WORLD OF RADIO #1155, produced November 6, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Last week WOR was missing from 15825 Thursday at 2130, but still
 supposed to be on at that hour
*If in doubt, check for our schedules in
 various formats
*RTE Ireland`s new schedule of English broadcasts via relays
*BBC presenting its original 2LO transmitter to Science Museum Nov.
 7; and 80th anniversary commemoration at Museum Nov. 14
*BBC apologizes to Antigua P.M. Lester Bird for libel and pays
 100 kilopounds in damages; where BBC relay station happens to be
*Special cross-band ham event Nov. 8-9, German National Weather
 Service longwave station DDH47, 147.3 kHz, with hams calling
 DL0SWA/DDH47 on 3565, 7025, 14052
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania, new English schedule
*R. Ukraine International cuts back to only one frequency for each
 English hour, none for North America; maybe maximized January 1 if
 funding permits; at 0400, 6020 clashes with Turkey
*R. Kavkaz (Caucuses), clandestine for Russia, tentatively heard on
 7182 in absence of R. Bangladesh
*R. Romania International`s new English schedule
*V. of Greece clash with WRMI on 15725 resolved by move to 15650
*IRRS-SW Italy testing 100 kW transmitter on 6280, site unknown but
 unlikely Italy; DXers challenged to figure out the site; all we
 need are three to triangulate with direxional antennas; further
 tests planned for R. GAP but soon changed to European Global Forum
 reports from Firenze, Nov. 7-9
*Obscure pdf file on swissinfo website gives remaining SRI SW
 schedule, including English to Near East/Africa, and South America
*Arabic Radio, clandestine for Syria changed one 12 MHz frequency to
 an hour later at the beginning of October, the other at the end,
 implying two different sites, now back in sync at 1600
*Leaflets dropped on southern Iraq, perhaps precursor to broadcasts
*Iran`s B-02 schedule for English involves time, frequency changes
*VOA heard on new MW frequency 1593, from Kuwait in Farsi; the 1500s
 crowded in Kuwait with R. Sawa 1548; Twin Rivers on 1566
*Misspoke last week on starting date for Ramadan: really Nov. 6 or 7
*New on 4890-USB interfering with PNG seems to be new home service
 frequency from Armenia
*V. of Armenia English schedule announced on wrong frequency
*Standard disclaimer
*The midpoint of WOR 1155, or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA; website
*Thanks this week for financial support to John Carson whom we
 enjoyed seeing at the Enid hamfest
*R. Pakistan and Azad Kashmir observations on 49 and 60 meters, plus
 V. of Jammu & Kashmir Freedom
*R. Kashmir, Srinagar on winter schedule; and specials for Ramazan
*Spur on exactly 10 MHz from All India Radio, 9950; also 9850, 9900,
 10050 [and beyond]
*SLBC Sri Lanka moves back into 7 MHz band; still on 15745
*SLBC`s weekly hour in English via UK remains Sat 1900 on 6010
*IBC Tamil, for Sri Lanka, new schedule
*Bhutan heard on 6035 in Europe after Abu Dhabi closes at 0100
*R. Dat, clandestine for Kazakhstan, an hour later at 1600 on 9925
*V. of Vietnam via Austria, 5955, monitored schedule includes
 English at 1800
*Comprehensive new schedule of broadcasts from or through Taiwan, in
 DXLD 2-173
*Station X, Queensland, planning to use 2368.5 could be digital in a
 few years, with FM quality, reach of MF or HF. Australia endorsing
 DRM for all HF broadcasters, not MF; and trying Eureka 147 system
 DAB in L-band, Sydney
*S. Pacific hunting season in Spain has begun, Vanuatu heard on 7260
*East African Report from Chris Greenway: only SW outlet from KBC,
 Kenya, 4915, is M-F only on extended schedule, signing on at 0300
 when DX chance is best
*R. Uganda has become unreliable on 60m; Red channel worse than Blue
*R. Tanzania on 7 MHz only in daytime; 5050 from 0200 despite WWRB
*No transmissions on SW observed from Malawi, Burundi, Comoros,
 Djibouti, Lesoto, Mauritius, Mozambique, Reunion
*New R. Cairo schedule includes new frequency for English at 1215-
 1330 for S. Asia, 17775, same as used by Tashkent in summer
*R. Horizonte, Peru heard on 10 MHz second harmonic;
*10354.2v, R. Willkamayu, Cuzco, heard in Peru; could be eleventh
 harmonic of 940v, but station says it is testing with 20 watts from
*R. Cosmos, Peru, 4627 is now R. San Isidro until 0300*
*Don`t be surprised if HCJB is missing, e.g. 9745, due to power
 outages caused by volcanic ash
*RFO, Guadeloupe seems to have inceased power to 50 kW on 640, heard
 in North America
*WS2XTR, experimental Nov. 4-8 daytimes on 1680 from Virginia, testing
 antenna design; will QSL; report to
*WI2XAM, 1700, Lucent Offices in NJ, testing IBOC DAB with 50 watts,
 interfering with adjacent channels
*David Letterman TV show simulcasting on some CBS/Infinity radio
*Ventana a Cuba, new VOA program, a no-show UT Monday Nov. 4 due to
 mislabeled tape box; may play back this UT Sunday along with new
 edition at normal time
*Kim Elliott becomes a regular guest on VOA`s Main Street, talking
 about media, UT Suns 0233, 0433, 0633 and 1033; welcome back!
*VOA starts new Housecall program for Africa call-in about health, 
 Tuesdays at 1900
*R. Africa International, Methodist, new schedule via Germany
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov. 5; flux range 185-160
*That`s World of Radio 1155; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###