WORLD OF RADIO #1135, produced June 11, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New time for our first broadcast on WBCQ because WBAI moved Off the
 Hook into our timeslot, Weds 2300 UT: a sesquihour earlier, Weds at
 2200 on 7415, but also on 17495; how is reception from both in your
 area? Next repeat continues, UT Thursdays 0415 on 7415
*Greenland`s KNR has 100-watt relay on 80m band; considering higher
 powered SW on Cook Island to replace 5 MW; see DXLD 2-093; 2-095;
 audio of previous SW:
 and has no info on SW
*CBC claims CKZN transmitter is in Labrador but really in St. John`s,
 insular Newfoundland
*CBC summer programs include: Say It With Music during June, tribute
 to Richard Rodgers [Sunday at 4 pm on CBC Radio 2; webcast 2000 UT];
 also is BBCWS Composer of the Month, and public radio stations have
 a Rodgers special this month as in Monitoring Reminders [June 28
 1500-1700 UT]
*CBC Radio Two has Time Traveller replacing The Transcontinental,
 with Lowy`s death, Sun 1:05 pm, webcast 1705 UT, also gone from CBU
*Thanks to World Cup, Brazilian stations may run SW later into the
 night than usual, e.g. R. Gaucha, R. Guaiba; but most play-by-play
 is done from Brazilian studios, not including Brazilian games
*R. Tacna, Peru, reactivated on 31m to carry World Cup game
*Already publicized June 6 in DXLD: June 12 festival in Cusco, Peru
 may lead to SW stations on late
*Colombian 6 MHz frequency reactivated but from new location with
 new owners; how Rafael Rodriguez is researching it. MW ID as
 Alcaravan Radio or on SW Sistema Radial de Alcarabanga, from Puerto
 LLeras, Meta
*The midpoint of WOR 1135, the non-commercial, non-corporate, non-
 communist, non-musical, non-religious, non-apolitical DX program;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or and our
 website is back in service,
*Venezuela backs out of hosting World Radio Conference 2003, so ITU
 looking for a new site, and may be delayed from July 2003; one
 agenda item is `harmonization` of 7 MHz amateur and broadcast
*R. Tachira, Venezuela, reactivated on 60m, at least in daytime
*Catholic Radio Stations in the Americas lists a 9 MHz shortwve in
 Nicaragua, R. Universidad, HTA; very old, or very new info?
*Mexican media mogul in Miami Angel Gonzalez buying up stations,
 controls lots in Guatemala and elsewhere, `threat to free speech`;
 see DXLD 2-095
*Belize rejects US request to put R. Marti on VOA MW transmitters;
 no go either via S. Florida, Grand Cayman, Turks & Caicos, Bonaire
*R. Sawa, [VOA] Arabic signed agreement with Cyprus for 600 kW MW
 relay at Cape Greco from August; already via Kuwait, soon Djibouti
*R. Afghanistan via Norway shifts schedule half an hour earlier to
 match offset timezone there for evening broadcast at least
*V. of Islamic Republic of Iran starting Hebrew service, V. of David
*Mystery Korean evangelical station on 6715: direction-finding shows
 somewhere along this Great Circle: 224/44 degrees from Europe:
 Canary Islands, Argentina, Chile, Wellington, Seoul, Irkutsk; timing
 suggests audience in Europe or South Atlantic fishing fleet around
 Brazil; confirmed produced from Yoido Full Gospel Church, Seoul,
 well-known pastor Yong Gi Cho
*WRNO`s new owners have website with same
 old `rocky` logo, schedule severely disconnected from reality
*Brother Stair`s imprisonment finally mentioned on his own show, but
 mostly old tapes on sin and damnation; court says one charge is
 `criminal breach of trust`, using the word ``brainwash``. If B.S.
 believed his own BS, he would be innocent: unfair concept, says
 Robert Arthur
*Afternoon of June 15 is Kid`s Day on ham radio, 20, 15, 10, 2 meters
*Field Day is June 22-23, for the first time expanding scope to all
 of the Americas; then see
*Upcoming DX conventions per DXLD 2-093 i.a.: Worldwide TV-FM DX
 Association, Yukon near OKC, July 26-28, --
 IRCA Tukwila near Seattle Aug 16-18, TBA ---  National Radio CLub,
 Lima OH, Aug 30-Sept 2,
*Special 5-day broadcast of Radio Gap, from Milan June 9-13, via IRRS
 on 13 MHz
*Congo DR heard in South Africa: Lubumbashi yes, Okapi no
*That`s it for World of Radio 1135; Glenn Hauser, inviting you to
 hear me again next week           ###