WORLD OF RADIO #1151, produced October 9, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI expects to lose hi-speed internet connexion Oct 18, so can
 no longer stream out; nor download programs timely; hopes to still
 get WOR without much delay; needs $3000 for wireless bridge net
*But WOR well heard in Queensland on RFPI 7445, Wed 0700
*May also hear WOR when least expected on WJIE 7490, as filler, but
 running 2 or 3 weeks behind; encourage them to download latest each
 Thursday; most reliable time is M-F 1200; also heard in Australia
*New WBOH in North Carolina testing on 5920, still low powered in
 noise (recording)
*Harold Camping of Family Radio says churches are irrelevant and
 apostate; God is now on the radio. Some ministries cancel over
 his censorship
*WBCQ has new website replacing and
 webcast is available for 7415 even when not on air
*Colloidal silver, frequently advertised on US SW stations, turns
 Montana Libertarian blue, argyria
*House approves bill reducing small webcasters` fees for copyrighted
 music; Senate still must approve. 8-12% of revenue
*But major webcasters see it differently: WFMT discontinues
 streaming Oct. 14; will remain on C-band satellite
*iBiquity standard about to be adopted by FCC for digital audio
*CBC Radio`s new morning show from Oct. 14: `Sounds Like Canada`;
 preceded by another new one, `The Current` but not until Nov. 18;
*Jane Chalmers new VP for CBC Radio replacing Alex Frame
*R. Imperial, El Salvador, 17833.2 audible as early as 1700 or even
 1200, but so far no reports from Europe
*Also I hear unidentified around 17837; may be Latin American 3rd
 harmonic of 5946
*Advance schedules for B-02 season have been running in DX Listening
 Digest; check recent issues as we may not mention all on WOR
*HCJB B-02 to Europe and South Asia in English
*Peruvian station name corrected: not La Voz del Vecino, but Destino
 on 6323.9, Nueva Cajamarca
*R. America, Paraguay, now heard by South American DXers and prompt
 QSLs by E-mail; on 7737.1, 7386 to be replaced by 9980; later on
 120m, 2310
*Illustrated story about R. America at
*4759.1 has a R. Nacional from Argentina; may be 4th harmonic of
 1190 [Tucuman, already heard on 2nd harmonic]
*Channel Africa, B-02 English schedule; South African Radio League;
 R. Sonder Grense
*World of Radio MCLI, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or by fax if really necessary 1-580-233-2948
 attn Hauser. Our website
*R. Nacional Angola reactivated on 11955.7
*From WJIE This Week, which often follows World of Radio: High
 Adventure SW transmitter from Lebanon, stored in Nigeria, now on
 way to Liberia
*R. Caroline heard on unexpected SW frequency 7140, seems from
 Ireland; management knows nothing about it, prefers no relays;
 cannot and will not verify [but they did, by mistake?]
*Mystery tests on 25775 and other 11m frequencies are field trials
 for DRM consortium, 200 watts from Rennes, Brittany
*Last week`s item about R. Finland cancelling English early was
 incorrect; off WRN, but still on SW, 1230 on 15400, 17660; quality
 improving as about to be canceled at end of October
*Elsewhere in Finno-Ugria, new B-02 schedule for English from Budapest
*Intermedia, DX program from Austria, will continue, but modestly,
 no longer produced by Wolf Harranth after October 25
*Austria`s Arabic and Esperanto will also terminate; message from
 Esperanto Department on its finale Oct. 25; plus a week on web
*R. Rasant, Germany, another special in German on children and war,
 via IRRS, Oct 12 and 13 0730-0830 on 13840; site not known
*NEXUS/IBA has cooperation agreements with unnamed external sites,
 tests already begun; powers will be up to 500 kW
*Vatican Radio starts broadcasts in Hausa, some produced in Nigeria
*Pres. Putin revokes decree of Pres. Yeltsin about R. Liberty`s
 status; see DXLD 2-154, 2-155
*V. of Turkey changes frequencies and times for B-02; English
*Israel Radio SW broadcasts should be one hour later since October 7
*Sawt al Watan, clandestine for Syria, went on new schedule October 1,
 perhaps due to DST change in country of origin or Syria
*US to provide two MW transmitters to Afghanistan, one for VOA/RFE/RL
 and the other for R. Afghanistan; but really outside Afghanistan?
*Orzu transmitter in Tajikistan on 801 has started IBB programming to
 Afghanistan, VOA, RFE/RL, also in Hindi
*Pakistan off DST as Azad Kashmir service signing on an hour later
*Sort-of clandestines for Sri Lanka: TBC no longer heard, and IBC-
 Tamil schedule has changed
*Time for another China Coast Race from Hong Kong, involving weather
 broadcasts on 3940;
 Oct 12-19 and later; see DXLD 2-157
*Lhasa, Tibet being heard at sunset in Georgia, grayline
*Tibetan language service closes at 1650 after English
*Mongolia reactivated on 4866v, drifts, bad modulation and power seems
*WJIE has plans for a SW station in the Marshall Islands
*New Zealand started summer time of UT+13 on October 5
*Hard Core DX site redesigned:
*R. Taipei International live coverage of ROC national day
 celebrations UT Oct 10 at 0200 via WYFR
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct. 8; flux range 170-190-140
*And so concludes, with a Standard Disclaimer, WOR 1151, brought to
 you by Glenn Hauser                   ###