WORLD OF RADIO #1217, produced January 21, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

*If you understand Spanish, Jan-Feb edition of Mundo Radial is now
 airing on WWCR 9475: Fri 2215, Tue 2230, Wed 2200; and via
*WWCR tested a new frequency this week, 9985, probably replacing 12160
 at 1300-1600, not yet decided. Includes, Ragam, Tamil music show on
 Sundays at 1300-1500, concerned about 12160 reception, per
*WWRB has another 100 kW Harris SW transmitter, with option to buy
 four more if they cease operations, source a secret
*RFE/RL runs multilingual IDs at 1458 UT on 11875 before two-hour
 Turkmen program, including English. Did they remove deleted tongues?
*Oswald G. ``Mike`` Villard, Jr., died; devised ways to combat
 jamming, and over-the-horizon radar
*New website about jamming, from Lithuania:
*DRM signal on 17700 at 0700 from DW, Portugal, was all over the 16
 meter band, blocking many other stations. Would make better jammer
 for Chinese than Firedrake
*DRM frequency changes include BBCWS English via Canada 0000-0100 on
 6015 ex-6010
*Crucial week for Isle of Man longwave project as hearings commenced
*Favorite eastern European SW stations: R. Polonia, especially Letter
 from Poland, rather like Larry Wayne on DW years ago
*R. Slovakia International is another, with handmade quality, sense of
 humor; Pete Miller adds ironic detachment; cooking show on Saturdays
*Denmark no longer on SW, nor in English? True of Radio Denmark, but
 Copenhagen Calling, on WRN, is now on SW via WRMI: 0630 UT Sun on
 7385, 1830 UT Sun on 15725; look under Banns Radio International at
 WRN website; see for audio on demand
*R. France International, 25820, only regular broadcast left on 11 m,
 until 1257 UT; occasionally heard in Montreal. Low-powered signals
 from France: DRM on 25765, analog on 25775. Traveler info station
 from La Rochelle, NBFM, one watt on 25928. 11 years earlier, 19
 broadcasters occupied 24 frequencies on 11 m band; next solar peak:
*On Washington coast DX-pedition, tropical Africans heard as late as
 1725 UT: Lesotho 4800; Kaduna, Nigeria on 4770; Zambia 4965, 4910
*Mixing product making Tunisia a 120 m band broadcaster: 2495 equals
 9720 minus 7225
*R. Cairo Zulu broadcast at 1600-1645 on 15620 in English instead;
 Zulu staff on holiday?
*Sudan Radio Service, 1500-1700 M-F on new 15290 from unknown site,
 plus usual 15530; but 15290 unconfirmed. English news at 1515
*Turkish music on 6900 is presumably V. of Meteorology in Turkey,
 around 1630, but no weather or any talk heard
*R. Kuwait starts regular DRM broadcasts in Arabic: 0930-1305 on
 13620; 1315-1730 on 9880 partly clashing with VOA Uzbek analog at
 1530-1600; 2200-0200 on 11675 to NAm, but oudated codec so upgraders
 receive no audio
*The 1,217th World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or
 woradio at for much more info
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Ben Loveless
*Iran heard in English after 1530 on 7190, 9610; also 1030-1130 on
 15480, 15550. Extensive monitoring of Iran by Wolfgang Bueschel in
 latest BC-DX and DXLD 4-013; English: 0030-0230 6010, 6120; 1030-1200
 15480, 15550; 1530-1630 7190, 9610; 1930-2030 11695, 15140; 2130-2230
 not heard
*What brought about this change? Lots of new SW transmitters, but cost
 of operating them? Some as jammers, but heard only against Israel,
 clandestine V. of Mojahed, and 7580 station at 1630. Radio Farda
 seems clear at all times now
*PBC, Quetta, Pakistan, heard on 5027.2 at 0145, 0221 in California
*Burmese Forces station on new 5770, audible in UK at 1610-1630*; and
 on Washington coast at 1605-1618
*Lot of X-band activity in Australia, low-powered, and may be more as
 time is running out for licensed stations to get on the air including
*Four 400-watt licenses for Australian territories: Norfolk Island on
 1611; Christmas Island, Cocos Island, and Lord Howe island all on
 1620 --  last three owned by same company operating 3ME [not 2ME]
 Melbourne; reactivates some radio countries
*KNLS move to hamband frequency 7160 quickly withdrawn by FCC,
 Mandarin at 1000 and 1200, but still listed on website, so where are
 they now?
*Sook-Yin Lee, host of Definitely Not the Opera, Saturday afternoons
 on CBC Radio One, allowed to act in an art film involving nude scenes
 [steamy, controversial film by U.S. director John Cameron Mitchell,
 Short Bus]
*In contrast, an anchor at WKBN-TV, Youngstown OH, appeared on
 internet dancing around nude at a bar in Key West, [Catherine Bosley]
 had to resign, later appeared on Good Morning, America
*Liberal radio network in US taking shape, signed Al Franken to do
 talk show at exactly same hours as Rush Limbaugh, 12-3 pm ET. Major
 market stations lined up, including WNTD 950, Chicago
*IBOC test on KTNQ 1020, Los Angeles, in daylight: analog audio
 degraded and puts hash covering 1010 and 1030; not the engineer`s
*Proposal for low-power AM in the US, rulemaking petition at FCC,
 RM 10803, power limit 100 watts; see Radio World
*SSB net of uncertain name and purpose, at least on Wednesdays until
 1530 UT on 7420.5, with lots of different MARS callsigns, FEMA,
 including WGY908, FEMA regional HQ in Denver
*ARRL asking FCC for new entry-level ham license, including HF phone
 privileges with no CW required; see DXLD 4-012; lots of hams upset
 about this at:
*Broadcast harmonic on 1820 kHz, Radio Noventa y Uno, speculated to be
 from Dominican Republic; or La Nueva Ondas del Porvenir, Boyaca,
 Colombia, at 1020
*XERTA, Mexico, making more appearances on 4810, but I`ve yet to hear
 it clearly due to noise on the high side
*R. Imperial, El Salvador, there one day and gone the next around
 2230-2330, on 17834.9
*Two active Brazilians on 4885: R. Clube do Para at 0250-0400* leaving
 R. Difusora Acreana in the clear until it signed off at 0502*
*DX-pedition to South Orkney Islands by LU4DXU, to be there Jan. 26-
 Feb. 29, as AY1ZA; SSB frequencies planned: 28390, 24930, 21190,
 18130, 14290, 7090, 3785
*Two public radio talk shows about RF ID tags, privacy concerns, and
 some will be on SW 13.56 MHz. Archived audio available:
 Forum on KQED Jan. 16:
 Tech Tuesday, Kojo Nnamdi, WAMU:
*Relaunch of
*Space Environment Center will be able to carry on in FY 04 without
 major layoffs. Appropriations bill passed house in Dec, no more
 zeroing-out space weather
*Hams in New England worked Japan on 160 m January 15 around 1130;
 beacons for this are North Korea 2850, Japan 3925
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan. 20; flux range 135-110-135
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1217  ###