WORLD OF RADIO #1216, produced January 14, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*WWCR has given WOR an additional time, Sat 2130 on 12160, improving
 accessibility and coverage
*Because of different time on WRN to North America, Sun 1100 UT, we
 should be back on WDWN 89.1, Auburn NY, 6 am EST
*KNLS Alaska changes SW schedule every month; new for Jan was 5955 in
 Mandarin at 1000, but already changed to 7160 per website. Guess
 what: 7160 is exclusively for ham radio, not broadcasting in North
 America, ITU region two. FCC mistake or exception? Close enough to
 Asia? Hams justified in jamming it. But only until Jan 25 when
 another schedule replaces it with 9615. Another possibility: leased
 transmitter in eastern Russia, OK for 7160, but nothing about that
 from KNLS. Per Russian page, it`s Alyaska
*1570 in Laval, Quebec, testing new station in daytime, R. Nostalgie, 
 directional with main lobe 65 degrees, good for rest of Quebec and
 Europe. Call to be CFAV, 10 kilowatts day and night, from late Jan
*New shows on CBC Radio One Monday evenings from Jan. 19: 8:05 pm
 local, Radio Nomad; 8:30 pm Word Beat
*XERMX blobmitter appeared again Jan. 11, extremely distorted without
 carrier on 9510, audible 9465 to 9540
*Pat Martin in Oregon once again heard Radio Marti on unlisted 1700
 kHz, Mon Jan. 12 at 0930; never hears WJCC Miami at same time, so
 suspects they are carrying Marti. This was during weekly silent
 period of Marti, Mondays until 1000. Need listeners close to Miami
 to check by listening what WJCC is actually doing on 1700 overnight
*Some R. Marti SW frequencies free of jamming for one hour, such as
 11775 and 13820, while VOA`s Cuban program is on, at 0100
*Terrible situation in Haiti has radio angle: vandals smash radio and
 TV antennas, forcing 8 stations off the air
*4830 from Venezuela, R. Tachira, was carrying news from sister 4980
 station Ecos del Torbes until off at 2219; don`t be confused
*R. Melodia, Colombia, reactivated on 6139.79, 0104 news
*Radio Atlantida, Alausi, Ecuador at 1030 on 2960.22v, 2 x 1480, says
 Bjoern Malm; probably unID heard by Mark Mohrmann in Vermont
*Mark heard more distant MW harmonic, LRA15, R. Nacional Tucuman,
 Argentina, 2379.84 at 0923 to 1010, 2 x 1190
*DXpedition in Alberta with log periodic heard R. Monte Carlo, Uruguay
 at 0233-0301 on 6139.81, ID at 0252 --- almost same off-frequency as
 Colombia above, so be careful
*High Adventure transmitter moved from southern Lebanon to Liberia was
 off the air last July, but WJIE says now it`s on at half power 5 kW
 on 11515v; was known as V. of Liberty. No recent DX reports of it yet
*Ugandan SW site endangered in land deal, protected area encroached;
 presumably refers to R. Uganda on 4976, 5026; health risk alleged
*$96 million contract to rebuild broadcasting in Iraq awarded to
 Harris Corp., Florida, not only for transmission equipment, but
 complete media organization, partners from Lebanese and Kuwaiti
 firms; but Iraqi Communications Minister might not honor contract,
 not consulted. Sen. Richard Lugar concerned about American loss of
 control after July 1, if we`re paying for it
*Standard disclaimer
*World of Radio 1216, for much more about
 the stories we mention, in DX Listening Digest. Send your info to P O
 Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Brock Whaley
*Greece changed 12105 to 5865 for English at 1930, Greek 2000-2100
*Not only do we have KNLS moving onto 7160, but RSGB reports that
 Croatia has authorized hams to operate 7100-7200 on secondary basis,
 1000 watts PEP max. But 7100-7200 is still full of broadcasters in
 Europe and everywhere except Americas. Isn`t this premature? Croatia
 also broadcasts to the Americas on 7285, supposed to be our exclusive
 hamband. Will other European countries follow suit?
*5905 a good frequency for broadcasters to avoid, but Ukraine is using
 it, and suffering a horrible noise on the high side at 0000
*R. Cupid, Euro-pirate to broadcast Sunday Jan. 18 1400 on 21890 with
 50 watts; cupidradio @ Previous test Jan. 4 was on
 21895v, 1346-1520 toward South, and then North America
*Not a pirate: European Music Radio, another broadcast via 100 kW
 Latvia on 9290 at exactly same time for Europe, Sun Jan. 18 at 1400-
 1600; also Feb. 22, Mar. 21; and for rest of world, Feb. 7 2100-2300
*Musical Tales, series for classical music fans on V. of Russia, Tue
 0411, Wed 0331, 2131, Thu 0231, 1831, Sat 0711, 1711, Sun 0511, 1911,
 Mon 0511
*V. of Russia relayed by transmitters in seven other countries,
 including Vatican: 0200-0300 9765, 0300-0500 7350, some if not all
 in English to North America, providing some of its best reception
*RTE Ireland`s schedule on WRN corrected from last week: 1400-1500,
 1900-1930, 2200-2230; already in last week`s WOR 1215 summary
*R. Pakistan, English at 1600-1615 on 9395 ex-9320
*All India Radio, Delhi one night only on 3335 instead of 3365
*AIR special broadcasts for Haj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia underway in
 Urdu: 0530-0600 on 11730, 13620, 17845, till end of season. Do they
 carry transistor radios?
*All India Radio, Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, back to full
 power of 10 kW instead of 4; schedule on 4760, 7115; AIR Leh also
 uses 4760, so don`t be confused
*V. of Tibet, via Uzbekistan, 200 kW, 131 degrees at 1430-1517, was
 alternating 12025 and 11975; now 7525 or 7465
*Niue devastated by cyclone, which may have repercussions: loss of
 population may result in losing independence [back to New Zealand]
 and could affect .nu internet domain, popular in Scandinavia
*Alaska low-power TV station on channel 6 operates as radio station,
 KZND on 87.75; now in Hawaii, another one, K06NC, Coast FM on Kauai
*Emmis 104.1 station in St. Louis tries new concept mixing older and
 newer singers
*John A. Gambling, the middle one, ex-WOR host, died in Florida at
*Savvy Traveler cancelled by Minnesota Public Radio March 26, not
 enough underwriting even tho on 163 public radio stations
*XM Satellite Radio will begin local traffic and radio for 15 major
 metro areas March 1; NAB attacks plans, contrary to FCC intent to
 limit it to national service only
*Religion for Adults: tired of all the one-sided religious programming
 on SW? Look for these: BBCWS: In Praise of God, Reporting Religion,
 Heart and Soul; Radio Australia: The Spirit of Things, The Ark,
 Religion Report, Encounter; RNZI: Spiritual Outlook; Voice of Russia:
 Christian Message from Moscow; MPR/PRI: Speaking of Faith; CBC Radio
 One: Tapestry; WGBH + network, Sound and Spirit; WBCQ: Secular Bible
 Study, UT Tue 0200-0300 on 7415
*Scott Simon essay on NPR Weekend Edition Saturday: Atheists are
 Americans too:
*Caribbean trans-equatorial FM DX thousands of miles to southern
 Brazil; details in DXLD 4-006, 4-007, 4-009 under Propagation
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan. 13: flux range 140-105-135
*That`s World of Radio 1216; I`m Glenn Hauser  ###