WORLD OF RADIO #1143, produced August 7, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New Mundo Radial available:
 and on WWCR, Fri 2115v, Wed 2100 on 15825;
*Even newer Spanish DX news on R. Nederland Radio-Enlace, Fris & Suns
*Neighbors of Aurora Communications` SW site under construxion in
 Ninilchik, Alaska, concerned about environmental impact, try to
 delay; ex-KGEI transmitter. Aurora minimises impact
*Aeronautical Radio, Inc., set up new HF station in Barrow, Alaska,
 long needed for polar route flights; frequencies
*Robert Arthur updates us on Brother Stair case; says he is out of
 jail on bond, but charges, even more of them, still pending. Website now removed all references to his
 ever having been in jail
*Kenneth Tomlinson, former VOA director, confirmed as new chairman
 of Broadcating Board of Governors, overseeing all USG-supported,
 non-military, international broadcasting
*Radio Sawa, ex-VOA Arabic service, name is teen slang for "together"
*WNNY, 1380, New York City, abandons expensive all-news format in
 Spanish for ranchera music, La X-1380, despite most Spanish
 speakers in NY being non-Mexicans
*WBBR, 1130, New York expects downtime for maintenance, perhaps
 late Sat Aug 10 / early Sun Aug 11; check Monitoring Reminders
*Stirling Heights, Michigan has 1700 kHz relay of NWS, WPTC-520
*International Radio Club of America convention Aug 16-18 at Tukwila,
 Washington, includes tours of KJR, KIRO, Craig Siegenthaler of Kiwa
 electronics; info from
*Clear Channel group makes commitment to pushing RDS technology,
 no doubt for ads and song titles, not just IDs and slogans
*CJWI, new 1610 from Montreal, back on air August 1
*CFRX, 6070, Toronto, currently active; get it while you can before
 it breaks down again; perpetual co-channel Voz Cristiana, Chile
 since neither station cares
*R. America, Paraguay, closes 15185 5-watt tests after no reports
 at all; may raise power and come back; tentative reports received
 for 1610, 7300
*R. Educacao Rural, Tefe, Amazonas, plans move from 3385 to 4925 by
 end of September
*R. For Peace International, Costa Rica, depending on listener
 support, now has PayPal link at
*R. Verdad, Guatemala, hit by lightning and operating only half its
 transmitter at 270 watts; reports wanted; adding English at 0415
*R. Liberty site in Pals, Spain, closed May 2001, but now talk of
 reviving it with increased US need for facilities to reach Islamic
 world; murky about how this could be done. See Catalunya in DXLD
 2-122, 2-123
*Great music on R. Portugal`s North American service, not in English,
 2300-0200 weekdays on 11655
*European DX Council conference in Pori, Finland, August 15-18,
 includes tour of YLE SW site in Pori; more info at
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio plans 24-hour special from EDXC; details
*You`re listening to the 1143rd WOR;
 and address P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702;
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn, Cave
 Junxion, Oregon, who when last he wrote us was close, but far
 enough away, from those terrible fires
*TWR may move all Russian broadcasts from Albania, lacking hydro
 power, to Austria
*Turkey decides to allow Kurdish language broadcasting; see DXLD
*Security guard says he was stabbed outside US FBIS monitoring
 station at Nicosia, Cyprus
*Mystery Arabic service heard on two Syrian and another frequency:
 0330 on 9950; 1500 on 12085, 12115; clandestine?
*Another time for English from Turkmenistan on 4930, 1940 UT
*RFE/RL/RFA and VOA coordinate their services to Afghanistan for
 continuous 24-hour service on FM and shortwave
*New station in Afghanistan, with German aid, is R. Voice of Freedom;
 ambiguous report about frequency, FM, and/or SW 9905?
*Another time for English from Tibet, 0700-0715 UT on 9490 et al.
*Democratic V. of Burma via Madagascar at 2330 on 9760 ex-11715
*Inside Burmese stations favorite DX targets for music, etc.:
 R. Myanmar on 5985v; Defence Forces Station on 6570; their gongs
 featured on Victor Goonetilleke`s RKI report August 4
*R. Japan special, Peace Prayer to the World, Thursday, Aug 15 on
 44 Minutes show at 0615, numerous repeats
*Japan SW Club 50th anniversary special, in Japanese, some English,
 on KSDA Aug 18 at 2100, 19 at 1300 on 11980 et al. Special QSL
*Powerline communications nixed in Japan, to relief of users of
 shortwave spectrum
*V. of Indonesia seems to have restricted foreign languages to
 weekdays only on 15150; weekends extremely distorted, Indonesian?
*R. Pilipinas, English at 0200-0330 now on 15270, 15120, 11885,
 says Roland Schulze [not Rumen Pankov as I said!]
*R. Independent Makumui, Bougainville on 3850 was active July 16-
 22, but not since?
*International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend ham special event Aug.
 17-18 for 48 hours; see for link
*Listeners to KORB fall for tattoo practical joke, lose jobs, then sue
*Sunspots keep growing, up to 323, suggesting a third peak in this
 cycle; maybe F2 will be back on 6 meters this winter, but absorption
 not good for MW DX
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 6; flux range 130-215-140
*Glenn Hauser, here, concluding yet another World of Radio, number
 1143, hoping you`ll hear me again next week     ###