WORLD OF RADIO #1140, produced July 17, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Past two weeks, our UT Mon 0000 on WWCR 9475 missing, but not sure
 yet if permanent
*New contributor from Taiwan sends schedule from V. of Armenia:
 English portion
*R. Voice of Afghanistan suspends broadcasts for three months due to
 ``painful scenes... not able to broadcast the truth``; see founder`s
 complete speech in DXLD 2-114 at
*Afghanistan items in almost every issue; 2-112 has roundup of
 Afghan broadcasting situation
*Head of Afghan broadcasting dismissed for banning female singing
*Three 1000 kW MW transmitters coordinated for Bahrain, with
 different directional lobes; to relay western services?
*New BBC MW transmitters on Omani mainland: location, same frequencies
 that Masirah used, power and patterns
*DXLD 2-112 under Middle East has BBCM analysis of 9/11 plus 10:
 Changing Trends in ME Media
*Israel Radio`s English change from July 21; DST theoretically ends
 October 6, but don`t count on it
*New relay of AIR FM-II service via Bangalore 9425 includes some news
 in English
*R. Sri Lanka reported on new out of band 9970; typo?
*Tibet`s 1100 UT English broadcast monitored on 9490, hard to follow
*V. of Korea, P`yongyang has new website hosted in China:
*V. of Vietnam director-general fired in purge linked to corruption
*Indonesian regionals reactivated on SW: RRI Bukittinggi, Serui
*Clandestine in Bougainville now known as R. Independent Makumui,
 means ``holy land`` on 3850, and reported from Tennessee, Wyoming,
 Australia, BC; stronger than previously. (Recording) by Don Moman,
 Alberta, includes ID [probably at 0935]; listen over and over
*More than half of this week`s WOR 1140 has now transpired; our
 address or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Regular PNG stations also heard well in North America despite summer:
 R. New Ireland; R. Enga
*New AM station in American Samoa, 585 kHz, believed on air and heard
 in New Zealand; another report says WDJD shifted to 580 for lack of
 9-kHz-spacing receivers; ITU registered technical parameters
*DXing Idaho on MW difficult in much of US; KGEM, 1140, Boise, we
 heard sesquidecades ago, still has same calls; just resumed non-
 directionality until local sunset, now 0330 UT, so chance to hear
 it eastwards
*Excessive RF levels at Mt. Wilson transmitter site, Los Angeles,
 caused FCC party inviting many station CEs
*WNET 13 New York ran both primary and aux transmitters at same time,
 interfering with itself
*Intrigue in Columbus, OH, over public radio ownership changes, and
 sports, commercial involvement; see:
*Museum Ship Weekend, July 20-21, special ham event, sponsored by
 K1USN; see
*KNLS, Alaska puts surprisingly good signal into lower 48 during
 1300 UT English on 11565; has nice virtual tour.
 Back of beam crosses Bismarck, Des Moines, St. Louis, Nashville, Fort
 Pierce; tactic to make evangelization as palatable as possible;
 includes DX Tips for Beginners by Carl Mann, 2.5 minutes without
 DX or station news; English usage feature
*Another beloved Canadian broadcaster died, Gord Sinclair of CJAD;
 see obits in DXLD 2-113
*CBC tower on Jarvis Street in Toronto to be dismantled, landmark
*Ten temporary 10-watt FM stations authorised in Toronto for World
 Youth Day, July 22-28; multi-lingual, frequencies
*Montreal 1610 CJWI off the air for time being, but two applications
 compete for another 1610 in Toronto, one Latin American, the other
 English commercial in Markham
*Mexico City`s R. Transcontinental de America has new website with
 streaming, -- converted to gospel rock;
 frequency varies widely from nominal 4810; something on 4670
*Channel 4 in El Salvador destroyed by fire; stayed on air from
 transmitter site
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, ID text for new 6060 frequency, but not
 yet heard there; not religious, but `philosophical` for combatants
*Voz Cristiana, Chile, heard on 5674.7: difference between 11745
 and 6070
*Still no SW from WJIE in Kentucky, but turning attention to Liberia
 where V. of Liberty to be on FM, later SW and TV as well, anti-
*R. Okapi, Congo DR lists three frequencies now, 9550, 6030 and 10690
 -- the last corrected to 11690; FM expanding, and SW power 100 watts
*Luxembourg SW test on 6090 widely heard; plans more sometime
*Laser Radio test on 5935 confirmed via Latvia; hard to hear outside
 Europe; see DXLD 2-113; again 1400-2200 UT Sundays July 21, 28
*R. Caroline denies any plans to broadcast via Kaliningrad 1386, but
 instead possibly a low-power British station on same frequency
*Propagation on HF quite disturbed the past week; outlook from Boulder
 issued July 16; flux range 185-135-175
*That`s World of Radio 1140; I`m Glenn Hauser          ###