WORLD OF RADIO #1162, produced December 24, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Kim Elliott guest-hosting VOA Talk to America Jan 1 at 1700-1800,
 including extra frequencies from USA, 9775 and 17635; and another
 hour by him at 1400-1500 [not -1700 as I said!], repeated at 2200
*Kim talked me into doing yet another SW Year in Review for these
 shows January 1
*WJIE 7490, our affiliate in KY, has begun webcast streaming, click on
 link at -- WOR not appearing so much at 0400
*WWRB testing 4th transmitter, 150 kW capable, but low power only so
 far. FCC and FAA licensed WWRB as aero enroute communications
 facility: transmitter site Manchester TN, receiver site McCaysville
 GA; callsign `Nashville Radio`
*WWCR`s new station in Memphis, WMQM 1600, 50 kW day, 35 watts night,
 began broadcasting Saturday Dec 21; unheard here so far, QRM. Best
 chance just before official sunset, or after official sunrise
*Lots of special programming compiled at our Monitoring Reminders,
 from before Xmas to after New Years,
*One such is Alice`s Adventures in Wonderland, new KCRW produxion,
 narrated by Harry Shearer, repeated Dec 31 at 2200-2400 UT
*CFVP, 6030, Calgary, Alberta, usually covered by R. Marti and Cuban
 jammers, but in the clear early Monday mornings, heard at 0930; in
 western North America may also be heard in the daytime
*R. Imperial, 17835.3, El Salvador, made it to South Africa
*Still waiting for R. Habana Cuba to issue updated schedule of its
 own broadcasts, after frequency changes. 6195 heard with R. Reloj
 relay after 0800 when BBC closed
*R. Nacional Amazonia to carry Lula inauguration starting early Jan.
 1 from 0800 on 6180, 11780; probably on many other Brazilians too
*Zimbabwe reactivated on SW, 5975, 24 hours? Unsure which service
*Jakada Radio Internationl commenced regular service in Hausa M-F
 1900-1930 on 12125 and via  Site
 registered as Armavir, may be misleading; mission statement; E-mail
*Half-hour of English from Libya heard at 2100 on 11635
*Iceland`s noon news starts at 1220 so people would have time to get
 home and sit down to lunch
*Owner of pirate R. Dublin, Ireland, Eamonn Cooke, once on 6900,
 convicted of sexually assaulting girls in his home; rather graphic
 story at 
 reminds us of KTBN, where transmitter site also served as sexual
 rendezvous point
*World Music Day Jan 1 on BBC Radio 3, different artist every 25
*Chinese heard on 1557 in Europe: turns out to be test from Lithuania
*R. Ukraine International changing Jan 1: 9810 to 7375; 6020 to 7420
*Alex, only private commercial SW station in Ukraine, tested 11980
*4625 kHz buzzer station revealed as UVB-76, west of Moscow; see
*V. of Tatarstan says its name changess Jan. 1 to ``New Century``,
 new IDs in Russian `Noviy Vek`, Tatar `Yanay Gasyr`
*R. Bayrak International, Turkish Cyprus, logs on 6150 include English
*V. of Liberty, new clandestine for Lebanon on 11515, breaking after
 tests Dec 22, to resume Jan 6; Chinese music heard instead at 1600-
*V. of Reform, new clandestine for Saudi Arabia, added 9930 to 7590
 due to jamming, which followed it
*Information Radio, US PsyOps for Iraq, heard on 9715 and 11292, but
 with difficulty; recording at Media Network website:
*V. of Struggle of Iranian Kordestan reactivated on 4 MHz band, 4260-
 4290 varying
*R. Farda, new US service to Iran, brings criticism from Iranian
 foreign ministry after acting Pres. Bush spoke on it; interference in
 internal affairs
*Bank accounts of IRNA in Washington closed by US due to court order
*R. Farda schedule includes two MW frequencies 24 hours, 1539 from
 UAE, 1593 from Kuwait, but could not penetrate very far into Iran
 in daytime. 1539 listed previously as Sharjah, rather than registered
 Al Dhabbaya. 1593 transmitter may be moved in from Holzkirchen,
 Germany, coincidentally on same frequency
*R. Farda heard relayed in Auckland, New Zealand on 107.1, despite
 few Iranians there
*Afghan publication criticises transmitters of foreign stations there,
 including planned VOA MW relay at Pol-e Charkhi
*India plans to phase out SW for FM; see DXLD 2-199
*Myanmar changing SW operations with three frequencies at once, 4725,
 5040.6, 5985.0; and later 6570 Defence Forces Station
*KSDA Guam still off the air thanks to hurricane and power outages;
 but some AWR broadcasts resumed via Taiwan, UAE, per website
*Conflicting info about start of HCJB Australia: Jan 5 or 7
*Standard disclaimer
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Chuck Ermatinger; how
 does he really pronounce his name?
*Seasonal greetings and thanks to World of Radio listeners and
 contributors; without you, no program, no DX Listening Digest. By
 working together, we get the news out ASAP
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*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec. 24: flux range 140-185
*World of Radio 1162 concludes; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###