WORLD OF RADIO #1138, produced July 2, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*RFPI frequency schedule modified: 21815 off the air; 7445-USB and
 15039 both running 2200-0800; affects when you can hear WOR: Fridays
 1930, Saturdays 1800, Tuesdays 1900; also special time Sunday 1830
 [or rather repeats 6, 12, hours later in this frame]
*DXers Calling cancels audio streaming service, including World of
 Radio, on
*Confusion about whether WOR should be on 17495 from WBCQ, during
 first airing Wednesdays 2200 as well as 7415; latest from Allan
 Weiner is yes, so always check both [foulup July 3: no 17495 again!]
*New Colombian on 6064.5 [La Voz de tu? Conciencia] plans shift to
 6060 to avoid WYFR, and add English. Other plans for AM 1530, HKI81.
 Reports to Russ M. Stendal or Carrera 44,
 No. 13-69, Barrio Palermo, Bogota, D.C., Colombia [note correxion]
*R. Super, Cali, Colombia, heard on 2nd, 3rd and 4th harmonics of MW
*La Voz de Saquisili y Libertador, heard in Ecuadorian daytime
*R. Cosmopolita, Quito, still heard sporadically; new address caused
 reports from abroad to bounce; now use: Morales 1224 y Garcia Moreno,
 Quito. Attn.: Sr. Alejandro Yautibug. No E-mail
*R. Paraiso, Peruvian harmonic on 2 MHz band
*R. Imperio, Chiclayo, 5 MHz frequency is mix of SW and MW frequencies
*Website about Aymara language of Bolivia:
*LR9, R. America, Buenos Aires, heard on 10 MHz aero channel LSB
*Millennium Voice filed under Tunisia [non] as that is one announced
 target; curtailment of Chile on same frequency 21550 should make it
 audible here after 1400
*Laser Radio testing Sunday, July 7 on 5935, 1400-2200; Reports to BCM
 Aquarius, London WC1N 3XX; via Latvia? Wants $5 for limited edition
 QSL cards [and plans weekly broadcasts thence, but publicized website
 crashes our computer: warning]
*Deutsche Welle website improved for ondemand audio, but still needs
*R. Jordan missing from 11690, but heard in English instead on 15290,
 at least on one occasion
*BBG chairman Marc Nathanson, spoke to National Press Club about US
 aid to broadcasting in Afghanistan; includes 2 x 400 kW MW
 transmitters; FM in Kabul; SW hours increased
*R. Afghanistan missing from 18940 relay via Norway
*Azad Kashmir and All India Radio now synchronized on exactly same
 60m frequency, eliminating het
*AIR Bangalore testing new 500 kW with National Program on 9425
*Via subcarrier, USB, AM and FM, WOR 1138; or
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA;
 has much more info via links to DX Listening Digest
*Democratic Voice of Burma flexible with sites; one broadcast just
 moved from Madagascar to Uzbekistan on same frequency 11715
*New article on DXing and Broadcasting in China at site:
*Grayland DXpedition loggings by Walt Salmaniw in DXLD 2-106 including
*Laos relatively strong in French and English on 7145
*Also just about every Papua New Guinea station and
*PNG aero beacon 'KUT' on 1737 kHz
*PNG provinces extended election polling until July 6, so more
 extended transmission hours expected; some all-night and special
 frequencies or spurs: 4880, 4910, 4960
*Francis Ona`s rebel radio, R. Free Bougainville reported back on the
 air after 4 years; press omits frequency, but used to be 3850 at 1000
*R. North Solomons, a.k.a. R. Bougainville, official station on 3325
*PNG opening extended to Nashville, caught by David Hodgson
*Solomon Islands themselves planned to reactivate 9545; not yet heard
*R. National website surprised John FigLiozzi
 with new live audio, and ondemand; not all are available via Radio
*July 1 was 70th anniversary of the ABC
*Telstra coastal radio stations closed down June 30; replacement has
 two new sites, VMC, Charleville, Qsld., and VMW, Wiluna, Western
 Australia; frequencies
*Robert Arthur received a reply from Brother Stair in jail; says he
 was put in maximum security after another inmate got saved and was
 joyous all night: B.S. too `charismatic`; hopes to get out soon
*Yet another website on the Stair cult: including Walterboro story:
*Father claims son`s death was foul play, Stanley Bean; and links to
 TV audio reports on arrest:
*Plan for two-step shift of ham/broadcast boundary on 7 MHz: in 2007y,
 7200/7450; by 2010y, 7300/7550
*Yahoo closes down service
*KCRW Santa Monica has continuing commitment to webcasting including
 July 4-5 specials, Let the Good Times Roll on the golden age of R&B,
 13 different hourlong programs; details in DXLD 2-104
*Many other public radio stations have special jazz programming on the
*New Capitol Steps and other special programming at
 Monitoring Reminders:
*WKBR, Manchester, NH is 1/2 kHz off-frequency, increasing DXability
*New 1610 station testing in Montreal, for Haitian community; see
 DXLD 2-105, 2-106, 2-107; CJWI with 1000 watts; expects DX reports:
 Maitre Jean Ernest Pierre, CPAM Radio, 10 St. Jacques St.,
 Suite 807, Montreal, QC H2Y 1L3
*Not much hurricane activity yet, but Bill Snyder`s Hurricane
 Frequencies List updated:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder July 2: flux range 145-140-145-140
*Your input always welcome to WOR: P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702;  Fax: 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. Website
*That concludes another edition of World of Radio, #1138; Glenn
 Hauser, here, hoping you`ve enjoyed the program and will join me
 again next week                     ###