WORLD OF RADIO #1157, produced November 20, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*New edition of my monthly Spanish DX report, Mundo Radial, starts
 Nov. 22, Fri 2215v, Wed 2200v on 9475; expanded version soon via plus text in Spanish
*WIBW 580 Topeka goes fulltime Dec. 2, as 78-year-old sharetime
 arrangement with KKSU 580 Manhattan ends; due to TG holiday, KKSU`s
 final broadcast actually Wed. Nov. 27, until 2329:30 UT. Plans
 retrospective that day at 2000 or 2030; we`ll miss the only public
 radio station here on AM
*WOR 710 NYC IBOC blocks out 690 thru 730; IBOC is a way for major
 stations to put an end to small stations which can`t afford it
*Appeals court rules FCC did not have authority to order descriptive
 video service for the blind
*WINB heard on frequency contrary to schedule, 9320 at 0330
*WWRB won`t QSL, but a program carried by it, issues QSLs itself:
 Grace in Action Ministries, P O Box 11569, Honolulu HI 96828
*WRMI provides a fine public service with classical music fill on
 15725 1400-1600 weekdays, longer on weekends
*5 MHz hamband experiments Nov. 22-25, Dec. 20-23, June 20-23,
 from VO1MRC, Newfoundland
*New program schedule effective thru December from RMI, XERMX, has
 wrong time conversion, but corrected: when to hear Antena Radio
 Summary, Talking Mexico, Mailbox, DXperience -- spent 17 minutes
 discussing SINPO --, Radio Correo del Aire, Estacion DX
*Two ad-hoc FM stations set up for anti-government demonstrations in
 Plaza Altamira, Caracas, Venezuela, on 90.7, R. Libertad, and R.
 Dignidad (recording)
*Harmonics monitored in Colombia: 2200, 4800, 12022, 12070
*Asia-Pacific program on R. Australia endangered, as co-producer
 R. National wants to pull out 1/4 of funding
*Station X, Queensland, authorization on 2368.5, is anticipating
 digital broadcasting, when this cheap licence may become lucrative
*Mixing product from Italy appears on Solomon Islands frequency
*FCC SW schedule lists KHBN, Palau, but heard with native ID T8BZ
*Standard disclaimer
*The midpoint of WOR 1157; woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid
 OK 73702 USA; check our website for total access to DX Listening
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Tim Hendel, Alabama
*R. Nepal doesn`t open its mail, nor understand QSLing. Also
 desperately poor. So let a tape recording be your QSL
*China`s jamming of Uzbek language broadcasts may be on behalf of
 Uzbekistan government, rather than to block in China itself
*US PsyOps Information Radio in Afghanistan has second station on
 864 from Kandahar; 864 and 8700 still from Bagram; Japanese-band
 car radios give advantage to stations below 90 MHz, e.g. BBC on 89.0
*R. Payam-e-Doost? Baha`i for Iran, expands to two half-sesquihour SW
 broadcasts daily, but new one at 0230 on 7460, not 7465. See  Mixed up with R. Anternational info?
*Pentagon prepares PsyWar campaign for Iraq; see DXLD 2-178; radio
 angle planned, including airborne as in previous wars
*Arabic Radio, clandestine for Syria on new 7470 at 1600
*Rally for Lebanon, Free Patriotic Movement, from exile in France,
 starts SW service to Lebanon, Nov 22, Fri [only?] 1600-1700 on
 11515; asks suggestions for naming this
*Turkish Meteorological Radio seems to be active at 0500 on 6900
*R. Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus heard in Europe on 6150 with FM
 IDs, nonstop music late at night; still the old transmitter?
*R. Pridnestrovye supposed to have a weekly English half hour?
 Wednesdays at 1800 on 5960, but could not be confirmed
*Circassian service from Adygey and Kabardino-Balkariya now on
 6005 from Tbilisskoye at 1800-1900; four languages, but usage not
 clear; background at 
*V. of Russia, English to Europe at 0700-1000 on 11820, also well
 heard in eastern North America
*R. Ukraine International fired up megawatt transmitter Nov. 15, to
 North America on 9810 at 0100-0500 or less [quite poor here]
*Frans Vossen to resume RVI Radio World Dec. 8 after recuperation
*Tunisia spur from 7225 on 7190 shown as a real outlet in PWBR
*Best time for R. Okapi, Congo DR, in Sweden is 1900/1930 on 11690
*R. Isanganiro, new station started Nov. 18 in Burundi; previously
 was awaiting `SW frequency`. [website mentions FM only  --Kenny]
*CIRAF numerical designators for SW target areas can be found on
 maps via
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov. 19: flux range 165-195
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1157    ###