WORLD OF RADIO #1136, produced June 19, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*YLE Radio Finland to end English, German and French on SW Oct. 27,
 part of development plan; official decision expected in late August;
 listeners may still object to Director Seppo Haerkoenen, PL-100,
 00024 Yleisradio, Finland
*R. Sweden increasing its SW languages, relaying domestic services
 in Arabic, Kurdish
*Lithuania testing high-power MW transmitter to assert its claim to
 frequency against Russia, also still using it; see DXLD 2-097, 2-100
*V. of Orthodoxy, France to Russia via Kazakhstan heard in UK
*Special midsummer program from R. Sweden Friday June 21
*Macedonia`s new 1200 kW mediumwave on the air and widely heard
*New 300 kW SW transmitter on the air in Portugal, and new curtain
 antennas, but modulation problems; schedule to Europe, Brasil
*IRRS Italy drops 3 and 7 MHz, only on 13, but streamed 24h at  But is 13 a foreign transmitter site?
*RAI frequency changes in English from Italy
*Industrial action threatened June 21 by staff of Team Talk, sports LW
 station from Ireland
*LW frequency in Germany planned for conversion to digital
*Armenia heard on new frequency not in their schedule
*Israel starting new cable/satellite Israel-Middle East TV, to
 include English news moved from broadcast network
*Only one SW channel active from Qatar, off-frequency, weak and
 clashing with four other stations
*R. Afghanistan SW relays via UAE and Norway expand hours
*Standard disclaimer
*You`re listening to the 1136th WOR (not 1135th as I said!), or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702;
*Standard disclaimer
*Remember our new time for very first broadcast on WBCQ, Wed 2200
 on 17495 and 7415
*Democratic V. of Burma via New Zealand on new frequency; Pakistan
 also moved there at earlier hour
*Frequencies for English from Tibet; all too low for North America in
*V. of Khmer Krom Radio, clandestine for Cambodians in southern
 Vietnam, changes day of broadcast and frequency
*Korean evangelical on 6715 linked to Seoul church with a website,
*Vanuatu slightly off frequency on 7 MHz
*Australia`s timesignal station VNG closes June 30 but will QSL thru
 yearend; frequencies and schedule; one IRC with reports to
 Dr Richard Brittain, Secretary, National Time Committee, National
 Standards Commission, P O Box 282, North Ryde, NSW 1670
*If RNZI sounds a bit weak, one frequency sometimes goes to half power
*Broadcasting in Hawaii thread in DXLD 2-094, 2-095, 2-096
*1700 kHz station in Iowa, KBGG, has new owners, new format, and new
 call, WSJZ, for Smooth Jazz, despite west of Mississippi
*Univision purchases Spanish radio network; see DXLD 2-098
*Sen. Feingold preparing a bill against broadcast consolidation; see
 DXLD 2-098
*Satellite radio on the Road to Oblivion, says John C. Dvorak;
 article and discussion group via,2997,s=1500&a=27904,00.asp
*Jewish Radio Network on WBCQ abandons 17 for 7 MHz in daytime
*Winners of gender discrimination suit against VOA want tax law to
 be changed to allow averaging income over the years covered; see
 DXLD 2-097
*TV Marti starts prime-time UHF broadcasts to Cuba
*Cuba revives Habana channel 4, Canal Educativo, N.B. TVDXers
*DXLD 2-100 has two long stories about Ana Belen Montes, who got
 spy instructions via Cuban numbers stations on SW
*Wall Street Journal story on two R. Habana announcers: one is a
 former San Francisco travel agent, ``Simon Wollers``; and
 ``Langston Wright,``, a.k.a. Michael Finney, who hijacked a plane
 from Albuquerque in 1971; see,,SB1024357492496569200,00.html
*XELA, Mexico City classical station off the air but still webcasting
*R. Paz Internacional Peru, new station heard out of band
*R. Huarmaca, Peru, also heard testing
*R. Tacna, Peru still heard on 9 MHz, reporting on civil disturbances
 in Arequipa
*Voz Cristiana, Chile, drastically reduces schedule, especially 21 MHz
*R. Rivadavia, Argentina via SW feeders, declares bankruptcy; may be
 sold and format change
*R. Educacao Rural, Tefe, Amazonas, Brasil, struggling to survive
*R. Anhanguera off-frequency on 11 MHz band, sounds stronger than
*World Radiocommunications Conference June-July 2003 will be in Geneva
 instead of Venezuela; on the agenda, separating hams from
 broadcasters on 7 MHz, in two stages; all broadcasters would move
 above 7300, so would American out-of-banders expand further up?
*David Bobbett no longer editor of World Radio TV Handbook; publisher
 taking on more and more regional experts to improve it
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 18; flux range 145-170-135
*And so concludes yet another WOR, 1136 (not 1135 as I said again!!);
 hoping you`ve found it interesting and helpful, I`m Glenn Hauser,
 hoping you`ll hear me again next week           ###