WORLD OF RADIO #1142, produced July 31, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Radio Polonia plans for foreign relays instead of domestic shortwave
 transmitters; head of station replaced
*Kaliningrad 171 kHz resumes relay of Radio Rossii
*Laser Radio tests via Latvia; plans programming for radio hobbyists
 and music from 60s, 70s, 80s; other options, maybe more tests
*Executive salaries at BBC concealed, while lower ranking staff get
 bad pay deal
*Five 5 MHz frequencies authorised in Britain for ham experimentation;
 see DXLD 2-121 at
*TeamTalk 252, Ireland, closed July 31, off the air pending new owners
 such as possible relaunch of Radio Nova, from Isle of Man
*Radio Portugal has fado music show Saturdays 1805-2000 on 21655,
*Interviews with ex-broadcasters at Angolan clandestine VORGAN, via
 Media Network:
*Mali again heard on 9635 in daytime
*R. Liberia International heard again on 5100 after 2-month absence
*Dominican Republic back on 4960v, Radio Villa, a.k.a Cima Cien;
 R. Global Internacional planned per where
 streaming also available [maybe; and slow flash introduxion]
*Young Cubans in Toronto to see Pope, defected; maybe that`s why
 Arnie Coro, with Cuban government, not allowed in
*WRMI specials from Mexican DX Meeting August 3-7, schedule
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia shifted to 6060.2, better
 modulation, less fading; antenna changes to favor North America
*HCJB definitely moving transmitter site from Pifo to Santa Elena
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1142;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Chuck Ermatinger
*Standard disclaimer
*Plans for SW transmitter by the government of Goias state, Brasil
*R. America, Paraguay, has received zero reports so far on 7300,
 15185 tests; submarine-like power supply. Fax: 595 21 963 149 or
 Casilla de Correo 2220, Asuncion, Paraguay; e-mail: see last week
*Story about Liberty radio, Argentine station in Malvinas war, now
 in English via DXLD 2-119; excerpt
*New Australian maritime weather SW stations heard in Illinois morns
*R. Independent Makumui, 3850, Bougainville clandestine, QSL info:
 cassettes OK, 4 or 5 IRcs, to Sam Voron, 2 Griffith Ave., Roseville,
 NSW 2069, Australia
*R. Bougainville, PNG government station, back on air already, 3325
*RTM Radio 4, Malaysia heard well in Wisconsin; many Malaysian and
 Singapore frequencies again making it to Finland as summer ends
*English from Tibet on 9490 audible in Georgia; should improve
*KRSI, clandestine to Iran, 15740, 17510, on website plus instructions
 for anti-jamming antenna: 
*Difficulties faced by Arab stations broadcasting in Hebrew to Israel
 in DXLD 2-121; excerpt about Iran`s Voice of David [non-Arab]
*Israel Radio put Romanian on frequencies supposed to be in English;
 English at 1030-1045 moved to 1015-1030
*WJIE confirmed using 100-watt exciters, not two 50 kW transmitters
 contrary to website claim; High Adventure staff moving to Kentucky;
 cooperation with WJIE on African plans
*In DXLD 2-118, Robert Arthur finds anti-Brother Stair broadcasts
 just as incoherent, schizophrenic as he is; rational arguments not
*New X-band station in Dallas/Fort Worth on 1630, KNAX, Spanish gospel
 -- maybe full day power 10 kW at night initially
*Propagation outlook from Boulder July 30: flux range 230-170-230
*And so concludes nother WOR, 1142. Until next week, Glenn Hauser
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