WORLD OF RADIO #1163, produced Dec. 30, 2002 by Glenn Hauser

*Solomon Islands Broadcasting refuses to issue cyclone warnings
 without payment from government disaster office, despite Zoe hit
*R. Vanuatu heard as late as noon in Europe on 7260
*Sunday January 5 firm date for inauguration of HCJB`s new
 transmitter in Western Australia, starting at 0700 on 11755, but
 may test during previous days
*V. of Indonesia active two days in a row on 11784.86, 11784.83 for
 English at 2000; mailbag Sunday at 2030
*Bangladesh heard in Pennsylvania on 4880, 7184.98, but not 9550
*Lhasa, Tibet daytime frequencies and others audible in Sweden
*Tajikistan puts out 3rd and 4th harmonics of 7245: 21735, 28980
*Pakistan on new 5080, ex-7106v, loud hum obscuring audio;
 subcarriers interfere with each other. API-4 with 100 kW
*Tempest in Sri Lanka over importation of broadcasing equipment
 for Tamil Tigers; government authorized, but Norway criticised
 for expediting. See last few 2002 issues of DXLD for several
*Maldives going into internet broadcasting:
 -- in fact nothing there but player; any English?
*Windstorm blew down some of Israel Radio`s curtain antennas;
 some frequencies curtailed or changed as a result
*Raid on Israeli right-wing pirate/private station, Arutz-7, in
 international waters or not; see recent DXLDs
*Nothing heard yet from Djibouti where US is installing high power
 relay transmitters; R. Djibouti being renovated as part of the
 deal including 50 kW SW for it, which used to be on 4780. BBG
 relay includes 600 kW MW, 1431 kHz, probably Radio Sawa
*Zanzibar being heard widely until 2100 on 11734.13, in the clear
*R. Uganda signing on at 0300 on 4975.97, but cutting off and on
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1163,
 recorded a couple days earlier than usual because of the holidays;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; woradio at for DXLD and much more info
*Since first SW broadcast of this program is Jan 1 at 2300, not
 including NY Eve and holiday listening tips, when it would be too
 late, if hearing earlier via web, check Monitoring Reminders and
*Bob Zanotti reveals he has been silent partner of Alfredo Cotroneo
 since the outset in 1988 of IRRS, Italy; story in Jan & Feb
 Monitoring Times
*Later item is that IRRS is selling its two SW transmitters due to
 unexplained `upgrade` -- like depending on sites abroad?
 see or from
*FWIW, unconfirmed report that Deutsche Welle will abandon all
 English to Australia, from March 31
*Croatia moved off 9925 into the 40m hamband, 7285, for North America
 at 0200-0600; still 9925 to S America at 0000; the rest: 06 9470 to
 NZ; 08-10 on 13820 to Australia; all relays via Germany. Europeans
 just won`t stop invading the NAm hamband; intruder watch alert!
*Ukraine staying above 7.3 MHz to North America on new 7375 with a
 megawatt; one other 100 kW transmitter changes frequencies thruout
 the day: 9610, 7420, 17760, 7240, 5905; English hours at 2200, 0100,
 0400, 1200
*TV company in Vladivostok seized at gunpoint by police, Novaya
 Volna, in ownership dispute
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio`s monthly 24-hour broadcast from 2200
 UT Fri Jan 3; details at
*BBC World Service in English heard relayed on several Norway
 frequencies; tests, mistake or permanent change?
*CBC communique indicates transmitter operation such as Sackville
 will be outsourced; to Merlin? Union members may wind up working
 for someone else
*CHWO AM 740 in Toronto issuing 2nd anniversary QSLs for reports of
 reception January 8; at least 10 minutes of program details; to
*More than 19 percent of Canada`s AM stations have moved to FM; nearly
 25 percent have gone silent on AM for one reason or another; and
 more to come, including CBZ 970 Fredericton NB
*WBZ 1030 Boston, Jan 6 at 12-5 am EST will be about oldtime radio,
 including Lone Ranger announcer; no webcast
*VOA seeks lower profie; memo orders VOA sign-on NOT to be played
 before R. Sawa and R. Farda
*WRMI Miami posted new program schedule including addition of Solid
 Rock Radio, Sun 0500-1000 on 7385, Sun 1500-2100 on 15725
*Cuban MW stations were booming in at sunrise in Holland
*One Guatemalan SW station has reacivated, R. Cultural Coatan, 4800
*R. Peru is a station that activates once a year, heard before Xmas
 on 5637.24
*Sorry, out of time before we got to Frequency Management; see DXLD
 2-197 Australia, and bottom of 199 and 201
*Welcome back to Ed Mayberry, revived IL website after a sesquiyear,
*Wishing you great propagation in 2003, Glenn Hauser, here, concluding
 World of Radio 1163      ###