WORLD OF RADIO #1154, produced October 30, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI got last week`s WOR without delay; no direct streaming, but
 reactivated stream via SW feed picked up in USA; see
*WJIE posted schedule including WOR: M-F 1300, daily 0400; but often
 running open carrier; plus Sun 0630, Mon 0700, Tue 0630 and/or 0700
*All versions of our schedules updated at our websites: and
*Printouts of our schedule available by P-mail for SASE or 1 IRC to
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
*WWRB mixing product on 5015, from 5085 and 5050
*V. of Greece on new 15725 in our mornings, clashing 20 Hz from WRMI;
 HFCC did not forsee this when coordinating
*Cuban government intelligence operation inside Radio Marti:
 [Spanish version:]
*Details of VOA`s new program in Spanish for Cuba, Ventana a Cuba,
 UT Mondays 0100-0130 9480 9590 9885 11700 11990; plus Ritmo Beat 0130
*Radio Sawa offers screensvers to E-mailers:
*KCAF, 990 in Dallas, began new format for women, lasted only three
 days as financing fell through
*KTRB, 860, Modesto, plans move to San Francisco; and replacing with
 an 840 station in Modesto
*Trucker who spotted sniper`s car heard about license plate over
 Truckin` Bozo show on WLW; and the host is a ham; making hay
 See these stories via Artie Bigley:
*RCI testing DRM from Sackville thru Nov 15, 1600-2000 M-F on 9590
 towards Montreal
*Canada Post issuing two new stamps Oct 31, for Pacific Cable
 opening, and Marconi
 Follow the links off the homepage at:
 Picture of the stamps:
 Pacific Submarine Cable site (including some radio links)
*Some radio philately groups are:
*In Austin at Texas History Museum, performance of Border Radio,
 Out on the Porch, Nov 2, Dec 7, Jan 4. (KXAN-TV report has expired]
*Strange new topic from Habana, essays invited on: What are three
 sexual rights that should be respected by a society: prize; trip
 to Cuba for the 16th World Congress on Sexology, next March
*Reporters without Borders evaluates press freedom, ranking Costa
 Rica above USA; see:
*HCJB`s new English schedule, includes timeshifts for DX Partyline,
 and Ham Radio Today resumes as half hour on UT Sundays
*Radiodifusion America, Paraguay, weak even in Argentina, but
 reported one night on 7737.2, another on 9983
*R. Mundial, Brazil, heard on 6650 = 2 x 3325
*Brazil`s shift to summertime, from November 3 affects eastern
 coastal states to UT minus 2; so three more zones remain to the
 west, UT -5, -4 and -3
*Antarctic 2-way frequencies should be warming up now in spring:
 4123, 4718, 4770, 5726, 6835, 7995, 8867, 9032, 10639, 11256, 11553,
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1154
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Tom McLaughlin, in
 memory of Gigi Lytle
*Medi-Un, Morocco, moved from 9575 to 9595 briefly, back to 9575;
 beamed ESE
*Radio UNMEE, via Abu Dhabi to Eritrea and Ethiopia, new schedule
*Coup attempt in Central African Republic: radio station goes to music
 only; believed inactive already on SW 5035-5038
*R. Okapi, Congo DR, tentatively heard on 9550
*A number of 100 kW SW transmitters installed in South Africa, but
 never used; now five of them bought by AWR, most being installed in
 Guam at KSDA to replace older transmitters
*SIBC, Solomon Islands, missing from 5020 from October 17; may have
 been what was heard around 5004 for a while; from October 29, back
 on 5019.95
*Station X in Queensland, claims to have
 allocation for 2368.5 kHz, 1 kW; Bob Padula denies any such license
 and Department of Defence is nearby
*BBCWS major North American relay frequencies in evenings have
 made winter change to 0100-0400 9525 Okeechobee, 0400-0600 6135
*France DRM test on 25775 has sent QSL to Scott Barbour, Jr
*Deutsche Welle still hasn`t moved out of abestos-contaminated
 building in Cologne to a newer building in Bonn, which has also
 been damaged; maybe next year?
*R. Polonia new schedule shows drastic reduction on SW; only two
 hours in English on two frequencies, more via satellite; expires
 Dec 31, let`s hope then starting external relays
*R. Romania International designates Nov. 3 as Day of the Listener,
 at least in Portuguese; listener writings on conditions of life on
 the planet to be broadcast
*R. Bulgaria plans to convert to world news format like CNN in
 German; English too? Staff objects
*R. Yugoslavia`s winter schedule in English
*Prime Time Shortwave provided that; see website in different formats
 for English schedules:
*It`s All Greek to Me, in English retimed to Sundays 1900 on 17705
*R. Europe, Italy, specials for Japan Nov 1-2-3-4 on 7306-USB
*Dates for Ramadan this year are Nov. 7 to Dec. 5 to 7, depending
 on New Moon [not from November 11 as I misspoke!!]
*R. Jordan back on 11690 in English; RTTY on high side can be avoided
 by tuning to LSB only
*Rumen Pankov`s presumed locations for Kurdish clandestine SW
 frequencies; see DXLD 2-164; some from ex-USSR, China, Iraq, Northern
*Iranian clandestine via Norway 7490 at 1730-1815 is R. International,
 formerly via Moldova
*R. Pakistan`s new English schedule, includes some in 1700-1900 Urdu
 to Europe on 11895, 9290
*Vietnam`s English via Sackville, Austria relays
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Oct. 29: flux range 155-180-160
*And that concludes another edition of World of Radio, number 1154;
 I`m Glenn Hauser and I hope you`ll join me again next week ###