WORLD OF RADIO #1147, produced September 10, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Perpetual clash between WBCQ and VOA Botswana on 7415 affects both
 our World of Radio broadcasts, Wed 2200 and Mon 0415; worst around
*Many more opportunities to hear WOR, on WJIE 7490, especially M-F
 1200; also during the 0000 and 0500 UT hour; especially Sundays
 around 0515
*Favorite DX programs recorded off the air, Cumbre, WOR and Cuba:
*OK for CO2KK to have a houseful of SW radios, but head of US
 Interest Section in Habana incurred ire of Castro government by
 handing out thousands of SW radios; now Vickie Huddleston has a new
 assignment: US Ambassador to Mali
*R. Reloj, Cuba, heard on extraneous 9 MHz frequencies after RHC
*V. of Guyana fortunately available on SW, now with better modulation
*La Voz del Campesino, Sipe2, Bolivia, heard in middle of 6 MHz band,
 running all-night?
*Another Voz del Campesino, Peru, at top of 6 MHz band, also runs
*Contrary to last week, R. Nacional, Paraguay, is active again on
 9736.1, at least for ballgames
*R. America, Paraguay, boosts power to 800 watts on 7370 toward north,
 7300 toward south
*R. Cancao Nova, Brasil, seems to reduce power during required
 government show Voz do Brasil
*Only Brazilian currently active on 19m band is R. Gazeta, 15325
*R. Roraima has wake-up program with letters, phone calls, 4875
*R. Nacional Angola heard in middle of night with basketball game,
*Media Network has new article about R. Ecclesia, Angola, via South
 Africa, new frequency 7205:
*Chadian Radio claims to have resumed SW broadcasts; on 4904.5??
 [a clandestine for Hungary? as in billboard omitted; see DXLD 2-142]
*Sawt al Watan, Syrian clandestine on 9950 et al., not operated by
 Syrian Human Rights Committee: they don`t know about it
*Radio-TV Mezopotamia, heard testing via Russia on 12115, perfect
 reception in Bulgaria
*VOA relay in Afghanistan plans to use 801 kHz
*Peshawar newspaper says new powerful SW transmitter for R. Pakistan
 at Skardu; doubt it is on yet
*In the midst of WOR 1147, input welcome to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702, USA or  Much more at our website:
*Too many stations on 6100, newest being R. Nepal. Signs on at 2315;
 also audible at 1200, blocked after 1300 by Malaysia
*SW situation in Sarawak: waiting for 6050 transmitter to fail
*Typhoon damaged two MW stations of FEBC in Korea
*Kimjae SW transmitter site of R. Korea International had 10 of 17
 antennas damaged; two awaiting repair are for Europe and North
 America, temporarily replaced by non-directional antennas
*Story about `Tokyo Rose` and injustice done to her, in DXLD 2-137
*Another 50th anniversary special for Japan SW Club, on R. Japan
 Hello from Tokyo Sept. 14-16; special QSL for $1 or 1 IRC to JSWC,
 P O Box 138, Yokohama Port 231-8691, Japan
*R. Taibei International has at least 2-hour delay in satellite feeds
 to relays, so can`t cover breaking news; minor league
*R. Free Vietnam to expand to one hour via Merlin, Tajikistan, 1400-
 1500 on 15235
*Democratic V. of Burma no longer relayed via New Zealand
*Indonesian broadcast bill to kill press freedom, preventing relays
 of foreign news from R. Australia and others
*R. Pilipinas, 15270 at 0200, opening English broadcast
 (recorded in Thailand)
*NBC Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea back on 9675 instead of 4890
*R. New Ireland, 3905, heard well in Illinois, over Indonesian on
 almost same frequency at 1130-1200*
*WWRB refuses to verify despite promises; so try QSL via one of
 the ministries carried, Grace in Action, Honolulu
*WWCR posted new program schedule and specialty guide: times for
 The Old Record Shop, Ken`s Country Classics, Rock the Universe;
 and Technology Hour UT Sat 0200-0300 on 3210; really secular?
*Background on sudden resignation of Robert Reilly as VOA director;
 Clinton-appointed Broadcasting Board of Governors blamed; Republicans
 threaten 25% cut in VOA budget unless satisfactorily explained
*VOA started Sept. 10, TV to Iranian youth, ``Next Chapter``, Tue 1800
*VAX498, Ontario [not Nova Scotia], Herb Hilgenberg broadcasts weather 
 to Atlantic yachts, 12359- USB at 1900-2000; see 
*People in Dawson succeed in saving AM CBC relay; must be low power
 on 560
*Best-of-week new show on CBC Radio 1, Richler on Radio, Fridays after
 the 8 pm news local time
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept 10; flux range 235-155
*Hoping you`ve enjoyed WOR 1147 and will join me again next week,
 Glenn Hauser concluding with a
*Standard disclaimer