WORLD OF RADIO #1156, produced November 13, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*At least for time being, two different encoding levels available for
 WOR audio files: 44 kbps/10 MB, 16 kpbs/3.6 MB so take your choice
 [this week however, lower is 20 kbps/4.6 MB]
*WRN also upgrading audio on demand quality to 20 kbps, and adding
 Windows Media as website is relaunched:
*No more co-channel QRM from VOA Botswana when we are on WBCQ 7415,
 Wed 2300, Mon 0515
*Surpirsed to hear Cuban sacred music on RHC, then Top 10, UT Monday
*Model identified of SW radios given away by US to Cubans: TecSun
 from China, R-9701; see DXLD 2-169 at
 and illustrated at:
*Lengthy review of new Freeplay windup radios by Jeff White in
 DXLD 2-170
*4VEH fighting voodoo in Haiti by giving away radios fix-tuned to
 their frequency [840], which is also being DXed in North America
*Peru on 4627 used to be R. Cosmos, now R. San Agustin; also mentions
 R. San Isidro in greeting that station
*R. Educacao Rural, Tefe, Amazonas, Brasil changed to 4925 Oct. 12
*RAE, Argentina, dropped 6060 in evenings; English coming in OK on
 11710 at 0200-0300 UT Tue-Sat
*Malawi reported on 3385 instead of 3380, but poorly heard
*R. Okapi, DR Congo, reported on all three: 6030, 9550, 11690; beware
 of 11690 at 0600-0800 when Methodist R. Africa International is on
 there from Germany
*Nigerian DXer Emmanuel Ezeani reports R. Nigeria, Enugu on new 4775
*La Voix du Sahel, Niger, 9705 best heard Saturday evenings on late
*Former major signal from Africa, Lome, Togo on 5047, gone two years,
 now is back, but undermodulated, hard to ID, 1800-2400 allowed matching anthem at closing
*Best bet for African MW DX in North America is Mauritania on 783,
 especially on east coast; all night for Ramadan and as early as 2035,
 \\ 4845
*Medi Un, Morocco, jumps back and forth between 9575 and 9595, but
 station claims to be only on 9575
*Yoido Full Gospel Church broadcast from Canary Islands, 6715-USB,
 best chance Fridays until 2230 or 2330; recording by Guido Schotmans
 in Belgium
*V. of Mediterranean, Malta, via Italy, Russia, in English; includes
 DX program on Fridays
*R. Tatarstan, new schedule to rest of Russia on SW
*Best chance to hear English from Ukraine is 2200 on 5905; only two
 transmitters operating [but 9810 1000 kW to fire up for NAm Nov 15]
*R. Prague on 15725 is not direct, but unscheduled relay by WRMI at
 1400, 1500
*R. Austria International to be closed by March if management has its
 way; but there is some parliamentary opposition, and Listener
 Relations Department is asking listeners who don`t normally write,
 to show their support: or Radio Austria 
 International, z.H. Hr. Michael Kerbler, Argentinierstr. 30A, A-1040 
 Vienna, AUSTRIA
*DX programs in German from ORF best chance to hear in North America:
 Sunday 1730-1800 on 13730
*This is the non-commercial, non-communist, non-capitalist, non-
 corporate, non-club, non-Cumbre, non-clandestine, non-Cuban, and
 non Canadian DX program, WOR 1156, Please
 use this address instead of the others: woradio at or P O
 Box 1684, Enid OK 73702
*Radio Marabu, German pirate, plans 24-hour broadcast this Saturday
*European Music Radio plans legal broadcasts via IRRS, Italy, or
 somewhere, Nov. 23-24, Dec. 14-15 at 0830-0930 on 13840
*Hopes for R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyprus reactivation on 6150, but a
 number of other stations on frequency
*R. Jordan, English now at 1400-1730 on 11690; RTTY omnipresent but
 can be avoided on LSB; Jordan Weekly Saturdays at 1700
*V. of Mesopotamia, Kurdish clandestine, heard in Wisconsin on 11530
 around 1400; full schedule
*Don`t confuse with different station, Mesopotamian Radio and TV
*R. Anternational, clandestine to Iran via Norway at 1730-1815 on
 7490, also has morning broadcast at 0230-0315 on 7460 via Moldova
*Yemen seems to have two different transmitters and antennas, one
 below 9780, the other slightly above with different coverages
*R. Afghanistan via Abu Dhabi, new frequencies 6000 and 9655
*English news from Kyrgyzstan came in well in Newfoundland at 0024 on
*Hit Music station on 4050 from Kyrgyzstan moved to 4939.95
*English from Uzbekistan at 2030, 2130 heard on 5025, 7185, 11905
*Latest changes at R. Pakistan include new 15070, old BBC frequency;
 9290 at 1700-1900 moved to 9400 due to jamming
*English news from Pakistan at 0800 and 1100 on 9645 home service too
*Sri Lanka moving around 7 MHz: 7190 to 7440 to 7115 to 7049
*V. of Korea, P`yongyang monitored schedule of some English hours,
 to Central, North America, Europe
*V. of Khmer Krom, clandestine to Vietnam, from *1359 on 11560
*V. of Indonesia changes frequencies from one day to the next; for
 English at 2000-2100 always check 9525, 11785 and 15150
*Sam Voron QSLing for his clandestine R. Independent Mekamui, 3850,
 80 watts, from Bougainville; details in DXLD 2-175
*How Sam Voron is introducing ham radio in Solomon Islands: DXLD 2-
*Mark Koernke may be in jail, but pirate on 90.7 from his property
 in Dexter MI raided by FCC, along with ATF finding weapons
*MW harmonics: WSGB, WV, 2980; WHKT, VA, 4950 clashing with VOA
*CJRN 710 Niagara Falls broadcasts Ramadan show just before sunset
*Every serious listener should access the huge zipped HFCC frequency
 file, B-02, at public data section
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov. 12; flux range 175-160-185
*Let`s hear from you at our preferred new E-mail address,
 woradio at
*Glenn Hauser, here with a standard disclaimer, concluding World of
 Radio 1156, and inviting you back next week         ###