WORLD OF RADIO #1144, produced August 14, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Unidentified Arabic on 12085, 12115 and 9950 monitored further: still
 unsolved, but seems to come from Russian sites, aimed at Syria
 despite being on two Syrian frequencies; recording of opening, always
 with same music: Watani Habibi, also available at:
 ID Sout al Watan, Voice of the Homeland, on behalf of the Syrian
 Muslim Brotherhood Movement, but BBC Monitoring never heard this or
 any ID given; check last few and next few issues of DXLD for all the
 info we have on this
*Israel`s webcast news two days old
*Vatican Radio relays Lebanese station Voice of Love/Charity, in
 Arabic, part of World Family of Radio Maria
*Takahito Akabayashi gets verification for R. Afghanistan relay via
 Norway; still uses old P O Box 544 of ex-Taliban outlet, Kabul
*Kyrgyz Radio on new frequency, 4795
*Nothing further from Laser Radio about resuming SW via Latvia; but
 R. Festival 2002, London, plans Latvia 5935 broadcast August 24-25;
 more info from Eric Wiltsher,
*Terrible floods in Europe, so try R. Prague`s numerous English
 SW broadcasts, or but maxed out
*Another special for 50th anniversary of Japan SW Club, from R.
 Europe, Italy, 7306-USB Aug 16 and 17 at 2100-2200 with 500 watts,
 Japanese, English messages and jokes, special QSL card
*BBC investigating allegations that government hacked into its news
*QSLs emerging from AFN for brief operation from Iceland on 3903
*Special series four Fridays from Aug 16 on RTI, Tales of Dutch
*Bougainville clandestine on 3850 again reported, but not IDed as
 R. Independent Makumui
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1144,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or  Fax if
 really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser. Check website for our
 latest schedules, DXLD:
*Latest on African countries` SW activity in DXLD 2-126
*R. Candip, Bunia, DR Congo, back after a week off for disturbances
*Not much on SW from Cameroon, but Communications Ministry starts
 daily internet bulletin,
*Mali back on one of its 60m frequencies; and other bands active
*Guinea difficult to verify, but Paul Ormandy got E-mail verie after
 mailing a CD;
*WJIE`s Doc Burkhart back from Liberia after putting FM on the air;
 plans SW by end of October; WJIE itself on the back burner
*A View From Europe, quirky commentaries by Harvey Thomas on WWCR,
 now at more convenient third time: Sunday 1710 on 12160
*WMLK heard with a fabulous signal on 9465, testing 125 kW?
*Brother Stair back to usual routine, changes name for checks to
 be made out to; how many of his flock have fallen away?
*WBBR-1130 New York silent period deferred, perhaps to this weekend
*WLW-700 Cincinnati testing IBOC digital audio this week; check for
 buzz on adjacent channels; WOR-710 New York also planned to do so
*Two Idaho stations exchange frequencies: classic country KFXD now
 on 630, newstalk KIDO to 580
*Jazz format station in Long Beach, KLON changes calls to KKJZ
*FCC orders switch to digital TV, requring tuners in TVs, in steps
 from 2004 to 2007; see DXLD 2-127
*R. Educacion, Mexico, Sintonia Libre DX program around 0330 UT
 Thursdays and Mondays on 6185; resuming 6 hours of SW production
 separate from MW
*Ana Cristina del Razo leaving directorship of R. Mexico Internacional
*Owner of XERTA quite a characer, making wild promises, mostly dreams
*2.5 page English report on Mexican DX convention in DXLD 2-126
*Colombian pirate still heard, Radio Nueva Juventud, Pasto;  and a
 rosary harmonic above 6.2 MHz
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, says 6 kW on 6060, and antenna
 changed to favor reception toward the north; QSL cards pending
*R. Union, Lima, Peru, reactivated on 6117.4v, near nominal
*Congratulations to Joe Talbot in Alberta, first to DX and QSL Radio
 America, Paraguay, on 7300, running 25 watts, capable of 2.4 kW; is
 third harmonic of 1610 on 4830 getting out? 7300 also reported from
 Norway; Argentines and Paraguayan cannot hear it
*Almost 10 percent of world population can now access internet: see
 DXLD 2-129 or
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 13; flux range 190-235-180
*Attention: our repeat on WBCQ has moved to UT Monday 0415 on 7415
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1144         ###