WORLD OF RADIO #1150, produced October 2, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Starting early Oct, like now, WWCR moving one of our times one hour
 later: UT Sat 0600 ex-0500 on 5070, changing coverage
*WJIE more powerful on 7490; WOR weekdays 1200, and around 0030;
 also heard in England with Arabic 0740-0830
*Thanks to new collaborator Bill Brady, updated DX Programs listing at
*WTJC Newport NC, has permit for second station, WBOH, already heard
 with low-power test on 5920; says it means
 Worldwide Beacon of Hope
*WWRB Tennessee testing 5050, to replace 5085
*NASA frequency 10780 becoming active before shuttle launch, not
 earlier than Oct 7
*E-QSL from WCNZ, 1660, Marco, FL; lightning in June knocked power
 down to 4 kW; now back to 10 kW (daytime)
*WFMT, 98.7, Chicago, added subcarrier, gets complaint of degraded
 main carrier; see DXLD 2-152
*This Jukebox Will Play Aaron Copeland, Oct 1 Wall Street Journal;
*Two kilofoot TV tower of KDUH, ch 4, Nebraska, falls, killing two
*Annual item about tracking burrowing owls migration across central
 USA on 150 MHz band; details at
 or specifically:
*R. Southern Highlands, 3275, is latest Papua New Guinean off for
 not paying electrtic bill
*V. of Korea heard in Western Australia on 37340, 4th harmonic
*Chinese classical music jammer on several 13m channels vs VOA, RFA,
 BBC, V. of Tibet; techniques observed
*Tibet services believed transmitted from within, but two different
 sites, not Xi`an, China
*English from Tibet on 7385 expected to be blocked at 1630 in B-02
 by VOA Sri Lanka
*unID on 5040.58 sounds like Myanmar moved from 4725, vernaculars
*Pakistan reports confirm new 100 kW on 936 kHz for Azad Kashmir
 Radio, Mirpur; more of same in Rawalpindi
*Radio Dat, clandestine for Kazakhstan, from Lithuania all along
*Suspect Lithuania also source of other clandestines
*Standard disclaimer
*WOR 1150; or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA;
 lots more including full archive of DXLDs at our website
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Pete Bentley, NY
*CRW correspondent in Kabul on Information Radio: still heard on
 864 and 8700, not 6100 as reported elsewhere; broadcast content
 and impact
*Iraqi jamming reported on MW against Radio Sawa; and Two Rivers?
*R. Sawa via Cyprus still on 981, not 990; change now planned for
 October 25
*R. Tanzania reactivated on 7280, at least in daytime
*R. Okapi, DR Congo, firing up 10 kW transmitters Sept. 30; one
 confirmed on 11690, but beware of other stations on that frequency
*Strife in Ivory Coast leads to `jamming` of local FM relays of
 BBC, RFI, ANO; really meaning closed down, as `unheard`? -- But
 still available via Worldspace -- and SW
*Vatican Radio, English to Asia retimed to 1530-1555 on 12065, 13765,
 15235; difference between the last two is 1470, where Bulgarians
 heard it
*R. Bulgaria heard on 30000 kHz, 4th harmonic of 7500
*B-02 registrations for 18 MHz band include Bulgaria on 18900, 19000
*R. Prague heard yet again on USCG 5696-USB, 10 seconds behind WRMI
*Mystery signals on 25775, 25765 with recordings in English and
 French, acknowledged by TDF as from Rennes, leading up to DRM tests
*R. Caroline mystery relay on 7140.0 heard in European daytime; but
 station knows nothing about it
*Laser Hot Hits heard on 9384.96,
*Sensation AM, Europirate, heard on 15785, same as Galei Zahal earlier
*YLE R. Finland reportedly stopped English, French and German a month
 early [not so, despite WRN delisting YLE; still heard on SW]
*European MW signals reach west coast North America, 1314 Norway and
*Nexico still on DST, despite earlier plans to end by Sept 29
*Brazil delays start of DST until Nov 3, instead of Oct, for political
*R. America, Paraguay, moving 7385 to 9980; also heard on 7301.1v;
 tests on 120m band also planned; 7300 angle changed to 40/220 degrees
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, heard on new 6010.1v; don`t
 confuse with others such as Korean clandestine; latest info: off
 again, awaiting better crystal
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct. 1; flux range 140-190-140
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1150                 ###