WORLD OF RADIO #1145, produced August 28, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI has converted 7445 from SSB to AM and raised to 30 kW; plans
 to split schedules so this and 15039 not on at same time; may mean
 additional times to hear WOR
*New Continent of Media now running on RFPI, i.a. times Saturday
 0100, 0700, 2330, Sunday 0530, Wednesday 0200; plus additional
 webcast times in 6-hour rotation; COM 02-04 also available via
*WOR repeat time on WBCQ at 0415 has moved from UT Thu to UT Monday,
 late Sunday night in North America
*Spectrum Radio 558, London, is temporarily relaying WRN during longer
 hours, including World of Radio Saturdays at 9 am BST; greetings to
 all our new listeners
*New Mundo Radial, monthly Spanish DX report, from end of August on
 WWCR, 15825, Fridays 2115 and Wednesdays 2100 or a bit earlier
*WJIE, 7490, is back with a much stronger signal since August 26,
 including World of Radio weekdays at 1200; and also heard one day
 at 1600, and some days at 0030
*New SW station authorized for remote town of Pinyon, New Mexico,
 KIMF; George Glotzbach visited site and found nothing except a
 small building, no construction, antennas or water
*VOA director plans to cut five news bureaux in order to finance
 Sawa-like service for Iran: Hong Kong, Mexico City, Tokyo, Brussels
 and Geneva, to objections of VOA employees
*New story in the press every day about Radio Sawa; see DX Listening
 Digests for them, or links to them; gets lukewarm reviews in
 Mideast: young people like the music, but distrust news
*Site promoting museum at VOA Bethany site:
*ZDK radio, CTV in Antigua transmitters destroyed in arson attacks,
 politically motivated
*4VEH, ex-shortwave in Haiti, one MW station there audible in Florida
 despite Cuban
*R. Mil, Mexico City, has new SW antenna for 6010, reports wanted;
 seems worse here, due to directionality?
*Tijuana`s 540 station has new 6-letter callsign, XESURF, ex-XEBACH;
 wonder if related to Los Angeles` 1260
* has news of volunteer engineers helping
 Central American stations; R. Amistad, Guatemala, SW frequency
 serves as feed to low power MW relay in Santiago Atitlan, instead
 of out-of-range FM
*HRHZ, 1160, Honduras may put new 60mb SW station on next year
*Peruvian government website reveals lots of info about Catholic
 stations, including some on SW; 5030 is now supposed to be Radio
 Virgen de la Alta Gracia, Huamachuco, OAZ2A, ex R. Los Andes
*Another new listee on 4795, 1 kW, Urubamba, Cuzco, OAW7D,
 Teleducacional, not yet on?
*R. America, Paraguay, got one definite report on 15185 with 5 watts
 from Michael Schnitzer in Germany; now testing on 7300 and new
 7737, the latter beamed 4 degrees; nighttime only on weekends;
 7 MHz DX reports from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Canada,
*Argentina has new law requiring stations to play national anthem at
 sign-on, or if 24 hours, at local midnight
*New address for RAE, Argentina,
*Channel Africa with specials for World Summit on Sustainable
 Development, in South Africa, Aug 26-30, Sept 2-5 at 1100-1500 on
 21765, 17725, 11720; not heard here, and not very good in Germany
*Radio Earth Summit may be from same, half hour program hourly via
*R. UNAMSIL, Sierra Leone, still heard on 6137.83
*Used to be a Peruvian on 5470, but no longer listed; that clears
 frequency for R. Veritas, Liberia, again being heard, first by
 Rafael Rodriguez, Colombia; Catholic station began new season Aug.
 22, increased to 18 hours per day; sign off 2300 or 2400; Box 3569,
 Monrovia, was previously known address
*V. of Africa, Libya, English news times monitored on 15435
*Standard disclaimer
*World of Radio 1145, or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702 USA; for our schedule, DX Listening
 Digest, Monitoring Reminders calendar and much more
*A few stations still make seasonal SW frequency changes the first
 Sunday in September, such as Voice of Russia;
*And V. of Turkey`s English at 0300 to North America moves to 9650
*Saut al-Watan, V. of the Homeland, clandestine for Syria, 12115 site
 listed by Nagoya DX Circle as Samara, Russia, same as for Ethiopians
 at 1700
*0330 broadcast of same in the clear on 9950 in British Columbia;
 1500 broadcast on 12115 well heard in Alberta, not sync with 12085;
 could it be a black clandestine, with hidden meaning?
*US Psyops operation in Kandahar, Afghanistan reported to be using
 6100 kHz, per Charlotte Observer; DXers hear what seems to be this
*But Korea and Malaysia are also on 6100; what is then on 8700?
*Radio Nepal has also moved onto 6100, from 41m band; parallel to
 5005 including English news at 1415; both close at 1545; on as early
 as 2350
*V. of Holy Tibet, Lhasa, English at 1630 on 4905, 4920, 5240, 6130,
*New 500 kW service from Bangalore, All India Radio national channel,
 9450 ex-9425, 1320-0041
*Kazakhstan now has a clandestine, Radio Dat, meaning I Demand; on 9775 at 0100-0200, 1500-1600;
 anti-Nazerbayev, -- 0100 blocked here by VOA;
 CIS site in Europe assumed; recording of opening music, ID in
 Russian; one half hour program played twice in each hour
*BBCWS special programming plans leading up to 9/11 start 9/7, joint
 productions with PRI; and 12 hours straight on 9/11 itself
*CBC Cross Country Checkup on same topic, gets special RCI SW
 relay on 9800, 15375, Sunday Sept 8 at 2000-2200
*50th anniversary of CBC Television celebration starts Sept. 6 with
 The Joke`s on Us; and in coordination with VIA rail, live events
 starting at Vancouver train station
*CBC Tower, the `Eiffel on Jarvis` in Toronto, site of first Canadian
 TV signals, demolished in 3.5 seconds to make way for `Radio City`
*Miami about to regain classical station, but only on AM 1360
*Besides digital test on WLW, illustrated on current Continent of
 Media, iBiquity has experimental license in northeast on 1700 [not
 1710 as I said!], and now another on 650 kHz in Frederick, Maryland,
 probably daytime only
*Greetings to all other NRC`ers at the Labor Day [weekend] convention,
 Lima, Ohio; webcast of festivities planned: mms://
*4BC, 1116 kHz, Brisbane, Queensland, has one of strongest
 Australian signals in Oregon; might make it inland
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, August 27; flux range 155-125-190
*And so concludes yet another World of Radio, Number 1145; Glenn
 Hauser, here, thanking you for listening, and hoping you`ll join me
 again next week         ###