WORLD OF RADIO #1160, produced December 11, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Longtime DXer Bill Flynn, Cave Junction, OR, died November 22; was a
 faithful contributor to WOR; lately he enjoyed exploring new
 challenge of QSLing Internet `receptions`
*RFPI expanded hours on both frequencies: 15040 24 hours, tho not
 always heard late at night; 7445 2100-1200 or 1300; but Taiwan
 clashes after 1100 and 2200-2400; so a number of daytime broadcasts
 of WOR on RFPI have been reinstated, in all versions of our schedules
 at &
 RFPI`s new US address: Box 3165, Newburg OR 97132
*New Mundo Radial, including text, on website, and from Dec 13 on WWCR
 9475, Fri 2215v, Wed 2200
*Anonymous VOA correspondent decries dilution of VOA brand, with
 more and more new radios keeping their distance from it; carving
 up VOA into pieces
*In 2-week transition period between R. Azadi and R. Farda, for Iran:
 half an hour of news, 2.5 hours of music for the time being; VOA
 Persian service not being abolished, unlike Arabic for Sawa
*R. Sawa booming in via Morocco, 0400-0600 on 9665, heavily produced
 [but DW via 9670 bothers before 0545]. Only use of Greenville for R.
 Sawa, 1900-2100 on 17740, well audible in C and W North America
*Secular Bible Study, imagine that, new on WBCQ, UT Tue 0200-0300 on
*WWRB on 60 meters: 4 frequencies for the price of two, 5015 and 5120
 spurs from mixture of 5050, 5085
*WRNO making another appearance, 7355, UT Mon until 0249 [also heard
 UT Thu]
*IBOC on MW led to extensive thread on NRC-AM list and others; a lot
 in DXLD 2-192, 193, 194; insight from DXer point of view; including
 what ``IBOC`` could really stand for
*RCI second harmonic on 43130 at 1705
*V. of Vietnam at 0100 on 5905: Sackville mixture of 6175, 6040
*Greenland`s reported SW broadcasts on 3815-USB not confirmable from
 Sheigra, Scotland DX-pedition
*Quiet geomag conditions, A index at 7, allowed reception of European
 LW in Tennessee, including Iceland, 189 kHz
*BBCWS 70th anniversary celebration details in DXLD 2-193; Global
 Party, Sun Dec 15 at 1700-2000 has special frequency for `Caribbean`,
 and probably audible here, 15190; Play of the Week drama showcase;
 Dec. 16-20, special 2-hour Newshour at 1200 with interviews of
 key figures
*Another domestic network, BBC Radio 7, launching Dec. 15, 2000-2200
 with old comedy shows, at least on internet
*Frans Vossen back doing Radio World from RVi Belgium; website
 redesigned, show ondemand in Windows media instead of Real
*Russian regional frequency changes, away from 5290 et al.
*Kamtchatka Rybatskaya, for fishermen, Sun 0000-0100 on 5910, 7360,
*Fate of R. Austria International now to be decided in March; in
 meantime looking for ways to preserve it on SW, such as separate
 funding or increase in license fees
*R. Budapest, Hungary has new schedule from Dec. 16, including new
 broadcasts in English, Sun 1630, and to S. Africa at 2200; full
 sked in DXLD 2-194
*In the midst of WOR 1160, our preferred address woradio at
 or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702
*Thanks this week for financial support go to George T. Vadino
*Standard disclaimer
*Radio Studio X advisory about fake QSL replies; the only address to
 use, with $1 return postage: Radio Studio X, Via Mammianese 687,
 51030 Momigno (Pistoia), Italy
*R. Okapi, Congo DR, heard just before Methodists at 0600 on 11690;
 singing Okapi ID at 0553
*R. Togo`s reactivated 5047 steadily improving modulation, -0004*
 and 0510-
*Sawt al-Qarn, clandestine for Sudan, has disappeared from 21550,
 1330-1430 M & F only
*R. Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus on 6150, logged after 2156, and
 0215; in NAm watch out for Dr. Gene Scott`s music from Costa Rica
*V. of Free Lebanon, new clandestine, background: originates in Paris;
 to oppose Syrian domination
*New clandestine for Saudi Arabia, V. of Al-Islah, 7590 at 1900-2100;
 see where Bin-Laden referred to as a `good
 warrior`; name means V. of Reform, also 24h on satellite, from
 London-based Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia,  ``Sawt al-Islah`` promotes democratic
 reforms and freedom of speech in SA, headed by Sa`ad al Fagih
*R. Pakistan in English at 1600 heard on 4790, 11570, 15070
*In settlement of civil war in Sri Lanka, LTTE allowed to import
 radio equipment from Norway, FM and/or SW? see DXLD 2-193
*KTWR Guam`s antennas wrecked by typhoon Dec 8, all transmitters off
 the air; winds reached 184 mph; KSDA still on
*RHC forces us to search for new frequencies; English to Europe at
 2030-2130 found on 11670; Caribbean 2230-2330 on 6195
*FARC clandestine heard in Venezuela, on 10000 USB until 2108, 1545-
*Ondas del Orteguaza, Colombia on 6960 = 6 x 1160
*R. Ideal, Umbita, Colombia on 1613.1 kHz, varying from 1600
*R. San Miguel, Bolivia shifted from 4924v to 4930 clearing 4925 for
 Brasil`s Radiodifusora Taubate
*R. Nacional, Paraguay, turns SW on only for special occasions,
 9737.85v until 0257* Was on Dec. 7-8 for important Catholic fiesta,
 direct from Caacupe for pilgrims, from *0900
*Honduras also reactivated on 4930.6, R. Internacional from *1250
*Plans for format changes at Mexico`s public radio network IMER:
 raise XERF-1570 power to 100 kW; 710 from ranchera to R. Infantil
 next August; timesignal La Hora Exacta, XEQK, 1350 to a more
 ambitious format, R. Ciudadana
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec. 10; flux range 170-140
*You`ve been listening to the 1,160th edition of World of Radio. I`m
 Glenn Hauser and I do hope you`ll join me again next week ###