` from WBCQ since May 2011. Or, like, gone for good. *TOM AND DARRYL: No longer on WBCQ, but maybe still on satellite. Website not updated since 8/07. %WAVESCAN: Program now originates in Miami. Audio archive: Abandoned 2004 website: *THE WHOLE WORLD ON THE RADIO DIAL: Radio Ukraine webcast at rtsp:// or but the second link of higher quality seemingly no longer works. New edition once a month, repeated other weeks; but previous month`s show airs on alternating consecutive broadcasts. BUT canceled in February 2009, last repeat April 4, 2009. %WORLDWIDE FRIENDSHIP (Edward Kim, Kim So-yeon): Weekly DX segment by Kevin O`Donovan, Farmington NM. Since 2013 he has to share with two other reporters during each month. (select WORLDWIDE FRIENDSHIP from dropdown list in KBS WORLD Radio panel) OTHER DX PROGRAM GUIDES The British DX Club publishes a DX Programme Guide, including satellite transmissions. [Euro-centric] Worldwide DX Club list of SWL/Media Programmes in English, German and Spanish. LATEST DX PROGRAM AUDIO LINX [English] RF PROGRAMS no longer much there PROGRAMAS DX AUDIO LINX [Spanish] PROGRAMAS DX PROGRAMAS DX AUDIO LINX [Portuguese] PROGRAMAS DX [but Portuguese mostly not updated since 9/08] ###