WORLD OF RADIO 1149, produced September 23, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*One of our broadcasts on Studio X, Momigno, Italy, 1584 kHz moved to
 Sunday 1930 UT; still Friday 2230 UT
*Individual back issues of DX Listening Digest before July 2002 via:
*R. Imperial, El Salvador, again being heard on 17833.16 variable;
 low power requiring selectivity and sensitivity
*Something else is around 17837v, weak and unID for months [maybe 3
 x 5946v]
*Banda Oriental, Uruguay, reconfirmed active on 6155 from 0135 sign-on
*BBC Monitoring publishes another exhaustive study of broadcast, print
 and internet media, this time about Madagascar, in DXLD 2-149
*Media Network dossier about hate radio in Africa and elsewhere
 updated via
*Millennium Voice, clandestine from Britain to Sudan and vicinity
 still on air but only two days a week, half clashing with Chile
*B-02 season advance schedules starting to come in; including Salama
 Radio, religious/clandestine for Nigeria; 15365 to be transmitted
 from Sackville, if not sooner; March moving to Rampisham, England
*R. Afrika International has enjoyable program from Vienna Saturday
 1530 on 17875; [not .au, surely],
*Not to be confused with R. Africa International, the Methodist
 station from New York via Germany; two DXers have now managed to
 QSL the Vienna station by reporting to the wrong station, which
 also doesn`t know the difference; see DXLD 2-147, 2-149 under Austria
*Methodist RAI heard on 15265 at 1700 in English
*R. Yugoslavia quickly resumed SW broadcasts after last week`s
 announcement; not all language services ready: recording of interval
 signal, then turned off [at 1631]; English to North America at 0000
 except Sundays when Serbian is extended, on 9580; recording of
 return-to-SW announcement; repeat at 0430 daily has some adjacent
*Gain some, lose some: Bayerischer Rundfunk plans to cease SW 6085
 January 1; maybe back in two or three years with DRM mode; don`t
 confuse with DW also on 6085
*Higher frequency propagation improving with autumn, such as travel
 info station in France on 25775.1 with English/French tape loop
 about Normandy; not TIS FM on 11m heard last year from La Rochelle;
 even I heard traces, so a lot more than one watt; also heard in
 Finland and Sicily, too close to France for 11m propagation? Gave
 phone number starting with 33- for France
*Radio Free Europe Czech language service closing Sept. 30 after 52
 years, lately domestically, not SW
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1149,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or  Fax if
 really necessary 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser; check our website for
 info on all our broadcasts, access to DX Listening Digest:
*Thanks this week for financial support to Gerald T. Pollard, NC
*Radio Maryja, contoversial Polish Catholic station, recording of
 English ID giving schedule via Russia
*Radio Sawa, Cyprus, moving from 981 to 990, not heard on either by
 some Europeans, but yes heard by others; has a deep null at 320
 degrees, near Istanbul, Bulgaria, Central Europe, Prague, Amsterdam,
 Glasgow, Goose Bay, Detroit, Austin
*US PsyOps operation for/from Afghanistan: definite IDs are sorely
 lacking on 8700 and 6100; we are only making assumptions
*18940 running continuous 24-second dramatic musical loop; filler for
 missing R. Afghanistan feed via Norway? Recording
*Radio Dat, clandestine for Kazakhstan, changes to 9925 for 1500 UT
 broadcast; 0100 seems still on 9775 when 9925 has Croatia via Germany
*Members of Falun Gong cult convicted and jailed in China for
 disrupting cable and satellite TV broadcasts; several stories re in
 DXLD 2-148 including how they accomplished this
*Echo of Hope, clandestsine from South to North Korea, QSLed by KBS;
 automatic, or admitting they are responsible for it?
*V. of Russia plans to use 2300 kHz for Southeast Asia, Australia?
 this winter, 250 kW from Irkutsk, 150 degrees, 0600-0900; or mistake?
*V. of Vietnam, Son Tay site plagued by spurs plus/minus 15 kHz from
 6 and 7 MHz nominals
*Provincial governor of Gulf province, PNG, prepared to take over from
 NBC, R. Gulf, 3245, which has been off the air for a month; back on
 later this week
*Report in June that SW from Greenland is active on 3812, should now
 be rechecked as fall has arrived and possible propagation; see
 reports at in DXLD 2-093, 2-095, 2-101
*R. Marti, Delano, 15330, strong in Texas on third harmonic 45990
*KPM556, Portland OR rasta groove station on 25950, reactivated
*KIMF, new SW station authorized for New Mexico, no further news on
 construxion, but tentative schedule registered on 11885, 5835, 50
 kW southeast into Mexico and beyond
*Wondering if WRNO gone for good, but heard again, 7354.9 variable,
 poor modulation but strong; watch out for WYFR later in eve on 7355
*PanGlobal Wireless new piratish show on WBCQ from Sept 27, Fri 2100
 on 7415, Sat 1900 on 17495
*Another report of digital buzz, IBOC tests interfering with adjacent
 frequencies: WTOP 1500 Washington heard testing, buzz on 1490, 1495,
*Ultra Wideband may change the world: using all frequencies at once;
*For propagation outlook, see Thomas Giella`s site emphasizing MF,
 Daily Solar Space Weather Geomagnetic Data,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1149            ###