WORLD OF RADIO #1218, produced January 28, 2004 by Glenn Hauser

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 04-01 at and  and
 perhaps eventually on this station at this time, substituting when
 World of Radio needs to take a week off [as WOR Extra 46, but COM
 03-06 would appear first as WOR Extra 45]
*And let us hope soon on Radio for Peace International; court case in
 Costa Rica against Univesity turned down for no jurisdiction. RFPI is
 working on resuming internet streaming soon. Will have a lot of old
 favorite shows plus new focus on CR and Central American issues;
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*Brother Scare bought most of the nighttime hours on WBCQ`s 5105
 transmitter, 2200-1200 UT, except Sunday nights 2300-0500 UT Mondays
 when Area 51 is on, but we are no longer heard at 0515 UT Monday
*We are still on 7415 at 0515 UT Monday, but inaudible here this week;
 also reception problems on WWCR 5070 at 0330 UT Sundays. How well are
 listeners elsewhere hearing these?
*But we have new time on WBCQ, Sat 2130 on 17495-CUSB, which should
 have wide coverage to east?, west and south; coincidentally at same
 time as new broadcast on WWCR, 12160
*WWCR`s new 9985 for time being only on Sundays 1300-1600 including
 Tamil music show Ragam shifted to 1400-1600, with Sing for Joy from
 1500 to 1300; other days of week WWCR-3 remains on 12160
*Two Perfect Pauls heard at same time with different weather
 broadcasts on same frequency 13089-USB, at 2230-2300 from NMN
 Portsmouth VA and NMC San Francisco. Maybe they think no clash in the
 oceans as there is here, but I doubt that; [my full report on this in
 DXLD 4-014; and 4-015]
*US Department of Transportation Coordination Net on Wednesdays 1500-
 1600, with a series of frequencies for 10 minutes each; so far found
 at 1520 on 7419.5 USB, 1530 on 9197, 1540 on 10891. See DXLD 4-016
*Egregious off-frequency operation by KJJR, Whitefish MT on 879.8 for
 umpteen years [heard in CO before sunset, not midday; timezone
*KICA, 980, Clovis NM, has applied for 50 kW days, still 172 W nites
*Bubba the Love Sponge on Florida Clear Channel stations draws record
 indecency fine by FCC of $755,000 for sexually explicit segments;
 $27,500 against KRON-TV San Francisco for a man exposing himself
*Senate adopts TV station ownership limit to 39% of national audience,
 favoring Viacom/CBS and Newscorp/Fox which are under that cap; seen
 as rebuke to FCC Chairman Michael Powell who wanted 45%; compromise
 with anti-media concentration forces who wanted 35% max
*Lots of interesting broadcast history and technical material at 
*CKY, 580, Winnipeg, Manitoba now has FM 102.3 in preparation for
 turning off 580 forever after a few months of simulcast. Must be out
 of their mind for giving up huge groundwave coverage with 50 kW on
 580. Canadian radio executives have given up on AM; to be replaced by
 DAB on L-band with deficient coverage
*XEROK, 800, Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua has been running only 50 kW, but
 to be back up to 150 kW by end of February
*The 560 in Tecate BCN was off the air, to move again? Call reportedly
 changed to XEPE, but not heard as such; XEKTT still used on 1600
*XEOI, Radio Mil in Mexico City was on 6016 for a few days, then back
 to 6010
*BBC World Service DRM via Sackville at 0000-0100 shfit to 6015 bad
 for R. Mil on either frequency; this may have been in response to
 Arnie Coro`s complaint that BBC interfered with Havana on 6000
*RHC on new 12000 at 1100-1500 in Spanish, not harmonic of 6000
*Ezequiel Suarez Avendanyo died January 17; is the voice of YVTO
 timesiganls as well as HD2IOA in Ecuador; and on telephone time
 service, government TV and radio stations. Was out of favor
 politically in recent years, and hard to find him
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1218;
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or wghauser at
 Our website contains a wealth of info:
*Thanks this week for financial support go to LeRoy Long
*Colombian harmonic on 2020.18, HJZD, Radio Panzenu, Monteria at 1020
*Reactivated Quibdo, Colombia on 5019.64 at 0330 January 27 with
 Radio Net news, from Caracol. Ecos del Atrato ID rarely heard as when
 occasionally active, relays many other Caracol network stations such
 as Caracol Basica, Radio Reloj, Tropicana Estereo, La Vallenata --
 and is one of the worst verifiers that exists
*On 5480.03, 4th harmonic of 1370, also heard on 2nd, 2740.02, Radio
 Mundial, Bogota, at 1100 with national anthem and ID
*New Bolivian has returned, Radio Uncia, 4722.82, from January 21
 heard in Ecuador at 2345; Jan. 22 in Norway at 2310; Jan. 23 in
 Sweden at 2245 on 4722.86
*Brazilian 3375 frequency has only one station now as R. Municipal,
 Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira is off since December 18; now only R.
 Educadora, Guajara Mirim, Rondonia, at 0940-1006 with Brasil Caboclo
*Argentine pirate, Radio Bosques, a.k.a. Radiodifusion Argentina
 Libre, moved from Avellaneda to some place near La Plata, Buenos
 Aires province, per postmarks; 6719.37 for only a couple of days,
 back to 6153.23, but missing again
*Ham DXpedition to South Orkney Islands:
*Several Hawaiian MW stations applied to change frequency and powers:
 KAIM 870 to 880; KHCM 940 to 960; KENT 1170 to 1180 clearing way for
 KCBQ San Diego to raise night power; KZOO 1210 to 1230
*Malaysia appears to have abandoned SW for domestic service relays:
 4845, 5965, 7295 no longer heard. Still external service V. of
 Malaysia and V. of Islam
*BBS Bhutan heard in Kolkata with English news Sunday at 1400 on 6035
*All India Radio readies ax for broadcasts in 16 non-Indian languages;
 doubts there are any listeners via 19 transmitters, SW outmoded in
 the TV age. We hope English is considered an Indian language, and
 will continue
*New website by Alok Dasgupta and Victor Goonetilleke,
*Kurdish clandestine, V. of the Conservative Party of Kurdistan,
 4162.6 varying to 4159.7, 0320-0430 fade, Kurdish, and Farsi?
*Sudan Radio Service at 1500-1700 M-F on 15530, not heard on 15290;
 also 0300-0500 on 9625; hopes increase to 6 hours a day in March or
*Similar program for Somalia at 1200-1230 on 17565 via South Africa,
 Mustaqbal, from Educational Development Center, large US NGO; maybe
 also at 0630-0700 on 17565 via UAE
*R. Nacional, Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, heard in Brasil on 6249 at
*La Voix de l`Orthodoxie, for Russia via Kazakhstan 1630-1700 on 9355,
 based in France, broadcasts in Russian despite name in French
*Isle of Man longwave radio hearing concluded, decision in 4 to 8
*BBC chairman Gavin Davies resigns in wake of judicial inquiry
 criticising BBC`s role in death of weapons scientist David Kelly
 [then BBC Director General Greg Dyke also resigned! Mark Byford
 becomes acting D-G]
*BBCWS 6-episode documentary Age of Empire, on USA`s new diplomatic
 strategies, in Documentary-1 slot, times to America, Europe, East
 Asia, West Africa, [also on demand each week at ]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 27; flux range 105-135-100
*And that`s World of Radio 1218; Glenn Hauser, inviting you to hear me
 again next week  ###