WHAT DOES [non] mean in DXLD and gh`s log reports?

I`ve explained this over and over, and also expect readers to apply logic and enjoy the satisfaxion of figuring it out for themselves. One more try, and I should put this in a permanent place on the WOR website.

Since items in DXLD (and my own log reports) are headlined by country, it follows that any deviation from the specified country needs to be flagged by [non] or [and non].

NON basically negates what it follows. Is this not obvious?? It crops up in several ways, however.

1, a broadcast originating in the country but transmitted from somewhere else. It might also be filed under the relay country if that is considered more significant, without a [non].

Broadcasts produced in one country and transmitted from another are quite common in today`s SW scene. The secondary country should always be specified within the item. Some listeners care only about the transmitter site for propagational reasons, accurate country-counting, etc. Others are more concerned with the socio-political origin of the programming.

2, a clandestine or target broadcast FOR the country, but from elsewhere INTO the country in question. In such cases the target is far more significant than the transmitter site(s), often only hired time (but we still want to know what they are!). It is also convenient to have all items about the same ``station`` in one entry, even if multiple transmitter sites are involved.

3, sometimes, reporting on unsuccessful attempts to hear the station

4, [and non]. The item concerns another country besides the main one, e.g., mentioning the source of interference; or a single station but involving transmissions both from within and without the country

5, sometimes: UNIDENTIFIED [non], means, you guessed it? An originally unID item has been identified (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST 13-19)