WORLD OF RADIO #1153, produced October 23, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*October 27 brings frequency and/or time changes at many SW stations
*World of Radio shifts one UT hour later on WWCR, WBCQ, and probably
 WJIE; WWCR: Thu 2130 on 15825 [not 15685 as I still said], Sat 0700,
 Sun 0330 on 5070; 0730 on 3210; Wed 1030 on 9475; WBCQ Wed 2300 on
 7415, and I hope still 17495; Mon 0515 on 7415.
*Observed times on WJIE have been weekdays 1200, 0300 on 7490...
*RFPI times stay at the same UT; hope to have high-speed internet
 and streaming back by Nov 7
*World Radio Network: WOR Sat 0900 to rest of world, Sun 1500 to North
 America; and new airing to Europe, Sun 0530
*Latest DXLD quick link:
*WOR times on WJIE above are pre-timeshift, so should become 1300,
 0400 weekdays
*WDJD, 580, American Samoa changing calls to KJAL, no doubt the
 J still standing for Jesus, ``King Jesus...``
*KWHR site in Hawaii subject to reactivated Mauna Loa lava flow
*Lobby pushing for SW broadcasts from Fiji for expats
*R. Korea International merging Sat and Sun listener shows to one
 longer show on Sats, Worldwide Friendship; same for Spanish
*V. of Indonesia using one of three frequencies for English, never
 sure which from day to day: 9525, 11785, 15150
*United Lao Movement for Democracy clandestine is in Hmong language,
 St. Paul, MN address; Radio Hmong Hope; anticipated change to 12070
*RTV Hong Kong weather special broadcast widely heard in Europe, not
 North America (recording from Japan); see last few DXLDs
*Interference from WEWN not a problem for Sri Lanka in South Asia;
 and WEWN schedule about to be reduced
*Intriguing unID on 4050 from Kyrgyzstan, not state radio anymore,
 but in English `Hit Music on Shortwave`
*New opposition website in Uzbekistan:
*Uzbek State Radio website not updated since last year:
*Frequencies used by US to Iraq in Gulf War I: 1134 and 8962
*Iraq better prepared this time, with broadcasting equipment aboard
 trucks spotted in Arbil; Saddam already recorded speeches
*V. of Rebellious Iraq heard in Finland on new 711 kHz
*Merlin takes half a sesquihour from Denmark via Norway at 1730 for
 broadcast to Iran on 7490; identity to be determined
*R. Denmark issued new QSL card October 21
*V. of Mojahed, clandestine to Iran, as monitored on numerous out-
 of-band frequencies: 5350 5650 6750 6990 7020 8250 8350 8600 8850
 8950 9350 10250 10450 13450 for one program; 7072 for the other
*R. Afghanistan music-loop fill again (still?) heard via Norway; also
 heard for morning broadcast on 15485 via Abu Dhabi; beware: can
 infest your brain
*Clandestine to Syria identified by BBCM as The Arabic Radio, not
 V. of the Homeland; see with audio;
 schedule on SW. Condemns Syria`s human rights record
*Above site registered to Bashir Kyle, Oslo, Norway
*UAE starting first English-language Islamic TV station, Glory, on
 satellite from beginning of Ramadan, Nov 5; already testing
*Israel Radio`s new English schedule, and December 15 change
*R. Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus tentatively reported on 6150
*V. of Greece new schedule to and from North America
*R. Bulgaria maintains strange policy of every SW frequency ending in
 -00. Some English to Europe reduced to half an hour; schedule
*R. Prague, English one hour later to North America
*R. Sweden 2nd harmonic on 37920 heard in Illinois
*Sat. Oct. 26 at 1230 on 15400 and 17670 is the final R. Finland SW
 broadcast in English; every day this week doing retrospectives; also
 at 0630 to Europe, Asia, Australia on 21670, 15135
*RVI, Belgium, English via Bonaire makes usual switch to 13700 and
 11985 at 2230, 0400 respectively
*Frans Vossen broke foot two months ago, but Radio World still not
*Laser Radio has another special via Latvia, Sun. Oct. 27 0900-2100
 on 5935, 576
*BBC Somerset Sound finally escapes co-channel interference from V.
 of Russia via Germany on 1323, by moving to 1566, thus blocking what
 had been a good DX channel in Europe, with India, Korea heard
*KNR, Greenland, update on SW broadcasts, on 3815-USB at 1500-1600,
 2100-2200, 100-200 watts; darkness paths may make DX possible, but
 still difficult; maybe expanded for Dec. 3 election
*KNOM, 780, Alaska, special DX test Sat. Oct. 26 0800-0900 UT, but
 also with day power all night through 1745 of 25 kW
*KXOK-LP, channel 32, Enid, now 24h with Dr. Gene Scott
*``Jesse Helms killed internet radio``; new bill delayed by recess,
 but Senate may consider again in November
*Increase in SW pirate activity around Hallowe`en: try 6925, 6950,
*WD2XXM, Frederick MD, testing on 650 with WTOP digital relay daytimes
*AFRTS has been carrying National Sequence on 6458.5 et al; see DXLDs
*VOA plans to resurrect Cita con Cuba under new name, despite Radio
 Marti dedicated to Cuban service; turf war symptom
*Ana Belen Montes, spy for Cuba with SW numbers, sentenced to 25 years
*Bush`s new appointment to BBG is Blanquita Cullum, `BQ`, far-right
 talk host
*Ivory Coast rebels set up website:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Oct. 22: flux range 175-150-180
*And so concludes World of Radio 1153; Glenn Hauser, here, hoping
 you`ll join me again next week                 ###