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SINCE 2004, contributors have been acknowledged in almost every issue of DX LISTENING DIGEST, the first section below the ~~~~~ line, as UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIALS, and also at the mid-point of WORLD OF RADIO broadcasts.

2004 CONTRIBUTORS: Ben Loveless...

2003 CONTRIBUTORS: Dave White, Dave Hammer for Miami Valley DX Club, Gerald T. Pollard, Jim Wishner, anonymous Florida DXer, Steven Zimmerman, Peter Brown, Chris Hambly, Bruce MacGibbon in memory of Bob Bodell, Michael Gorniak, Harry Helms, Chris Timmons, Brian Hill, Johnathan Grant, Mike Barraclough, Pete Costello, Tom McLaughlin in memory of Gigi Lytle, Tim Hendel, Pete Bentley, Dan Srebnick, Bill Westenhaver, Steven Lare, Will Martin, Ben Loveless, Bradley A. Bellaver, WJIE, Brock Whaley, Jilly Dybka, Larry Guerrera, Alan Bosch, Michael Beu, William Messman, Kraig W. Krist, Mike Rutkaus, Chuck Ermatinger, Lyall G. Fordyce

2002 CONTRIBUTORS: John Carson, Tom McLaughlin in memory of Gigi Lytle, Clayton Stapleton, Chuck Ermatinger, E. Everett Edwards in memory of Leslie Edwards, Pete Bentley, Gerald T. Pollard, Jim Wishner, Mike Beu, Tim Hendel, Rod Scribner, Chris Hambly, Bill Flynn

2001 CONTRIBUTORS (some of them toward the end of year, and carrying over into 2002): James D. Strader, John Babbis, Frederick Moe of Seldom Heard Radio, Will Martin, Tom McLaughlin in memoriam Gigi Lytle, Clayton Stapleton, Marion Webster, Tom Welch, Gerald T. Pollard, LeRoy Long, Pete Bentley, Bruce Berr, Chris Hambly, William T. Hassig, Jim Wishner, Bill Flynn, Chuck Ermatinger