WORLD OF RADIO #1139, produced July 10, 2202 by Glenn Hauser

*WOR missing from two times on WWCR last week, always possible when
 time needed for something else; still officially scheduled Thu 2030
 on 15825; future less certain UT Mon 0000 on 9475. Latest info we
 have at
*But WWCR added second play of Mundo Radial, Wed 2100 on 15825
*DXers Calling no longer via but Tim Gaynor does it
 another way: DXLD 2-110 or see
*New Zealand`s stay on 9515 was short, perhaps due to Sackville QRM;
 moved to 9850
*R. Free Bougainville barely audible in NAm on 3850; allegedly powered
 by coconut oil
*DXJR, Philippines, 1575 kHz, heard for an hour at Grayland WA
*R. Free Vietnam clandestine changed 15235 site from Uzbekistan to
*Democratic V. of Burma clandestine moved from 9490 to 9850 via
 Germany; 11715 returned from Uzbekistan to Madagascar site
*Full data QSL from Bhutan, on ``traditional handmade paper from
 the Daphne plant''
*Tibet English broadcast at 1630 audible in Austria; but another
 time for it, 1100 reported from India, should be better in NAm
*China really upset with Falungong over hijacking satellite feeds;
 see DXLDs 2-107, 2-110, 2-111
*V. of Mongolia moves from one to another favorite 12 MHz frequency
*V. of Mongolia verification letter encloses a bone, antelope?
*V. of Israel reorganization July 21; two of the four English SW
 broadcasts change timings
*R. Mogadishu, V. of the Republic of Somalia, off air in business
 dispute over supply of generators; 6 MHz outofband?
*R. Hargeysa, Somaliland, 7530, heard with news in English
*R. Sagalee Oromiya, clandestine to Ethiopia, heard again on 12110,
 after inactivity; another one, Netsanet not audible
*Police raid V. of the People, Harare, Zimbabwe, confiscating tapes
 and files, but found no transmitters; don`t they know the broadcasts
 are via Madagascar? Still heard as usual
*Salama Radio, from UK to Nigeria, in Hausa, Fulfulde, and others;
 Calvinist sermons included
*First? QSL from R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone; see report at 
 and still reported in North America
*Fires R Us at R. Nederland; another Flevo transmitter, but should
 be back in a week:
*Flemish National Day ham special July 11, publicized 4 months ahead,
 just reminded, OS4VRA on 3620
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1139, or PO Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA. Website
 growing fuller:
*Thanks this week for financial support to E. Everett Edwards, in
 memory of a longtime listener who died in March, Leslie Edwards
*Special test from Luxembourg announced too late for last week`s WOR,
 happening too early to tell you in advance, July 10; assessing 500
 kW transmiter in preparation for conversion to digital; blocked in
 the Americas; widely heard in Europe, but modulation not up to par;
 notification well in advance was in DXLD and MONITORING REMINDERS
*Laser Radio test scheduled July 7 was no-show, but rescheduled via
 Latvia July 13 and 14 [+ 21, 28]; see
*Latvia still hopes to persuade RFE/RL to move there; and head Thomas
 Dine visited Riga
*RFE/RL cancelled broadcasts in Czech, language of current host; see
 DXLD 2-107
*Radio jamming by USSR from Estonia, with sensitive photographs:
*R. Polonia says SW is far from dead, but will close obsolete
 transmitters in Poland, transmit via Germany, Slovakia instead;
 time running out to hear and QSL Poland via Poland
*Foreign relays to start October 1, but sites not decided
*Listening in Lapland, for two sesquidecdes, achieving astounding
 MW DX from North America: article in DXLD 2-110
*July 8-12, R. Sweden broadcasting live from Gotland
*This year`s BBC Prom Concert season begins July 19; webcast on
 BBC R3; BBCWS has 54-minute weekly special on Weds/UT Thurs
*Dissatisfaction with American conductor Leonard Slatkin, and
 controversy on how to handle Last Night of the Proms: DXLD 2-110
*CBC spur on 17920 weekends only is mix of 17800 and 17860
*CJWI is call of new 1610 station testing in Montreal; as soon as
 publicized in local newspaper, tests ended, to resume in August;
 From International Radio Report, recording of test loop in French
*New low power, airport station at Dorval, Montreal, CHDO, by
 August 1 on 89.7 FM, non commercial, unlike Toronto`s AM commercial
*New United Nations Radio SW schedule to Africa, with sites, one hour
 total weekdays
*Brother Stair case: Sister Stair says two of four charges dropped,
 and judge laughed at the remaining two; but he`s still in jail
*Remnants Hope Ministry, Stair detractors, broadcasts via Germany
*Another KPH, Bolinas CA special UT July 13: DXLD 2-109
*Grosse Point, Michigan, has classical pirate on 1170
*WOAI-TV callsign to resume on channel 4 in San Antonio, after years
 as KMOL, to match radio, again co-owned by Clear Channel
*Official callsign registered for Dr. Gene Scott`s SW facility at
 Cahuita, Costa Rica, never given: TIRWR, informally called `TIDGS`
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, planned return this weekend or
 next week on new 6060; slight correxion to address given last week:
 Calle 44, No. 13-69, Barrio Palermo, Bogota, DC
*Another major anti-Chavez demonstration scheduled July 11; monitor
 stations or check
*R. Inconfidencia, Belo Horizonte, Brasil in growth phase, with a
 new transmitter, heard well on 6010
*R. Nacional, Sao Gabriel do Cachoeira, Amazonas, heard on 3375
*R. Cancao Nova, Brasil, Alem Fronteiras listener contact program
 also invites chat July 13,
*SODRE, Uruguay, confirmed still active on 9620.8 relaying CX6
*July 18-24, CE0Y/7K1WLE, Japanese ham visiting Easter Island
*Radio Shack discounting DX-399 = ATS 606, # 20-229 for $70 including
 AC adaptor, case; no SSB
*Tony Mann, Western Australia, has now received 19 US UHF TV stations
 by moonbounce, and one from Australia; see DXLD 2-109
*Propagation notes on solar cycle from Ken Fletcher; flux dropping,
 on downside of cycle
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, July 9; Flux range 130-145-130
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of Radio 1139   ###