WORLD OF RADIO #1137, produced June 26, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*New edition of my other program CONTINENT OF MEDIA now available; on
 RFPI Fri 1900, Sat 1730, Tue 2000 plus 6, 12 and 18 hours later on
 some of: 21815-USB, 15039, 7445-USB and via --
 it is COM 02-03
*New June-July edition of my monthly Spanish DX report Mundo Radial
 also available from WWCR Fridays 2115v on 15825, and at
*Updated WOR/COM/MR schedules at website too
*Congo DR relay via Gabon tentatively heard on 9770
*Djibouti signs agreement for new MW relay of R. Sawa on 1431; FM
*R. V. of the People, clandestine to Zimbabwe via Madagascar on 7310v
 has been free of WHRI 7315 QRM, with that transmitter off the air,
 but still Vatican on other side
*Angel 1 schedule of WHRI, also missing from 9495, 15105 [now back]
*WWRB testing new 340 degree dual feed rhombic, toward SE Asia, altho
 unreliable path, on frequencies of other US SW stations: 5070, 5085,
 7315, 9495, 12160, 12172, 15825, 17495, 26800 [sic] or
*WWRB heard testing already on 5070, once a WWCR exclusive
*Nothing further on Brother Stair, assumed still in jail; broadcasts
 as usual with old tapes. Robert Arthur`s full remarks in DXLD 2-103
*Andre de Nesnera, VOA news director, gets award for resisting White
 House pressure not to broadcast Taliban interview: Constructive
 Dissent award from American Foreign Service Association
*WYFR signs agreement for expanded relays via Merlin facilities in
 UK, Ascension, UAE, South Africa
*Chris Bickerton, Focus on Africa presenter on BBCWS died of cancer;
 BBC tried to get rid of him earlier, now forced to honour him
*Scanner buff breaches royal security in Britain, monitoring and
 publishing frequencies. Further restrixions on scanning feared
*DW mistakenly broadcasts Swahili instead of English to North America
*Alexandersen Alternator testing again from Sweden June 30, SAQ on
 17.2 kHz; plus ham special event SA6Q; see DXLD 2-096 or
*R. Rasant, German student station via IRRS on 13840 June 29-30; site?
*IRRS` reduced schedule due to high fees in Italy; AWR Forli too
*If these June 30 specials are too late for you, make a point of
 listening to the earliest broadcasts of WOR each week
*R. Nord, ex-pirate from Sweden, celebrating 40th anniversary of
 closedown June 30 via Lithuania on 9980
*R. Bulgaria reviving second transmitter July 1, including English
*Kol Israel affirms there will be no cuts in SW broadcasts; but
 schedules may change July 1
*V. of Iraqi Kurdistan heard by FM DX in Bulgaria
*R. Afghanistan`s expanded relays via foreign sites contracted after
 Loya Jerga; but 18940 is no longer via Norway
*WOR 1137, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or
*Much more at
*Thanks this week for financial support: Gerald T. Pollard
*Tip for Rational Living: The Pledge of Allegiance, as amended
*V. of Tibet, clandestine, frequency changes observed during half-
 sesquihour broadcasts [due to Chicom jamming]
*Frontline Soldiers Radio, North Korea, reactivated on 2 and 3 MHz
*Intermedia this weekend from R. Austria interviews Ed, P5/4L4FN,
 ham station in North Korea -- Listen to program 275 via perhaps partly in English
*VOA Poro, Philippines, calling for up to $5 mega of work in overhaul,
 erecting new megawatt mediumwave, 5-tower array
*Papua New Guinea stations running past usual sign-off due to elexion
 results, and some outlets reactivated, 3325 and 3385
*VNG, Australia`s timesignal station, gets 6-month reprieve to give
 users a chance to make other arrangements, until December 31
*VNG`s CW 8638 is blocked in Europe by DAO5, Kiel on 8638.5, PACTOR
*New Zealand moves to 9 MHz for final daily broadcast to Timor
*Jim Bohannon Show is webcast the following morning; see Monitoring
 Reminders at
*Iowa`s 1700 kHz station had WSJZ call for only 12 days, till FCC
 realized mistake and resumed KBGG
*Clear Channel amends application for KGYN Guymon OK on 1210 to move
 to Tulsa instead of OKC
*KSTR, K-Star is new 1540 student station in Las Cruces, NM, low
 power? See DXLD 2-102
*Arizona wildfires lead local AM stations to run daytime facilities
 at night in emergency; FM too could be DXed
*2182 kHz is new book reviewed in NY Times; David Masiel, author
*New webcast royalty ruling by Librarian of Congress pleases no one;
 see DXLD 2-101 or
*Military and RCMP authorised to jam radio and cellphones during G8
 summit now in Calgary, and during pope`s visit to Canada in July
*World of Telephones: US House declares A. G. Bell did not invent
 the telephone, but Antonio Meucci; Canadian House retorts with
 declaration that Bell did invent it, so there!
*Basic Black`s final edition is this Saturday June 29 on CBC Radio One
*Cumbre tried to give CHNX Halifax a 500 watt transmtiter to keep SW
 on the air, but rejected
*Cuba prohibits PCs to individuals; just cafes and educational
 institutions where usage can be controlled
*Teleonda Musical, El Salvador, background subscription music service
 is on 72.5 MHz, between TV channels 4 and 5
*Colombian on 6064.5 is La Voz de [tu?] Conciencia; location still not
 certain. In FARC-controlled area hostile to religionists. SIL had
 to close a missionary station at Puerto Lleras earlier
*Peruvian around 5500v is R. San Miguel, San Miguel, Cajamarca
*Presidential elexions June 30 in Bolivia, so look for expanded hours
 or reactivations on 60 and 49m bands
*R. Pio Doce, Bolivia, 5953, heard with much stronger signals than
 before in Finland
*@tividade DX bulletin has lots of Brazilian info not seen elsewhere;
 R. Brasil, Campinas is back; R. Anhanguera no longer with previous
 religious network; R. Educacao Rural schedule; R. Nacional Amazonia
 received large grant to revive three SW transmitters; R. Senado to
 use 25m as well as 5990
*Outback station on 5025 heard earlier than usual instead of 120m
*R. Central, PNG, very good with new transmitter? on 3290
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 25: flux range fluxuating 145-
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding another World of Radio, Number 1137;
 hope you`ve enjoyed the program and will hear me again next week ###