WORLD OF RADIO #1148, produced September 18, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*On RFPI, the WOR time Sunday 1830 now is dependable, UT Mondays
 0030, 0630; frequency schedule now 21-05 15040, 00-08 7445
*After 11 years, Joe Bernard leaving RFPI in October for Oregon, but
 will run US office
*WJIE 7490 missing again since Sept 13
*Mundo Radial, new Spanish DX report from Sept 20 on WWCR 15825,
 Fridays 2115, Wednesdays 2100 or earlier; also audible and viewable
 on website
*VOA gets tepid endorsement from Tomlinson; more joint ventures with
 RFE/RL, RFA, beginning with combining Farsi, like Sawa for Arabic
*WCPE, North Carolina all-classical station, giving up BBC news
*WCAL, Minnesota, now `Music and Ideas`, more classical than before
*No funding for another Chicago Lyric Opera broadcast season on WFMT
*Michael Dorner on sad state of classical radio in US: DXLD 2-144
*Spirited and informative thread on IBOC in NRC-AM, also in DXLD
 2-144, 2-146 and subsequently
*WHO-1040, Des Moines, using standby tower, lower power for 6-7 weeks
*US MW harmonics heard: WGFY NC x 3, WGVA NY x 2
*CBC Radio One has new Saturday 11:05 am program, Stranded, another
 Desert Island Discs clone
*XEDD, Montemorelos, Nuevo Leon changed from 1560 to 800, big signal
*IBB relay near Punta Gorda, Belize, ceased September 15; 1530, 1580
*R. K`ekchi, Guatemala, back on air; R. Amistad operating 4698 only
 during daylight
*Prime frequency for Hurricane Watch Network: 14325-USB
*NBC, St. Vincent closed down split frequency 705, hopes to revive
*St. Vincent website has story of the demise of Windward Islands
 Broadcasting Service:
*R. Amazonas, Venezuela, reactivated but irregular on 4939.65
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, off the air again; MinCom SNAFU
 requires move off 6060, to 6010; maybe instead 5905, 5925, 6170, 6115
*unID on 4834.92 likely to be R. Maranyon, Peru, reactivated
*R. America, Paraguay, exchanged antennas for two frequencies, and
 now 24 hours daily, 800 watts: 7300 north, 7373 south
*Brazilian on 4845 changed ID from R. Ibatinga or R. Meteorologia
 Paulista to R. Ternura FM; don`t confuse with much higher powered
 Manaus station on same; Ternura unseems eveningly
*R. Nove de Julho, Sao Paulo, plans to add SW 9820 by next March,
 despite Cuba and others
*MW 2nd harmonic, LRA15, R. Nacional de Tucuman, Argentina, 2379.58,
 heard in Vermont
*LTA, army feeder on 29810-USB, heard relaying R. Continental sports
*One of our most faithful contributors, Bill Flynn in Oregon, had no
 forest fire damage, but suffered respiratory arrest, heart attack;
 lengthy recovery expected, no DXing. Best wishes to him
*Standard disclaimer
*Middle of WOR 1148, P O Box 1684, Enid OK, 73702 USA; or  See our website for much more:
*Liberian Communications Network again being heard on 5100
*R. Veritas, Liberia, 5470, off the air again; schedule to be 0600-
 1700 6090, 1700-2300 on 5470
*Extensive BBC Monitoring Guide to Kenyan media in DXLD 2-145
*V. of Mediterranean, Malta still plans to add French, Spanish;
 waiting on new, larger studios
*R. Slovakia International plans to open Spanish section at Marchend
*Right-wing Hungarian journalists claim they will operate V. of
 Freedom from symbolic asylum in Austria (or elsewhere?)
*R. Yugoslavia reaches agreement with Bosnia to resume SW broadcasts
 on longterm permit; date not set
*Cardinal Glemp not shutting down national Radio Maryua Polska, but
 only a local station; much more in DXLD 2-145
*R. Krishnaloka, new Hare Krishna pirate(?) for Russia, too close to
 WBCQ; maybe actually Ukraine, only 300 watts
*R. Sawa MW relay with 600 kW in Cyprus on 981 already shifting to
 990 due to interference complaints
*Cyprus also location of British over-the-horizon radar, interfering
 with 14, 16 and 20m ham frequencies
*Reshet Bet, Hebrew service from Israel, moves from 15 to 9 MHz
*UAE Radio Dubai on 13610 ex-13630 in English at 1330, 1600
*Seda-ye Iran, clandestine, rescheduled to 1529 on 17510; and at
 0230 bubble jammer hets KWHR
*Winter time in Iran starts Sept. 21, UT +3.5 instead of 4.5
*Information Radio, Afghanistan, on 6100 unseems 24 hours; tentative
 loggings of it, but not heard in Kabul; still on 8700
*VOA relay for Afghanistan on 801 will really be in Tajikistan
*Radio Dat, Kazakh clandestine, says it must lay low as Nazarbayev
 jackals hunting for it; 1000 kW transmitter cost prevents sending
*New 100 kW 936 kHz at Mirpur, Azad Kashmir Radio from Sept. 20
*Some of Tibet`s English program frequencies seem to come from outside
 such as Xi`an or Baoji, China, 7385 and 9490
*V. of Vietnam may abandon all overseas relays for B-02; enjoy
 Canada relay on 6175 while you can
*Japan has resisted DST, but pressure growing, and UT +10 may arrive
*RFA and VOA parallel transmissions from Tinian site have delays
 intentionally inserted to avoid power surges on local grid
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept 17: flux range 180-145-195
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1148   ###