WORLD OF RADIO #1161, produced December 18, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*As expected, Commando Solo is back, this time for Iraq, since Dec 12,
 from Kuwaiti airspace; see DXLD 2-198, 2-199... EC-130J aircraft
 from Pennsylvania ANG; 1500-2000 UT depending on weather, openly
 referred to as propaganda; frequencies 693, 756, 100.4, 9715, 11292 has transcripts, illustrations of leaflets:
 Not much heard here, but in NZ and Europe; 11292 clear, but 9715 also
 has DW, Russia; see Clandestine Radio Watch for complete transcripts
 ID translates as ``Your source of information, Information Radio``
 Is this really necessary, since numerous US-controlled transmitters
 are nearby on the ground, notably Kuwait? but military, not civilian
*Funding withdrawn for a R. Hurriyah pro-democratic station to be set
 up for Iraqi National Congress
*V. of Reform, new clandestine for Sa`udi Arabia, more background in
 past week of DXLDs; transmitter site determined to be Norway; soon
*V. of Free Lebanon`s objective is to oppose Syrian control of Lebanon
 Same time and frequency on Dec. 8 had RFI in Persian, so site there?
*V. of Turkey`s weekly live call-in continues Tuesday evenings to
 Europe, including Xmas eve, 1930-2020 on 9890, plus webcast
*R. Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus, confirmed on 6150, in 2200-0400,
 partly in Arabic
*R. Gardarika, St. Petersburg, returns to SW Dec 20-31, 20-23 5920
*Pirate scene in Russia: mostly in these frequency ranges: 1610-1800,
 2850-3150, 3900-3930, 6600-6660, 10450-10470
*R. Ukraine`s megawatt on 9810 much better in New York than here; but
 plans to move it to 7375, despite interference, from January
*R. Sweden`s special programs for the holidays
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1161, P O Box
 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: woradio at Check our website including Monitoring Calendar, replete with
 holiday specials mainly from webcasting US public radio stations
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*Radio Enlace, on RN, plans special from Patagonia, Dec. 24 and 27
*Laser Radio resumes weekly SW broadcasts from Dec. 22, Sundays 1800-
 2300 on 100 kW 5935 via Latvia, of interest to SWLs  [watch out: swoosh audio launches 
 automatically overriding whatever else you may be realplaying]
*Obligatory annual mention: Festival of 9 Lessons & Carols, BBCWS,
 Dec. 24 at 1502 and 2230; Queen`s Message to the Commonwealth, this
 year on Americas stream, Dec 25 at 1506, Thu 0106; Europe 1906, 0106
*Canary Islands Full Gospel Church on 6715-USB likely pirate; clashes
 with Halifax Military
*Previous report that Malawi was back on SW 3385 was mistake; really
 a spur from BBC 3255 via South Africa
*HCJB won`t make Dec. 22 target date for Australian transmitter; delay
 due to technical difficulties such as US dock strike; now set for
 January 5; planned initial test schedule
*December 8 super-typhoon on Guam knocked KSDA as well as KTWR off the
 air, power out and KSDA generator broke down
*Interesting to listen to Guam`s K57 webcast for local news; was not
 24 hours for a while due to power shortages:
*JSWC 50th annversary schedule on KSDA Dec 15 (not Jan as I said!) 
 could not go on; another scheduled for KTWR, Dec 28 at 21 on 11690,
 29 at 12 on 9465
*FEBC`s Hmong broadcaster John Lee died Dec. 7; instrumental in
 propagating Christianity vs. animism in Vietnam, Laos
*V. of Cambodia active again on 11940.3 at 1200, but modluation is bad
*BBG criticizes China for jamming, see DXLD 2-195; US does not
 reciprocate, in keeping with freedom of information
*New All India Radio on 4830, turned out to be Jammu, Kashmir with
 new 50 kW transmitter; 0025-0445, 1030-2310 [should be -1740?]; 0630-
 0930 on 5965
*Sen. Helms criticizes R. Farda replacing R. Azadi, and another op-ed
 piece in DXLD 2-198
*VOA launching new program, not yet service, VOA DC (Direct Connexion)
 for Indonesian youth, at 1430
*Kim Elliott will host VOA`s Talk to America, New Year`s Day at 1705;
 also may do earlier hour Jan. 1, at 1400
*Bjoern Malm reactivated listening post in Quito; harmonics (or non)
 from Ecuador: R. Positiva, La Voz de Santo Domingo, R. Centro
*And from Colombia, Ondas del Orteguaza on harmonics 3480-, 2319.72
*Manolo de la Rosa, Cuba still doing DX segment on Ventana Rebelde,
 UT Sundays around 0430 on 6120
*Habana in Spanish at 0400 on 6275, distorted in AM, clean in FM
*University for Peace trying to evict RFPI from its grounds; RFPI
 expects to prevail in court; new address P O Box 75, 6100 Ciudad
 Colon, Costa Rica
*VO1MRC, Marconi Radio Club in Newfoundland makes more 5 MHz band
 tests Dec. 20-23: 5260 5269 5280 5290 5319 5329 5400 5405
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, December 27; flux range 200-150-185
*That concludes another World of Radio; Glenn Hauser inviting you back
 next week. This has been number 11-61      ###