WORLD OF RADIO #1141, produced July 24, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*In northern summer, let`s dream of monitoring some Argentine
 Antarctic bases; communication frequencies on HF
*DXLD 2-117 has fascinating article on R. Liberty, Argentine station
 to demoralise British during Falkland Islands war; in Spanish, but
 I am tempted to translate it
*List of Argentine X-band stations, mostly unlicensed
*R. America, Paraguay, writes us with SW testing technical info on
 7300 and also 15185; reports to
*R. San Antonio de Padua, Callalli, Peru sent message to DXers about
 winter storm emergency in Arequipa, putting it off air
*R. Esperanza, Chile, heard regularly in windows when Anguilla and
 Japan are off 6090
*New Colombian La Voz de tu Conciencia back on air, but on same
 frequency as before [shortly afterwards confirmed on new 6060.2]
*unID on 5064.77 may be pirate in Cuba, R. Cienfuegos
*La Voz de la Fundacion resumed SW to Cuba via WRMI July 24
*Radio Habana Cuba`s Arnie Coro denied visa by Canada, so his trip
 to Toronto and Vernon is off; blowing up to major diplomatic
 incident; recording of CBC news item from British Columbia on this
*William Pierce, neo-Nazi broadcaster of American Dissident Voices,
 died of cancer; final broadcast as virulently anti-Semitic as ever
*WJIE Kentucky to become WPBN, World Prayer Broadcsting Network
 along with KVOH, KHBN, AM and FM stations, V. of Liberty, Liberia
*WJIE heard again on 7490 day and night, but still very weak
*WOR 1141, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
*Tip for Rational Living: Public Interest from WAMU and NPR July 22
 had discussion on Atheists and Secular Humanists, archived
 indefinitely at:
*House votes $135 million to boost broadcasts to Muslim countries,
 in Freedom Promotion Act of 2002, passed July 22; Senate next
*VOA makes vague remark about relaying R. Rwanda
*Copper coils from R. Mozambique`s MW transmitter stolen, off the
*Only active Kenyan SW frequency is 4915
*No SW from Gambia, but increased audio/visual content at
*V. of Iraqi People, clandestine from Sa`udi Arabia comes back on
 precise rather than off-frequency; but its others are still off
*R. Afghanistan, latest schedule for relays via UAE, Norway
*V. of Armenia schedule last week, tho official, was wrong; 9960
 heard instead of 11625
*Special broadcast from India, July 25 0350 on all AIR frequencies,
 swearing-in of new President of India, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
*Democratic Voice of Burma, clandestine, celebrates 10th anniversary
 in Norway; would like to be independent of exile government
*R. Prague heard relayed on Coast Guard frequency 8983
*3AC, Monaco coastal station seems to have log-periodic antennas
 inside Monaco itself; schedule for weather broadcasts
*Europeans startled to hear Chinese music on 1062 kHz; from Paris
*Death of offshore broadcaster Howard G. Rose July 18, a.k.a. Crispian
 St. John, Jay Jackson; see obit in DXLD 2-115
*BBCWS failed to secure full commentary rights for Commonwealth Games,
 disappointing many; as African, Asian stations got full rights
*R. Australia has extensive CG coverage on special frequency 11650,
 starting with opening ceremony 2000 UT Thursday July 25 [not 2200!]
*RNZI adds special webcast for elexion returns Sat July 27 0700-1100
 as well as SW 9885. See
*Sam Voron will confirm correct reception reports of Bougainville
 clandestine [R. Independent Mekamui, 3850]. See
 on his current ham project in Solomons: absolutely no QSLing there
*V. of the Sunrise, or Maus B`long Sankamap, the official Bougainville
 station off the air for nonpayment of power bills, 3325
*New American Samoa station confirmed on 580 instead of 585 [WDJD]
*Randy Michaels kicked upstairs from radio division of Clear Channel;
 stock immediatley fell; controversial figure blamed for CC
 programming tactics
*Original webcaster KPIG in California stopped due to royalties,
 ``a sad day in the cyber-sty``
*Very disturbed propagation conditions lately; outloook from Boulder
 July 23; flux range 195-165-190
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding another World of Radio, No. 1141 ###