WORLD OF RADIO #1158, produced Nov. 26, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*Our WWCR frequency Thursdays at 2130 changes next week from 15825 to
 9475, thru Feb
*WOR repeat on WBCQ moved half an hour later to 0545 UT Monday on 7415
*V. of Free Lebanon as monitored on 11515 at 1600-1700 since Nov 22;
 TDP client; station believes disinformation that it is 250 kW
 transmitter in Belgium; see
 [not as given, nor as in DXLD 2-184: our source omitted the .org]
 Replies from Frequency was 11515.4, then 11515.0,
 so two different sites tested?
*Lebanon`s own new 837 MW transmitter heard in Finland; megawatt?
*Israel announce shift to 6280 already for English at 2000 (and 0500?)
 instead of December 15 [unconfirmed]
*V. of Iran, clandestine, on 11575, ex-17510; seems still via France
*US about to start new service in Persian for Iran, Radio Farda, in
 mid-December, replacing RFE/RL`s Radio Azadi, which ends Dec. 2;
 name means Tomorrow; to add MW transmitters in nearby countries
*Steve Anderson of United Patriot Radio apprehended in Cherokee
 county, Nov. 22 after 13 months as fugitive; those he threatened,
 including newspaper editor and her daughter, relieved; see DXLDs
 2-183, 2-184
*WMLK 250 kW transmitter delays due to need to make or order parts
*Wales Radio International, [Friday] 2130 on 7325, winter timing but
 summer frequency; and UT Sat 0300 on 9735, clear in absence of
*Another strike Nov. 26 at R. France Internationale
*Nuestro Sello, serious music from the RTVE label in Spain, is M-F
 at 1010 on 11815, 21570; 1605 on 15125, 21570, 21700; 0105 on 9620,
 11815, 11945, 15160
*R. Austria International`s English times include: 1630 on 17865 via
 Sackville; direct to NAm at 0230 on 7325; also weekends only at
 0000 on 9870, 13730; weekly English, My Music, Sun 0905 on 6155,
 13730; 2305 on 5945, 6155; Sun 1705 on 1476
*R. Afrika International, Wien, contradictory schedule via Austria
*R. Bulgaria`s DX program in English, nominal times: Fri 2235, Sat
 0035, 0335, Sun 0748, 1248
*Bulgaria starts internet TV Nov. 27: [QuickTime]
*via kHz, MHz, GHz and n/a, World of Radio 1158, woradio at
 --please use that instead of our other yahoo, hotmail addresses. Or
 P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA;
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Bill Flynn in Oregon,
 and we hope his recovery is going well
*Let us be thankful for human ingenuity and endeavour which have led
 to so much progress
*Weekly English from Pridnestrovye/Moldova is an hour earlier than
 thought last week, Wed 1700 on 5960
*Novosibirsk and other Russian transmitters subject to harmonics
*Tashkent`s new 7185 in English to Europe at 2030 and 2130 is relay
 via Moscow
*World Falun Dafa Radio clandestine to Europe, China, sends multi-
 colored QSL card, from P O Box 93436, City of Industry, CA 91715.
 2100-2200 on 5925 and 2200-2300 on 9945
*Yet another JSWC 50th anniversary special on DX Partyline Nov. 30
*V. of Indonesia again heard on 15150 after two months, English 2000
*New Zealand approves unclassified USAF HF communications station,
 for better coverage of South Pacific and Antarctic flights, project
 called `Rightsizing Initiative`, within next year
*R. Hargeysa, Somaliland, 7530-RCUSB, running an hour later until
 1959* for Ramadan, barely heard in Maine
*R. Isanganiro, Burundi, on FM only, not shortwave as speculated
*R. Nacional, Equatorial Guinea, getting new FM and SW transmitters
 installed by Chinese techs
*V. of Nigeria mailbag show Sat 0645, Sun 1145, Mon 2215, Wed ????
*Johan Berglund, Sweden, visited Canary Islands including church with
 6715-USB station and antenna on roof, just an aluminum pipe
*R. America, Paraguay, 7737.1, tentatively heard on Maine DXpedition
 around 0100
*Carrier with little audio on 15056.5, or 15058.67, believed to be
 3rd harmonic of Ecos del Atrato, Colombia; try parallel on 5019v
*Costa Rica`s 530 kHz station no longer R. Rumbo but R. Sinfonola,
 simulcasting FM 90.3
*R. Litoral, Honduras, 4832, varied down to 4830.1 around 1200, 0502*
*Mexico City`s 660 station was IMER`s La Candela; now privatised as
 Comunicacion 660
*6078.7, 6311.2 from BBC at 1030 are symmetrical spurs from BBC
 Antigua 6195
*MW third harmonics from Canada, CFTR on 2040; CFAN on 2370
*KHPY, Moreno Valley, CA, is new X-bander testing on 1670
*Caribbean FM DX trans-equatorially to southern Brazil, including
 British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, St. Lucia, Barbados
*New optimum frequency table at Tomas Hood`s propagation site:
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Nov 26; flux range 145-195-140
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1158   ###