WORLD OF RADIO #1152, produced October 16, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*New edition of Mundo Radial now available at our website and on
 WWCR, Fri 2115, Wed 2100 on 15825; but from Oct 30 one hour later on
 9475; WOR will also shift one hour later, on same frequencies
*Mysterious Korean church service heard since last year on 6715-USB is
 finally located: a Yoido Full Gospel church in Las Palmas, Canary
 Islands, for fishermen [much more in DXLD 2-160]
*Uganda says it plans to go digital on shortwave; not held together by
 rubber bands
*Anyone still getting program schedules in English from Radio Cairo?
 Please forward if current
*Media Network hitlist shows another, unofficial, R. Cairo, apparently
 no relation, including English, webcasts
*R. Sana`a, Yemen, partial monitored schedule
*BBC closed Mashirah Island relay station October 7, replaced by new
 one on Omani mainland; B-02 schedule in DXLD 2-159
*New 1 Megawatt transmitter on 837 installed in Lebanon
*Radio Ibrahim on 1170 with gospel in Arabic, via Russia; also on SW
 per website
*Sri Lanka chooses new SW frequency, already used 24 hours by 500 kW
 WEWN, 15745; will it last? Also moves out of non-ham band to 7440
*R. Thailand`s B-02 English schedule from October 27
*Cambodia heard in South Australia on 3rd harmonic, 35821.2
*RTV Hong Kong special weather broadcasts confirmed on 3940, Oct 16-
 23; see DXLD 2-157 [and 2-160 for many loggings]
*BBC complains that China jams its Uzbek, apparently because it can
 be understood by Uighurs in western China; nothing new, says VOA,
 which is also jammed in Uzbek
*V. of Mongolia winter schedule in English
*R. New Zealand International schedule from October 27
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn, and we hope
 his recovery is progressing well
*World of Radio 1152, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or Website:
*Chile is now on DST, UT -3 until March
*R. America, Paraguay, now testing on 1480, 2300, 7737, 9983; report
*R. Educacao Rural, Tefe, Amazonas, Brasil, frequency change to 4925
 delayed but imminent now
*New Peruvian from Huancabamba, Piura on 6419.2, R. Tropical; history
*Government closed down Nicaraguan stastion, La Poderosa on 560, run
 by former president; see DXLD 2-158, 2-161
*R. Habana Cuba signals have deterioriated in Latin America
*Veil of secrecy lifting in Mexico, about broadcast concessions
*CKLW 800 Windsor will have special on its former rock days, Saturday
 19th at 7-10 pm EDT
*CBC Radio 1 launches `That Saturday Show` October 26 from Vancouver
*KNOM, 780, Nome, Alaska, plans special DX test Sat Oct 26 at 0800-
 0900+ UT, with higher power, Morse IDs
*FCC has adoped iBiquity standard for so-called in-band on-channel
 digital radio, subject of much concern among listeners; daytime
 only for now; hear a buzz aside WOR 710 New York. Fortunately, this
 is optional and may not catch on; see DXLDs 2-157, 158, 159
*Ray Briem, LA talkhost who did some shows on SWL, has retired from
 KRLA-870, but then offered a weekly show on KPLS-830
*DXLD 2-159 has copy of a letter to Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison from
 ex-VOA staffers complaining that IBB is purchasing transmitters from
 Thales in France instead of America`s Continental in Dallas
*However, Continental criticised for selling SW transmitters to
 China, facilitating jamming
*Advisory commission recommends $517M for US international
 broadcasting, and a higher proportion for TV
*VOA needs $65M to bring TV to Mideast, MTN for Mideast Television
 Network, promoted by Norm Pattiz of R. Sawa
*US-funded station to young Iranians starts early next year, in
 Sawa pattern; RFE/RL Farsi service merged into it, but not VOA
*VOA`s Nightline Africa assigns imaginary train seats to listeners
*AFRTS SSB frequencies still active, 6458.5 and 12689.5 at least
*WWRB duplicating 5050 and 5085, sandwiching WWCR
*RTE turns down R. Nova proposal to reactivate Ireland`s LW 252 kHz;
 more at
*Isle of Man International Broadcasting wants it back on, to promote 
 LW listening
*VT Merlin signs deal to run Kvitsoy, Norway SW site; would reduce
 Norway and Denmark home services
*R. Sweden, only Nordic broadcaster left with continuing commitment to
 SW broadcasts in English; B-02 English to North America
*Unidentified Russian on 4876 computed to be mix of 5965 minus 1089
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct 15; flux range 175-140-180
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1152          ###