WORLD OF RADIO #1159, produced Dec. 4, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*One new SW frequency being processed in Brazil, not 9820 as chosen
 by R. Nove de Julho; Tropical is separate band, where two new
 stations planned, in Amazonas and Rondonia. Ten channels available
 on SW, with allocations for each state
*Brasilia transmitter still used to relay China in Spanish, 0300 on
 9665; HFCC shows another hour at 0100 on same
*Voz de la Resistencia, FARC clandestine in Colombia, heard again on
 SW, new 6175.07, Sunday at 1032 immediately following France in
 Spanish, maybe no accident. Rafael Rodriguez unable to confirm so far
*Alo Presidente, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela via Cuba, Sundays from
 1400 or 1500 on 15230, new 15570, 17750
*RHC B-02 schedule still missing, but has been changed; no English on
 13 MHz at 2030 [but new 11670], Spanish instead at 2100 on 13750; nor
 English at 2230 heard on 9550
*HCJB moved Arabic service to Africa at 2100-2230 from Merlin UK, to
 Merlin Canada, still on 12025; little to identify it with HCJB, and
 closed Arabic with address in Spain expressed in French
*El Salvador`s only SW station, R. Imperial, getting out better now,
 on 17835.3v; our recording around 2230: ``R. Imperial, 810 AM, 17835
 onda corta.`` And musica de alabanza
*SW on the way out in Guatemala. R. Cultural closed 3300 for lack of
 a single reception report in a year; trend is toward FM at the
 expense of AM, SW; FM already widespread
*R. Educacion, Mexico, 6185 has media show ``Sintonia Libre`` at
 0430, heard at least on UT Mon, Thu; 0530 ID in English
*On 3749.75, HIBC, La Voz del Progreso, San Francisco de Macoris,
 Dominican Republic, harmonic 3 x 1250 around 0100
*A rarity for North American FM DXers to hear a new country; ZBM 94.9
 `Power 95` Bermuda heard in Kentucky
*Aboriginal Voices Radio, new lowpower in Toronto on 106.5; shows big plans for national network
*WWCR`s new 50 kW AM in Memphis TN, WMQM, had target date of Dec 2;
 not yet heard here on 1600; night power only 35 watts; official
 sunset, sunrise times in Memphis in December are 2245, 1300 UT, best
 times to catch it
*Militians have `Radio Free Texas` net on 6990-LSB, 13950-USB; lower
 one heard here around 0100
*Steve Anderson, ex-fugitive, of United Patriot Radio, indicted on
 18 weapons charges (but not attempted murder?)
*I monitored all five hours of the final broadcast [Nov 27] of KKSU
 580; available ondemand at Our recording of the
 final minute with parting shot by Richard Baker: ``ignorance is
 curable, but you`re stuck with stupidity``. WIBW then celebrated
 by moving into a new building
*Empire of the Air, Ken Burns film about early radio, back on PBS
 Monday Dec 9 at 9 pm EST, time varies
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1159; P O Box
 1684, Enid OK, 73702 USA; or woradio at  Check our
*MARS gearing up for greetings to servicepersons, veterans, Operation
 Holidays: free MARSgrams and phone patches available; see DXLD 2-175
 under USA [and non], or
*Brother Stair back on WBCQ following us Monday mornings, elsewhen
*VOA French from Greenville at 0610 heard on 5260, mix between 9480
 and 7370; M-F only
*R. Farda, new US jazzed-up service to Iranian youth already heard
 testing on R. Azadi frequencies; recording by Kai Ludwig, closing at
 2259 on 7165
*WRN has new M-F program from UN Radio NY, at 2030; North America 0100
*WRMI also relaying R. Prague in English at 1400 on 15725, a few
 seconds behind Prague direct on 21745
*BBC World Service celebrating 70th anniversary this month, including:
 Global Party, Sun Dec 15 at 1700-2000 on all streams, but no SW to
 Americas; actual date Thu Dec 19, Live from Table Mountain, Capetown,
 South Africa, 0400-1800 GMT
*Laser Radio starting regular weekly broadcasts via Latvia 5935, Sun
 1700-2300 UT from Dec 22 with shows for hobbyists; also via Live365
*Time for another monthly broadcast from low power Finnish station
 Scandinavian Weekend Radio, 24 hours from Fri Dec 6 at 2200 on one
 frequency in each band: 5980, 5990, 6170, 11690, 11720; detailed
 schedule at
*Deutsche Welle announces it will begin regular DRM digital SW
 transmissions next June, starting with some languages to Europe,
 Middle East, Asia; Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, transmitter to be
 converted; maybe to America by  2005; a `global radio renaissance`
*V. of Free Lebanon, clandestine at 1600-1700 on 11515, recording by
 Kai Ludwig
*Frequencies to monitor Kabul air traffic control: 5658, maybe also
 3467, 10018, 13288; US military uses 17389 day, 4150.5 night with
 callsign `Luxor`
*R. Georgia in English heard well in England, 0630 on 11805, 0830 and
 0930 on 11910 with improved modulation and strength
*R. Pakistan has tentative requirements for 18920 and 18970 at 0500-
 0700, 0800-1104; would have to take regular frequencies off to try
*VNG, Australia`s timesignal plans to close down Dec. 31; long
 article by Rich D`Angelo on it in DXLD 2-189
*New website, Interactive Russian-English Glossary of Radio and DX
*Plasma TV: mother of all RFI producers, especially on hambands; see 
*New Sony car SW radio, XRCA440X; see in UAE, 
 for $110 plus $50 airfreight; has radically redesigned futuristic
*Big Lots selling 12 band radio with SW for $8, not high quality,
 but a way to introduce relatives and friends to SW at minimal cost
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 3: flux range 180-140
*RFPI seems to have expanded use of 15040; look for us also in daytime
*That concludes World of Radio 1159; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###